Sun in House 7

Relationships and Love

With the Sun in House 7 your partner may be someone with lots of ego and anger, they have an impressive personality or come from an influential family, and though there would be happiness, it won't be exempt of arguments and differences. With this position you are likely to be driven by your need to be with people, and you learn about yourself through the intricacies of relationships and personal interactions. Awareness comes through feedback, and you find your true identity in the mirror of relationship. For this reason, forming partnerships of all kinds is essential for your growth. The primary relationship is likely to be the one you form with a significant Other, meaning spouse or lovers, but partnership also includes anyone you form a close bond with. You are gifted with the ability to create mutually rewarding relationships, but to do this you must first overcome your tendency to seek others attention and approval. When the sun is in this position there is a risk that you may believe that you are who others tell you to be, and you need to be in guard against cheating and disloyalty.

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