Sun in Capricorn

People born with Sun in Capricorn are usually serious, reserved and cautious in nature but Sun on the other hand relates to bold, flashy, candid and carefree disposition. The watery element of Capricorn diffuses the fiery energy of Sun to some extent so people born with Sun in Capricorn stick to the attributes of their Moon sign a lot. These natives are thoughtful and serious. There is a strong sense of responsibility and dedication in these natives. Patience is their biggest virtue, which helps them fight off the adversities of life. These natives work hard in life but either, they do not get the desired results or it takes a lot of time for them to realize their ambitions. There is a chance that the native may indulge in politics or social work too. These people continue to learn throughout their life, no matter what’s their age. They take their profession or business very seriously and have a sincere approach towards work. They like to work in the background like a director than take the limelight like an actor. They are quite loyal and trustworthy people and require the same level of faithfulness in return from their subordinates as well as in personal life. Sun in Capricorn


Those with the Sun in Capricorn exude a sense of being in charge, and they usually are. They may be in pursuit of status and power, but they never compromise their integrity to get there. These are the masters of the physical realm, and widely admired for what they’re able to accomplish. They are born with a sense of purpose, and many Capricorn children are mature beyond their years. As they get older, they seem to age in reverse, becoming childlike and retaining a youthful glow. A penchant for melancholy creates a unique filter for Capricorn humour that is known to veer toward the darkly absurd. A fortress of defences can keep the curious and insincere at bay in their lives. To the world at large, this can give the Capricorn a remote feeling that is intriguing. But those that pass the test of loyalty are allowed to see a more vulnerable side. At heart, they’re interested in enduring ties, and often look to family and long-time friends for emotional support. The Sun in Capricorn has an intense drive for achievement that never lets up. They strive for a personal standard of excellence, even if the rest of the world settles for mediocrity. The ones that pursue the Arts have a disciplined approach that sets them apart from mere dreamers. If the Capricorn seems serious, perhaps it’s because they’ve got so much to do. They won’t linger too long in idleness or rest on their laurels when there are mountains to climb. Capricorns fall into dark moods, at times, which can really linger. They’re ruled by Saturn and being serious or Saturnian comes with the package. They live with an intense sense of mortality (Saturn rules time and ageing), and this is a motivator and a bummer. It can be hard to rouse a Capricorn out of their funk - sometimes it just takes time. In romance, the Capricorn would fare well as one half of a power couple. The ideal would be someone they can respect, but also allows them to take charge most of the time. Once happily settled, they’ll go about the business of building both an empire and a cosy home life.


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People with this configuration

Abbie K, Theresa K



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