Sun conjunction Mars

Sun conjunction Mars makes you a very energetic person with an assertive and independent identity, direct and driven. There is an intense and courageous aura around you that makes you straight on your approach to others as well as impulsive. On your bad days you can become a despot, and due to your character you are attracting to yourself all conflicts that you experience not just in your family environment but also in your work place. You are passionate about asserting your identity, about being confident and to present yourself like someone heroic and fearless. You may be known as a pioneer, driven to setup new trails and take the lead in establishing new path of progress. You are eager to take action and initiate change and have a fiery temperament that enjoys physical exertion. In fact, you need to be physically active in order to have a way to release your ample energy. You are brave and have a competitive spirit, always ready to stand up for yourself and others, but you will also need to find strategies for how to deal with your anger when provoked so as to not cause damage in your personal relationships. 


Sun conjunction Mars


You are always straightforward and honest, even at risk of hurting others, and no matter the situation you will always be sincere and not pretend. In essence, you irradiate a masculine energy, even if you are a female, and you possess loads of presence, being difficult for others to be indifferent towards you. The creative light of the Sun combined with the forceful fire of Mars will make you energetic and ambitious, driven to setup new trails and take the lead in establishing new path of progress.


Sun conjunction Mars people have a fearless character

Sun conjunction Mars people have a fearless character # Image credit


You have an aggressive, combative temperament, which can respond quickly to any hint of a threat or potentially competitive situation, and you see these as an opportunity to display your force and innate abilities and talents. With Sun conjunction Mars you tend to have a desire to be number one, and can act really fast in time of crisis, displaying your leadership skills and almost military approach to critical situations. You often feel a need to prove yourself to the world through achieving or rising to a higher social profile than the majority. You tend to assume attitudes of superiority, which are often derived from a strong confidence, and inwardly you hold a self-image as a leader.



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