Sun in Virgo

With the Sun in Virgo you are compelled to serve others and have a desire to make improvements wherever you look, which can easily fall into an obsessive perfectionism an extreme attention to details. You are always on the move to try to fine-tune your live and relationships. You are filled with nervous energy, and are a natural healer, gifted with the ability of brining an unhealthy situation back into balance. You pay attention to details and have a responsible attitude towards your work that will be eventually rewarded. You are what could be called a high maintenance person and need a lot of space to “purify” yourself on regular basis in mind, body and spirit, engaging in routine rituals or well-establish habits that root your day and enhances your daily life. You are punctual, and if you’re going to be late, you’d have a good reason for that. You are very sensitive to criticism, even constructive criticism, and often are not comfortable being in the spotlight. Anything that could bring unwanted attention to you can make you nervous, and you will always make sure that your clothes are free of unsightly stains or wrinkles, as this will be duly noted. Those having this placement of Sun in the Zodiac are quite intellectual and learned. Sun in Virgo gives the native a strong communication ability and a calculative mind. Expertise in writing is very possible and you can adopt writing as your career. Other than writing, teaching, astronomy and fields that involve calculations are also a benefit for you, where you acute mind in mathematics can be expressed. 


Relationship and Love

In a relationship, your Sun in Virgo finds comfort in the routines of daily life, and when you’ve found a worthy partner, you revel in the patterns and habits of togetherness, and can begin to relax into the beauty of the familiar. However, you are known as a loner and even in an established relationship you will need plenty of “me” time to maintain a sense of yourself.



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