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Sun in House 7

With the Sun in House 7 your partner may be someone with lots of ego and anger, they have an impressive personality or come from an influential family, and though there would be happiness, it won't be exempt of arguments and differences. With this position you are likely to be driven by your need to be with people, and you learn about yourself through the intricacies of relationships and personal interactions. Awareness comes through feedback, and you find your true identity in the mirror of relationship. For this reason, forming partnerships of all kinds is essential for your growth. The primary relationship is likely to be the one you form with a significant Other, meaning spouse or lovers, but partnership also includes anyone you form a close bond with. You are gifted with the ability to create mutually rewarding relationships, but to do this you must first overcome your tendency to seek others attention and approval. When the sun is in this position there is a risk that you may believe that you are who others tell you to be, and you need to be in guard against cheating and disloyalty.

Sun in House 7

When Sun is House 7, you may believe you are who others tell you to be, and not sure of yourself. You may create relationships to fill a void but find yourself endlessly compromising, and so unhappy. To have the kinds of relationship you need, you must develop your relationship with yourself. Over time, you learn to value your innate objectivity and desire for justice. You then take steps to maintain peace and harmony. You have the capacity to bring perspective to others lives, and help them create win-win outcomes. By valuing your own passion for equality, you will know when to keep the peace and when to take action so that important principles are upheld. You are gifted with the ability to create balanced and mutually rewarding relationships. But to do this, you must first overcome the tendency to seek others attention and approval. 

Sun in House 7 thrives in partnerships

Sun in house 7 is similar to having the Sun in Libra. It doesn’t matter what’s your actual Sun sign, as long as your natal Sun is in the seventh house—it contains some Libra energy. The Sun here is far, far away from the ascendant. You might wandering why is this important. The ascendant is the mask you wear in the outer world. The Sun is your inner self. Now, with the Sun in the seventh house, chances are that your ascendant and your Sun are located in opposite signs. Let’s say you are a Cancer rising and a Capricorn Sun. In this case, who you appear to be and who you really are don’t overlap. It is a painful experience when the world misunderstands you, and you don’t know what to do about it. People don’t see the real you until they get to know you better. Don’t worry, as you become older and wiser, you get better at being who you are and actually letting others know about who you are. The Sun in the seventh house sprinkles charm and grace all over your personality. Venus gifts with her blessings you, too. This placements gives you access to all the cool Libran talents, like a taste for aesthetics and good social skills. With the Sun in house 7, it’s obvious that relationships are a major focus—you feel that others complete you. Depending on how strong your Sun is, your sense of self is experienced through other people. The Sun here suggests that you prefer being with others to being alone. Your self-esteem is tied to your relationships.

Sun in house 7 gifts you with good diplomatic skills. You know how to soften the heart of anyone and get what you want. People with this placement make excellent negotiators. They understand the point of both parties in an argument and go for a win-win solution. A Libra strives to be fair and find balance. This approach is of great help when you want to settle an argument. The Sun in house 7 is also a good placement for working with the public or psychologists. You are good with people and have a great sense of tact. The seventh house is the house of legal affairs. If not afflicted, the Sun here gives luck in the court. A person who has the Sun in the seventh house want to be fair, and in return, life is often fair to them, too. However, you have to accept that sometimes peace at any price is not the way to go. The Sun in the seventh house is in many ways like a Libra Sun, and as we all know, Libras sometimes tolerate things they shouldn’t. If you let other people’s opinion have too much influence over you, you often find yourself wanting to live up to their expectations. This is not necessarily bad, but you must learn what you want to do, and what is external pressure. Making decisions is also tricky for you. If you choose one direction, you abandon the other, and this is simply part of life. Sometimes we all have to make up our minds and forget about the what-ifs.


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