Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Sun in Scorpio

You were born with Sun in Scorpio meaning that you have a hidden force that tend to the extremes, for you there is only victory or death. You are very sensitive to abuse of power and your strong perception and intuition makes you see the others as they truly are. You are very loyal and will die for your friends, and in the same manner will kill for them, meaning that you can be very destructive as well as creative. Of all the Zodiac signs, Scorpio is considered the most dangerous and deadly to know. And this comes from the reputation for harbouring dark feelings, for obsessive tendencies and for passions that take over. Scorpio's ruler is Pluto, the planet that initiates us through ordeals, where we're stripped of all we've known. Scorpio is a sign that's intimate with the sense of something greater taking over, a primal force, and with that, comes the wisdom to be wise and cautious. So some of the cagey behaviour of Scorpio, or the secretiveness, comes from the need to manage this intensity within.  Scorpio is the sign of psychic-emotional extremes, like depressive torment, jealous rages and obsession. It's the sign of emotional courage, and also of wrestling with demons (symbolic or literal).  On the Zodiac wheel, Scorpio is the first sign that dives into dark, unknown waters. And so, there comes with Scorpio a certain mystique, and a sense of risk. Being a Scorpio means that the dark holds treasures and vital energy, that is the raw material for the new. Scorpio is the alchemist, who sometimes deals with toxic elements, and transforms them.

Sun in Scorpio

With the Sun in Scorpio you have an interest in the Occult, Astrology and Esotericism, and have lots of sexual energy at your disposal. The Scorpio often goes into psychological territory that others fear to tread, and emerges both wiser and transformed. They’re the deep-sea divers of the Zodiac, experiencing every situation on many levels, much of it in the unconscious realms. Many Scorpios are drawn to the mysterious and otherworldly, since so much of their nature lies hidden in subterranean waters. In a relationship with a Scorpio, you’ve got to be strong-willed to keep from being controlled by their undertow. And never try to hide anything from them, because they’ll quickly “read” it on your face. They’ve earned a reputation for being highly sexual, and need an amorous outlet for all that emotional intensity. Scorpio is a sign of a strong libido, as well as reserves of physical vitality. In and out of the bedroom, Scorpios need catharsis, and the kind that's satisfying body and soul. To those few they allow into their private worlds, they are fiercely loyal and have an enveloping sensuality that makes all the drama worth it. 

You cannot hide secrets to someone with Sun in Scorpio

Being born with Sun in Scorpio, you go through so many ups and downs that the frustration itself will direct you toward seeking answers. You become curious about who you really are as your personality keeps on changing. You start questioning life and your purpose in life. This is the reason why you might take the path of spirituality, as the restlessness of your own questions motivates you toward self-discovery. Sun in Scorpio is favourable for spiritual growth and self-discovery. You will naturally be inclined towards hidden wisdom and knowledge, be it scriptures, spiritual texts, occult, or ancient science, because you do not leave any stone unturned to find answers. Scorpio is a sign of extremities. There is no central point in this sign. There are going to be either extremely positive or negative results, depending on your level of consciousness. But the point is that both lead to transformation in you. The choice is completely in your hands, in which direction you want to go.


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