Sun conjunct Midheaven

Sun conjunct Midheaven in the natal chart is also called Sun culminating. It makes you very goal-oriented. Success in your career is one of your most important needs. You express your identity through your achievements so you work hard to make your mark. You should enjoy a good social standing and be socially popular. Failure can be devastating for you and severely damage your self-esteem. For this reason, it is important for you to avoid the potential negatives of this aspect. You are a proud person but arrogance or egotism will cause much resistance to your goals. You have leadership qualities but may have a tendency to rebel against authority figures. For this reason, you need to pace yourself and learn to work under direction until you learn the skills necessary for success. It is okay for you to feel important and think you are destined for great things. Just don’t rub it in people’s faces. You probably looked up to your father and will find it easier to advance if he was supportive. Learn from your elders and superiors and show them respect. In this way, you will rise to the top and earn the respect and distinction you seek. If you cannot work within a bureaucracy or be a small fish in a big pond, it would be best if you could go into business for yourself.

You are able to rise above challenges and achieve success in the career and public roles you take on. You have a confident charisma that makes you an inspiring leader who is able to perform at a high level. You’re also able to help motivate others to be productive. Being born with the sun conjoining your midheaven, you enjoy being the center of attention and you are willing to step into positions of power and handle the associated responsibilities. When you focus on a personal goal, you are able to not only pour your own energy into accomplishing it, but can also magnetize needed resources and support to assist you. At the same time, you can become at risk of being overly wilful, domineering, and authoritative with others. You may allow the attention you receive to make you self-centered and vain.  In order to maintain successful work and personal relationships, you will need to make sure you are meeting the needs and acknowledging the perspectives of others rather than trying to get your way all the time.

Even when very young, personal success and achievement were very important to you. You wanted to shine among your friends and be someone whom they can look up to. You will measure your success in life not so much by your inner sense of values, but by the impact you make on other people. This aspect often means that you will be socially successful, but you must work for it, as such success comes automatically to very few. You have a great need to be in control of your life. As you get older, you will try to work in a business in which you can be your own boss. You are very independent and do not like working under someone, which can create problems while you are young. Thinking that you know better than your elders, you may rebel against their power over you. If you establish a pattern of rebellion, personal success will be hard to come by. You need help from others to get anywhere, so you must avoid being arrogant, for that will alienate people. However, if you are willing to learn from others while you are young and put all your energies into developing skills that will be useful later, you will probably achieve something important on your own terms. In that case, you will know what you want to do and how to guide others. You can enable others to fulfil their destiny as you fulfil yours. During childhood, the influence of your father or of a similar guide figure was especially important to you, and now you can be that guide to others.









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