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Sun sextile Moon

Sun sextile Moon indicates that there can be a positive harmony of conscious will and your instinctual, emotional, and habitual response patterns to life; fewer inner conflicts between your feeling reactions and the application of your purpose should occur. You are likely to feel self-confident and optimistic about fulfilling your potential, aims and ambitions, and you may discover that doors open for you at the right times, or people offer support and help which enable you to move forward; luck may be a factor in your life. Your early life experiences, parental relationships and childhood social conditioning are likely to have been generally favourable, and little negativity has made any deleterious mark on your development. In your adult life, you will try to maintain good family relationships, both with your parents and with any family that you are responsible for creating. You tend to relate well with young children, who enjoy your sincere concern, care, understanding and attention. You ensure that you learn from all experiences so that lessons do not need to be painfully repeated. One area where extra prompting may be needed is in application. As your basic temperament is relaxed and laid-back, generating sufficient momentum towards achieving aims can sometimes seem to be too much hard work to bother. You may be unwilling to stretch and really challenge yourself to develop, and thus may fail to realize the depth of latent potential that you actually possess. In fact, you should have considerable natural talents waiting to be exploited, and you should become alert to any opportunities that offer the prospect of growth, so that your creative drives and ability to unite feelings and will are successfully released in your environment.

Sun sextile Moon gives a charming and exciting nature. You are sociable, popular, and attractive because you express yourself well. You have a creative spark that makes you enthusiastic about life. This beneficial aspect’s creative self-expression, energy, and ambition mean you will likely enjoy happiness and general success. You should also have a very acute intuition, if not psychic ability. A sense of calm and balance means you should find it easy to make friends and enjoy harmonious relationships. Your ability to get along well with others and to cooperate and compromise make you a good team player. You work well in partnerships and groups because you have a steadying, grounding influence. This aspect’s equilibrium, impartiality, and fairness mean you should have enjoyed a harmonious childhood. But if other aspects in your chart indicate disappointment or conflict, Sun sextile Moon brings the opportunities to find your footing again and return to a balanced state.

Sun sextile Moon

Born with Sun sextile Moon in their birth chart are fun, charming, friendly, attractive and popular because they can express themselves in an easy way. Their creative mind gives them an enthusiasm and a spark no one else seems to have. This planetary aspect at their birth is famous for bringing them more energy and determination, also a lust for life and success. These natives possess strong intuition and many of them are known for their impressive psychic abilities. Furthermore, the same sextile indicates they’re going to succeed in life and not have too many regrets. They’ll learn every lesson from their own experiences and not become depressed when dealing with failure. Positive about their own future, they won’t give up without a fight, especially if their parents have taught them to be this way. Their emotions and determination will work hand in hand with each other, helping them to be balanced and moderate. Not at all confused by any of the messages they received as children, they’ll know their purpose in life as adults and be more balanced than others. Lots of the natives born during Sun sextile Moon aspect are popular because they know how to balance their relationships and to be at peace with others. They want to interact with as many people as possible and can charm anyone to really like them. Because they inspire a sense of stability and are confident, others will come to them for advice and for a talk. They’ll be relaxed and in a good disposition each time when meeting their friends. Every step they’ll take in order to make their lives better will bring them more and more success. Being calm and balanced, they’ll immediately make new friends and have harmonious relationships with others. Because they’re very good at collaborating and can get along very well with many, it’s easy for them to achieve success when working in teams. Their down-to-earth attitude and steady nature will have all of their collaborators appreciating them.

The balanced mind and strong sense of justice they’re possessing from the Sun sextile Moon aspect are suggesting they’ve most likely have had a very happy childhood. If featuring some bad aspects between other planets in their chart, this sextile will come to make things even and to help them succeed in spite of the hostile planetary placements present at their birth. If their Moon and Sun happen to be in a very good aspect, they may be terrified of conflict and avoid arguments as much as possible. It’s very likely they’ll need reassurance that they’re being loved in order for them to feel at peace and for things between them and their loved ones to remain balanced. Having the tendency to accept too much coming from others, they should receive encouragement to question some things and to not take life for granted. Their levels of energy are usually high and not alternating. They’re not necessarily looking to get things done with hardship if some other aspects in their chart are not making them be like this, but they can endure many difficulties, regardless of how their birth chart is looking like. Furthermore, they’re less prone to have ups and downs in life, as it happens with those with difficult aspects between the Moon and the Sun. Even if focused on many different objectives and goals, their emotional needs will continue to be balanced. However, they can be too tolerant when it comes to the flaws of others and when being crossed. Wilful, these natives are expecting to obtain what they want in life because their desires are never in conflict with each other or with the circumstances at any given moment. It’s very likely for their partner to complain about the fact that they’re complacent, but the easygoing attitude they’re adopting is, in fact, working to their advantage.

The Sun sextile Moon indicates that, as a whole, your life will be reasonably happy and essentially tranquil. You relate easily to people in general and will enjoy a lifelong pleasant relationship with your parents and other members of your family. You maintain a well-balanced attitude toward both the past and the present. Deriving much benefit from your experiences, you use the lessons sufficiently effectively to become successful in future enterprises. You are sufficiently strong-willed to assert yourself when necessary, but you are careful not to offend people who may be sensitive. You try to treat people as you want to be treated, and your consideration makes you well liked. You understand people and make allowances for their negative qualities while enjoying them for their good points. A very creative person, you have a wealth of ideas to draw on. Communication is relatively easy for you, and you strive for mutual understanding between you and the people you deal with. You are not afraid to make concessions to others if it will promote greater rapport between you. Because you are secure about your goals, you never really feel threatened when challenged. You feel that even though you may lose a few, you will win at least as many and probably more. Your ego is important, to be sure, but not so much that you would seek another person's submission in order to satisfy it. You prefer to relate to people as equals, regardless of their situation in life.

With Sun sextile Moon, the emotions and the will are at peace with one another, suggesting a rather balanced personality.

Sun sextile Moon is an indication that you will succeed as a person. You can achieve fulfilment in whatever profession you choose and simply need the right opportunity to express your creative talents. You are on good terms with your superiors and co-workers, and you respect their trust in you. Because you are a good listener as well as a good talker, you learn well and can use what you learn. You remember the lessons of the past, but you have no desire to return to it. You are content with the present, knowing it will provide you with what you need to courageously face the future, and you are grateful for it all. Under Sun sextile Moon, you are equally comfortable with men and women. Your early relationship with your own parents has given you a healthy attitude about people and resulted in no important inner conflicts. You can probably always count on your parents to give you a helping hand when you need it. Your children will learn your uncomplicated outlook on life, and they will benefit from it as much as you have. If you can operate from your home, you will enjoy your career interests. Wherever you go in pursuit of your destiny, you will tend to establish career residence, if only for a short time.

With Sun sextile Moon, the emotions and the will are at peace with one another, suggesting a rather balanced personality. The “messages” received in childhood were not contradictory overall, and these people have a stronger sense of purpose and appreciation of harmony than most people. Many people with these aspects are personally popular, likely because they expect harmony in their relationships. Sun sextile Moon people are generally very attracted to relationships and are attractive to others. A certain level of self-confidence and a sense of security make these people quite easy to deal with on many levels. Their relaxed, easygoing disposition puts others at ease. When the Sun and Moon are in harmonious aspect, the natives may not be prepared for conflict and could be inclined to avoid rocking the boat. They may acquiesce a little too often, if only to maintain a feeling of balance and harmony, as conflict is something they not only dislike, it’s something they might fear. The tendency towards too much acceptance–of the self and of others–is most prominent with the trine. These people must be encouraged to question life, or they run the risk of taking things for granted. Vitality is usually good and quite constant. These are not hard-driving people, unless other indications in the chart point to it, but the constitution is generally strong. At any rate, they are not prone to the kinds of ups and downs that plague those with challenging aspects between the Sun and Moon. This is because their goals and their emotional needs are in harmony, despite being different.

If you were born with a sextile aspect between the Sun and Moon, then you were born with a light and easy quality that will benefit you in many different arenas. These “planets” (another term astrologers use is The Luminaries) were approximately 60 degrees apart from each other when you were born. They would have been in signs of the same POLARITY, meaning a common underlying approach to life. The term polarity refers to an essential quality that traditional astrologers termed masculine or feminine. It’s important to remember this has nothing however to do with gender and is not binary in any reductive sense. Instead, polarity here refers to male/female, yin/yang, active/passive as contrasting points within a spectrum. So if your Sun sign is Fire and your Moon sign is Air, then you were born with a sextile aspect between the Sun and Moon in masculine signs. Or, if you are a Water Sun and your Moon is Earth, you have the sextile aspect in feminine signs. Fire and Air signs are called Masculine (Active or Yang). Earth and Water signs are called Feminine (Passive or Yin). The principle forces which shape your personality can easily relate to each other (Fire – to find meaning, Earth – to create stability, Air-  to know and understand, Water – to flow and connect) creating a kind of inner stability and comfortable self-expression. Most importantly, because you were born when the Sun and Moon were harmoniously aligned, you will experience less tension within your personality. You are likely to find within yourself a blend between will and instinct. Your approach is consistent and smooth because what you expect and what you need align.

With Sun sextile Moon, your will (Sun Sign) and your instincts (Moon Sign) are naturally aligned. What you expect from life is matched by your unconscious reactions. This helps stabilise your journey and maintain connections with others. You tend to respond to events with a level of congruency. You will either be direct, clear and assertive or calm, empathetic and practical. This depend on whether your Sun/Moon combination are active (Fire/Air) or passive (Earth/Water). The biggest benefit here is your capacity to communicate and connect with others. You have a range of understanding and degree of harmony within your personality that others can relate to. You appear to be authentic and internally aligned. This creates the impression that you are exactly as you present. With the Sun Moon sextile your biggest challenge is to not take things for granted. You need to assert and challenge yourself, rather than relying on “luck”, but because the Sun and Moon are in different elements you are likely to have the inner spark needed to overcomer such tendencies. Your capacity to understand people comes from your ability to understand yourself. Don’t underestimate how helpful the ease with which you integrate new things is. Find ways to express yourself in the world that really align with your birth chart. The most practical thing to do is think about the house in which the Sun was placed when you were born, then consider how you can focus your attention here. The house position of your Moon adds further detail, showing the areas of life in which you are innately gifted and comfortable. Combine the two and you should find that you easily discover your niche in life and ways to express your talent. Most astrologers agree that the sextile aspect between the Sun and Moon is generally fortunate and greatly increases your chance for social success. Just remember, focussing on only one aspect of your birth chart fails to account for other equally important qualities within the chart.


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