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Sun in House 10

With the Sun in House 10 you are born with career-oriented aptitudes, with leadership qualities and with a desire of social success and to obtain other people's recognition. You can easily work as a manager or in any position where your qualities of organisation, charisma, direction and initiative are recognise. You have the capacity of being a great teacher and others, especially at work, will seek your advice and knowledge. Sun in House 10 brings vitality and energy to the realm of career and reputation. This placement promotes an emphasis on identifying with one’s profession. Self worth and self esteem will be strongly entangled with career success and career satisfaction. Additionally, the sign in which the sun resides will reveal much about what career path might best suit us and also reveal our attitudes about success and status. The sun in House 10 indicates the nature of our professional drives, strengths and needs. It also reveals in what capacity we are able to shine professionally. Individuals who have this placement in their chart will invariably find confidence through what they are able to accomplish in their public life. If the sun is in Aries for example, there may be more risks taken and competitive drive in the way they operate. It may also indicate a gravitation towards action-oriented and dangerous professions like the military, construction, pro-sports, and law enforcement.

Sun in House 10

Sun in House 10 represents our will to succeed as a professional and public figure. A more private sign like Cancer within this placement could indicate a desire to operate in a more behind the scenes capacity. In the sign of Gemini, it could indicate a greater willingness and talent for more public and people-oriented professions but also writing and journalism. In this house, the sun seeks to distinguish itself through whatever status, prestige and reputation it manages to build for itself. The sun, which represents the conscious ego, will use the area of career to affirm its self-worth and significance in the world. Additionally, in the 10th house, the sun is compelled to assert its authority as a professional. There may be a sense of confidence around the level of competence and expertise the individual believes they bring to the table. They may aspire to be in positions where they are able to wield significant control over what they do. With the position of Sun in House 10 you need to ensure that your ego does not give you trouble in your professional work, and that you always listen to others, being careful that your inner qualities of authority and leadership do not come across as a tyrant and imposition of believes and ideas.

Sun in House 10 individuals are driven to have as many achievements as possible, from a very young age. They’re hard workers and strong characters who can overcome any obstacle, no matter how difficult. These people are recognized by the public as responsible and determined to succeed individuals. It’s important they learn how to relax and create a balance between their professional and personal lives. Having a good time while also being successful is possible if they become more willing to also play from time to time. More focused on what’s happening outside their environment and on asserting what their main qualities are, they will use everything they know to obtain a high social position and to get acknowledged at work. The Sun in House 10 motivates them to have a strong influence and to get recognized while they’re also satisfying their thirst for power and make their dreams come true. This means they will fight for a good career and a good place in the society, usually managing to obtain a status where they have many responsibilities and get to be recognized by others. The placement of the Sun in House 10 influences them to want to put their talents to use and to be better than the crowd, also to lead rather than to follow. Everything meant to help them advance in their career will fascinate them. They may have an identity that is highly influenced by their job and other things that brought them success or helped them attain their goals. Usually involved in public matters such as the ones relating to politics and speaking for the masses, these will be of the utmost importance for them. If they won’t have the opportunity to be participants in the public life, they will identify themselves as someone who does, while secretly dreaming to have important people’s r oles. They really don’t like being private and alone because this limits their opportunities to become successful and achieve many things in life. It’s like something is pressuring them to succeed and to become someone whom they’re proud of, often seeming that success and achievements are life-and-death matters to them. That’s why they’ll always have high goals and work hard to achieve them. It’s more likely for them to go to a job that allows anyone to advance rather than a place where there isn’t too much room for climbing the ladder, like in bartending.

Sun in House 10 are career oriented people

Sun in House 10 people really want to be appreciated and admired for their efforts because this is what builds up their self-esteem. Their goals will be precise and their approach to achieve them methodical. These natives are the incarnation of professional success, all the negative aspects in their chart being sometimes too difficult to counteract. But usually, they’re composed, proud of themselves, authoritative and charismatic people whom others respect and even admire, no matter how reserved and shy they may seem. It may seem for many that these individuals don’t even make an effort to advance in their career because they’re all the time in the right place, at the perfect moment. Dignifying and honourable, natives having their Sun in the 10th house are usually respected and even an example for others. Usually in leadership positions, as if their Sun would be in the 1st House, they hate being commanded and second place. It’s like all the ambition in the world has gathered in them, so their goals will be reached more or less easily, depending on how difficult these may be. It’s important for them to have ambitions, yet they should pay attention because a rapid professional evolution can also bring them many enemies. Not that they shouldn’t chase their dreams any more, they should just be more aware that some of their colleagues may try to impede them from succeeding.

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