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Sun opposition Ascendant

The Sun opposition Ascendant shows that you have a need to seek approval from others in order to feel good about yourself. The Sun is our self, what we essentially are, and so with the Sun on the 7th house cusp you need constant feedback from the world in order to feel that you are all right in the eyes. Without it you have trouble maintaining your self-confidence and sense of self-worth. This can be quite problematic, and your solar center can lack cohesiveness. You attempt to find yourself through others, and so you can be quite good at decision making, negotiations, therapy, and other situations where being able to slip into another’s shoes is advantageous. For this same reason, you enjoy decision-making best when it's done in collaboration with another person. You feel that it halves the burden of responsibility on your shoulders. But, of course, it also halves the credit you receive when those decisions work out positively. Not to mention the “design by committee” problems that come from excessive collaboration. Try making some of your personal visions a reality, and embrace and then learn from the plaudits or critiques that come back your way. You find it difficult to admire and respect yourself, but you tend to look up to and excessively admire people who are really no better than yourself. Ask yourself why you focus on other people’s positives but on your own negatives, and seek a greater balance of outlook. Most people, including you, are neither saints nor devils, just a mix of the good and the bad, doing their best in this world to find pleasure and escape pain. If your Sun is in the 7th house, through marriage you will seek a relationship with the father archetype, either by playing the role of father or by expecting your partner to do it for you. If the Sun is in your 6th house, you may consider working partnerships to be especially important. You are particularly proud of your professional partnerships, and in them you get to do some fathering, in the sense of providing protection and identity for others, and it brings out the best in you. In work you may also be a quite good investigator or analyst, and with that specialist role you would work well in a team. Work on your own self confidence and inner security. Inner child meditation and more self-love can help you integrate your solar energies and give you more power to be yourself. You may, however, still feel as though life is not important without other people in your life, especially a romantic partner. So if you don't have one, start seeking. But always from a place of fullness. Only then will you be able to find what you seek. 

Sun opposition Ascendant

Relationships are an essential focus of your life. Being born with the sun in an opposition with your ascendant, also means you were born at twilight, during the time of the setting sun. Just as the sky transfigures in colourful hues at sunset, so does your presence transform in the presence of your most important relationships. You are drawn toward powerful people who radiate light and leadership in the world around them. There are likely to be authority figures or at least one parent who looms large in your life and is a significant influence on you. While you are able to benefit from your relationships, you also need to be careful of not losing yourself or giving your power away within your relational dynamics with others. As you learn how to assert yourself more confidently with others, you will be able to create dynamic and creative partnerships and collaborations.

Sun opposition Ascendant is also called Sun conjunct Descendant and Sun Setting. This aspect more than any other signifies close one-to-one relationships. You actually need a companion to make you feel complete. You are still very much your unique person but are simply more comfortable when you are with someone else. Having a partner, whether a best friend, a romantic partner or a business partner, helps you develop your personality. Working in partnership gives you the confidence to express your own identity fully. However, this aspect alone does not describe how harmonious or otherwise your close one-to-one relationships will be. The other person in your life could be a marriage partner or an open enemy. You could be happily married for life or may have a series of unhealthy co-dependent relationships. Your life will be more pleasant if you get along well with others. This aspect suggests you like being around others and being sociable and well-liked. However, you probably have a strong competitive streak which could make you seem provocative or selfish. Marriage is most likely important for you and a happy, healthy marriage is obviously ideal. If relationship problems arise it would be best to communicate your concerns as openly and honestly as possible. You may need to see a relationship counsellor. Otherwise, you may experience much conflict leading to affairs or separation. Your powerful need for companionship means you probably won’t stay single for long. It is also a good idea to seek out help from people in other areas of life. Seek professional advice for financial and legal matters. Develop good working relationships with everyone from your doctor to your trash collector.

Sun opposition Ascendant tend to find themselve through other people

There is a big tendency for those born under the Sun in opposition to the Ascendant to “find themselves” through other people. Most people with this aspect are in partnership with a close personal friend and/or a close romantic partner most of their lives with few gaps between. Just as Sun conjunct the Ascendant has an Aries flavour, the opposition has a Libra flavour, especially if the Sun is found in the seventh house. These people truly come alive when one-on-one. This makes them good at negotiations, therapy, and other situations where being able to slip into another’s shoes is advantageous. Decision-making is enjoyed best when shared with another person. These are people who are the first to call on a close personal friend or the spouse whenever a decision needs to be made–not that they always take that person’s advice! However, the back and forth of the exchange helps them to find an answer within. Again, this comes back to seeing themselves through others’ perspectives. These are not the types of people who go to movies or restaurants alone (by choice). They simply feel more powerful and happy with someone tagging along. Some are submissive, but most are not. They don’t truly give their power away to others. However, they don’t readily “own” their power without feedback from others, where the term “others” doesn’t refer to people in general, but to an individual. It’s not about reputation or saving face (although this is possible if the Sun is also square the Midheaven).


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