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Sun in House 6

With the Sun in House 6 you are likely to be motivated to refine and improve the circumstances around you by seeking practical outlets for your skills, talents and abilities. You may be drawn to career outcomes with a practical edge, that allow you to support, serve, or assist others. You may also be drawn to nutrition, health and healing. Your challenge will involve accepting the rigour of discipline without succumbing to worry, or to obsessive routines. In time, you learn to teach others the art of refinement, self-improvement and organization The Sixth House is primarily concerned with routine, structure and discipline. It governs those aspects of life in which order generates well-being. When the Sun is in the Sixth House, you will find yourself focussed on processes, systems and details. At a general level, this house relates to discipline; the presence (or lack thereof) will either structure or undermine your life. The degree to which you manage routine can be a marker of success. This should align with your Sun Sign, and you should seek concrete ways of demonstrating your abilities to the world around you. Organization is your friend, and you are likely to learn that to get anything done, you must have a tangible plan. However, an insatiable need for detail can actually hold you back. Your challenge is not to get stuck in the minutiae of possibility and planning. You are likely to be practical and task-oriented. You will look for the most economical and efficient way to get from A to B. You may be very good anything that requires attention to detail, able to spend hours learning how to refine and improve your craft. You may feel a powerful inner drive to make things perfect, but will need to relinquish what is essentially an unachievable expectation in favour of “making things better”. Discipline and perseverance may come easily to you. From regular habits and healthy routines, order and balance are created. You may find your life path involves finding ways to express your innate sense of practicality and organizational ability in a way that benefits you as well as others. Your mission is to find practical outlets for skills, talents and abilities. You benefit from adopting routine and discipline, then helping others do the same. As you create greater stability in your life, you also learn to go with the flow. Your gift is the ability to find practical solutions to complex tasks, to be of service and add value wherever you can. As you release the need to control as well as any tendency to worry, you learn to synthesise mind and body in ways that lead to better physical, mental and psychological health.

Sun in House 6

With Sun in House 6, the work that you do, and the services that you offer, are very important to your sense of identity. In order to feel good about yourself, you need to be busy with daily activities and to produce work you can be proud of. Focus on finding a suitable and rewarding avenue for expressing this part of you, being extra careful to choose an occupation in which you can express yourself. You are sensitive to criticism about the work you do, and you work best when you can create your own schedule. Positive feedback for the services you render is important to you, but be careful not to over-identify with the appreciation you receive from others, as your work and your health suffer when you feel under-appreciated. Motivation to do a good job should come from within. With the Sun’s energy in the Sixth House, your vital forces may be drawn into some form of service that will bring deep personal satisfaction. Hard work and challenging situations are certainly indicated – probably within the work environment itself. You seek perfection and distinction in your work and this quality could bring you well-paid, responsible positions. Crisis situations will develop, but you meet these with steady determination. The Sun in this house also indicates a need to overcome a weakness. Often this relates to health matters.

Sun in House 6 grows and becomes better with time. This person will have no enemies or expose their enemies since Sun sheds light on the house of enemies and diseases. Sun in 6th House in Vedic Astrology makes a person an executive and a finance manager most of the time. This position also gives the ability to analyse situations, especially in finance. The sixth house represents conflicts, disagreements, divorces, separation, wars, enemies, diseases and litigation. The Sun is the controller of life, and it represents ego, bones, soul, exposure, self-esteem, courage, image, reputation, father, government, efforts, authority, creativity and illusion. Sun in the sixth house represents occupying the centre of the stage and clearing out the conflicts, solving disagreements and winning over the enemies and litigation. However, if Sun is debilitated, it signifies divorces, fractures and bone defragmentation in the native’s body. If the Sun is excelled, native can be a CEO, manager or marketing director using his creativity. The native of Sun in the sixth house is surrounded by competitive people (not enemies) in his work environment or everyday life. The native can be involved in the media industry or performing arts and become an actor, singer, dancer or artist. As the Sun works for the solution in the sixth house, the native can be a politician, attorney, lawyer, physician, doctor or in the safety division. The native’s parents would also be in the medical profession. Sun is a malefic planet that grows with time in its planetary placement, and it illuminates more with time. Sun in the sixth house will show its positive effects with growing time for the native, after the age of 35. The native will collect material gains, and if Sun is debilitated, the native will be involved with the enemies, but Sun will withstand the negativity and will succeed. The father of the native will complain about his failure and misfortune if the native is weak. Still, if the native excels in his life, his father will forget about his insecurities and failures and will look up to the native’s success.

Sun in House 6 love given services and help to others

This placement of the Sun in House 6 makes people be at their happiest when admired and appreciated for what they do and encourages them to throw a helping hand to others. People having their Sun in the 6th house identify themselves in the society by what they’re doing for a living and the services they’re offering to others. Feeling happy only when busy with the everyday life and productive, they can be very proud of their career. That’s why it’s important for them to do what helps them express themselves and their identity in the most original ways. Not standing to be criticized about their work, they would never waste their time with people who keep telling them what to do. Respecting a schedule made by others is something they simply can’t deal with because it’s their own discipline that has them working efficiently. When admired and appreciated for the work they’ve done, they’re the happiest. However, natives with the Sun in the 6th house should pay attention not to identify themselves only through what others think of their efforts. It’s very easy for them to get sick with stress-related diseases when not appreciated enough for their efforts. Motivation is expected from within themselves, not from other’s appreciation of their work.

The Sun in House 6, the house of health and service, makes natives with this placement aware of themselves only through work. It’s essential for them to know that at the end of the day their efforts have influenced others’ lives and made them better. The Sun hates being submissive, so their dedication will not have in any way anything to do with them acting submissively at work. The same celestial body makes them appreciate their own value only depending on what others think of their efforts, this being the main reason why they can’t stand criticism. It’s important for them to overcome any health-related issue and weakness because problems with the way their body is functioning would cause them to truly panic. These people might occupy important positions of authority and even create things with their own two hands, even if they can sometimes just be submissive and not fight for what they want when it comes to their career. As bosses, they’re asking a lot from their employees because their standards are very high. When themselves the employees, they’re hard on themselves and insist to get things done right as they think this is the only way they’re allowed to enjoy certain privileges and even to gain some rights in the workplace. Sun in House 6 people can live a happy and good life if they’re busy enough every single day. Work and being productive gives them their energy because their contribution to making the world a better place is very important to them. Very preoccupied with their own health, these people really understand how the human body works and know what to do when not feeling so good. No matter if at home or at the workplace, they really can organize and are constantly looking for perfection because this is the way they are. Their ego is truly satisfied when respecting a daily healthy routine and doing a job at which they’re the best. However, all this becoming an obsession is a great danger for them, so not looking to self-improve all the time would be a great idea for some relaxation in their life. Being imperfect and having some weaknesses from both a physical and a psychological point of view is normal for everyone.

Sun in house 6 individuals will always look to become very skilled at something that has them doing good for the society. Being concerned about their well-being is normal for them as they’re all the time focusing to become more refined and to self-improve. That’s why they’re often analysing themselves and looking at their own personality in a criticizing way. They’re the most worried and self-aware people in the zodiac. Wanting perfection all the time, these natives can overlook some great opportunities and do only what they think works flawlessly. While most of their concerns are imaginary, there are also moments when they’re seeing things as they actually are, so avoiding taking on leadership roles or becoming very independent is normal for them considering they wouldn’t want to be in charge of situations that don’t seem to have any hope for perfection. They love routine and have their own habits that rule their everyday life. It’s important not to become obsessive with these behaviours because others may not find their style interesting and in any way appealing. However, if there is for them to organize themselves for work, they can become the most effective at doing it. Some flexibility is absolutely necessary as the same habits every day can have them isolated and limited. It’s good they’re pragmatic and can solve problems in the most practical way, but a little bit of creativity wouldn’t spoil anything in their life. Their schedule is sometimes too restrictive, not leaving any space for the works of the imagination. Change is often welcomed and can bring a lot of satisfaction because it always makes things more fun. Having things happening the same all the time is of utmost importance for the natives with Sun in sixth house because it makes them very efficient. Discipline can be coupled with a little bit of chaos because this would help them be more spiritual. It’s true they’re only focusing on maximum productivity and practicality, but their ways can be a little bit boring. Life is influenced by many factors that keep coming and going, the Sun sign and its aspects being very important for all the people’s levels of energy. Sun in 6th house individuals can lose themselves in the details, so their effectiveness can significantly drop if they’re not paying attention to only focus on what’s important and see the big picture. No one can make them give up their routine and behaviour because these elements have their life running smoothly, offering them the security they so much need. They’re what makes them be themselves, so living without limits is not even in their vocabulary. It’s easy for these natives to organize other people’s lives as well, gladly doing it if allowed to.

Sun in House 6 individuals are rather reserved and introverted creatures. The Sun’s shining nature can be inhibited by their struggle to attain perfection, but at least they’re supportive and always eager to be of service. For this celestial body’s energy to flow in them, they need to channel their focus towards expressing themselves more, even if they’d be doing it in their specific analytical way. As bosses, they may be too pretentious and authoritative, causing their subordinates to not like them that much. As employees, they want to be treated as equals by their superiors because they’re always doing a great job and invest a lot of efforts into their work. Having a highly sense of duty, they should pay attention not to allow themselves to become dominated at the workplace because the 6th house rules also over subordination. They could anytime open their own business because they’re organized enough to have success as entrepreneurs. Hard working and demanding with themselves, natives having Sun in 6th house want only perfection with what they’re doing for a living, to be leaded by a father figure who is also demanding and at the same time understands and appreciates them. When the situation at work is bad, they become disgusted and start to pursue the dream of having a business of their own. Lonely sometimes, they’re also very helpful and want to serve, which means they’d make great doctors, nurses, teachers or special education trainers. Others who also want to be of help are their favourite people in the world. Because they need to feel appreciated and loved for all the valuable work they’re doing, it’s very possible for them to become physically or psychologically ill when things are not happening this way. Insecure but stubborn to become perfect in any way, they reject doing anything that doesn’t seem appropriate. It’s normal for them to feel inadequate and useless, this being the reason why they don’t have the courage to pursue a leadership position at work or to stand out from the crowd. They can be servile and creepy, criticizing and mean because they feel like they’re not important enough and that others are superior to them. It’s normal for them to sacrifice any pleasure they may have, for work and for proving how much they’re worth. Very worried about anything, they can end up suffering from stress-related diseases or exhaustion due to too much working. It’s important to all the time let them know that perfection can’t be attained as they can go crazy when seeing weakness and flaws in both themselves and others. Very preoccupied with their image, you’ll never see them with their hair undone or wearing sloppy clothes.

Whoever has the Sun in House 6 may have some Virgo traits, and it is important to establish routines, take care of food, and dedicate themselves to what they do. This positioning gives natives some practical skills, which develop daily, becoming a good differential for the individuals, as it ends up creating methods that streamline the work, bringing the light of practicality and organization to daily life. The Sun in house 6 indicates that there is a great need to give and serve, the work has a connotation of commitment and dedication. They are individuals who can better observe the details, the minutiae, implement methods and systems, and analyse data, having a very detailed overview of the area in which they work. They can be more dedicated, avoiding missing work and not valuing people who are soft-spoken or who are not committed to what has to be done. This configuration is also linked to health care, which ends up creating the need to establish a routine, healthy eating habits, discipline, regular sports activities, interest in nutrition, diets, functional training, a balance between body and mind, and the health area in general. Natives who have this positioning know how to move well through the sectors of a company, relating to all spheres, a skill that gives them the ability to observe everything that happens in the gears of an organization, generally becoming indispensable, which is why they usually become supervisors or managers. In general, they can appreciate pets and enjoy taking care of gardens, plants, and sympathize with the idea of growing organic products indoors. Many doctors, therapists, and veterinarians have the Sun in house six on the chart. When the Sun is afflicted in this position, individuals can become manic about organization and cleanliness, developing syndromes, hypochondria, or becoming disorganized, neglectful of health, which opens the door to illness. In addition, they can become compulsive about work, neglecting leisure and rest. As they adopt this type of posture, they end up being demanding, critical, too detailed, bureaucratic, and authoritarian. The negative expression of the Sun in house six can also generate feelings of inferiority, causing them to lower themselves or become real doormats to maintain positions. Many natives with this positioning are exploited, unable to establish limits to the abusive demands of their superiors.

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