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Sun sextile Ascendant

With the Sun sextile Ascendant you are an active, intelligent and interesting person with a very strong and magnetic personality. You energize other people with your passionate and enthusiastic self-expression. A seemingly endless supply of natural talent and resources makes you outgoing with a very attractive personality and physical presence. It is through close one-to-one relationships that you experience fulfilment in life. You learn about yourself through close relationships, through trial and error. Although romantic and initially committed, your hot-blooded nature and need to experience life fully can lead to stormy relationships. Promiscuity, affairs, and separations are possible with natal Sun sextile Ascendant. As a result, you may also suffer abuse and exploitation through previous partners. Travel, adventure, discovery, and exploration are important in your life because they keep you from becoming bored or restless. You will find great satisfaction by utilizing your hard-won experiences to mentor others. You can also heal the damage caused by excess, arrogance or power. Political, social, or environmental activism and charity work are other ways you can have a positive effect on other people.

You are able to illuminate the path ahead of you in life, using your vision to steer your ship of life through stormy weather to your intended destination. In particular, you are attuned to relationships. Other external resources can provide you with the support you need. You also have the charisma needed to connect with others to form a beneficial alliance. It will be important for you to make time and space for contemplation and clarifying your core purpose and whatever you are intrinsically motivated to perform. You do well working as part of a group or within a community, but it’s key for you to connect with your authenticity rather than conform to group values. Once you become clear about what you want to creatively actualize in your life, take the risk to follow your heart. You will realize you possess the inner magnetism needed to bring whatever elements are required together to manifest it.

With the Sun sextile your Ascendant, you will tend to be popular and liked by people around you, which is because you are quite friendly and open towards others. You have a certain charm and positivity that people are drawn towards, and you can express yourself well and get your ideas and opinions understood. As you insist on being honest and frank with everyone you deal with, people know where they stand with you. Not everyone likes it, but they all respect it. You give off an air of authority and magnanimity. The authority you project doesn’t tend to offend others, generally because they sense your sincerity. You may be drawn to work or participate in the public eye, in areas such as speaking, acting or teaching. You have an innate self-confidence, which can allow you to be a powerful force for inspiring others. Your health should in general be good, and this aspect can give you an abundance of additional energy to work with, unless there are some challenging aspects to your Sun or your Ascendant. The ups and downs of competition are inspiring to you, and you don’t tend to let negativity or criticism affect your self-esteem. Make sure you take advantage of opportunities that come your way as there are some tendencies with this aspect to become lazy or apathetic over time. This aspect suggests a certain amount of restlessness, particularly in your career. You may feel that your talents are not being used to the full and you will always be on the look-out for a new direction that could be more satisfying and fulfilling.


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