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Sun conjunction Jupiter

Sun conjunction Jupiter aspect in your Birth Chart gives you interest in expanding your perspective of what is possible. You are a visionary compelled toward understanding the bigger picture of life. You aspire to develop a meaningful purpose and philosophy to live from. You enjoy embarking on adventures into new terrain and becoming exposed to a wide range of cultural and philosophical viewpoints that broadens your understanding. In addition to enlarging your own knowledge you also strive to be an inspirational presence for others. You have a generous spirit that enjoys uplifting and encouraging others, and you may be drawn to become a teacher who shares knowledge in order to enhance the lives of others. You will need to moderate a tendency toward excess and optimistically—taking on more than you are able to realistically manage. Your capacity to believe in a greater potential needs to be balanced with diligent attention to doing all of the work necessary to successfully manifest the vision.

Sun conjunction Jupiter

Individuals with Sun conjunction Jupiter in their natal charts are enthusiastic and optimistic, unless Saturn is present in House 1. They truly expect the best–from themselves, from others, and from life. They prefer to see the good in the world. Their confidence in everything turning out all right can also get them into some trouble. Over-indulgence in food or drink, gambling, shopping–whatever their pleasure–is a high possibility, simply because these people can be procrastinators and put too much faith in life “fixing” things on its own. They might eat just for the sake of eating, indulge in expensive items temporarily forgetting the reality of the bill arriving the following month, and so forth. It can be hard for them to save money. The truth is, many times it seems like these people have a guardian angel who sweeps in and saves their behinds, sometimes at the very last minute. They tend to “get away with” more than most people. But inevitably they’ll face some consequences for their excesses, such as an expanding waistline or growing debt. Although not especially competitive, Sun conjunct Jupiter individuals have a cheerful outlook and tend to accomplish quite a bit. They are quite resourceful. They generally are able to win over others, as theirs is a nature that is willing to help out others rather than argue with them. They come across as fair, big-hearted, and sincere. Generous with their time and money, these people are easy to like. Because they tend to over-estimate their capabilities, they can promise more than they can deliver. Some people with this aspect can be self-righteous and moralistic. Others express the teaching side of Jupiter. Still others are prone to exaggeration, although their stories are so interesting that people tend to overlook it. Although largely positive and optimistic, Sun-Jupiter people are not immune to depression. Although short-lived, their downs can be dramatic, simply because they are unprepared for these times.

Sun conjunction Jupiter child offers a very valuable influence. The Sun is the basic personality, and Jupiter expands on everything it touches. Here you have a BIG personality. This child will be outgoing, confident, warm, and generous. These kids can be very extravagant, very big-hearted, and can tend to overdo just about everything. They can be overconfident. They can take risks that can be alarming, but these kids feel that they are invincible. There is a need to try to encourage just a bit of caution. Often the home environment is very comfortable, so these fortunate kids have everything laid on. Their lives are simply one of ease. This child can have an over-inflated sense of self-worth. It will be easy for this personality to become quite smug and egotistical. There could be a need to put this child in its place from time to time. This will be accepted because there is a strong sense of justice and the need to be liked and admired. It would never be the intention to offend or take advantage of anyone. Most of the time, this child will be a delight. They will be one of the “good kids”, but coax them into understanding that they do not have to “prove” themselves all of the time. There is bound to be a great love of travel especially as this child grows up. One thing he or she will never fear, and that is any lack of friends. The vital personality will always make this a popular person. With Sun conjunction Jupiter your idealism makes every day a new adventure waiting to happen. If there are obstacles, you ride over them, reasoning that “everything happens for the best.” You are an eternal optimist, but if your enthusiasm out-weighs practicality, you can expand your goals right into bankruptcy. Worse, you may be stubbornly over-confident and take others with you. Moderation is the key to your success, but you may see it as a “wet-blanket” dousing that spoils your fun.  Sun conjunction Jupiter makes you your own vocation, and the best way for you to get ahead in the world is just to be yourself. Your optimum job is just being you, which often indicates a career in front of the public (politics, sales, whatever). Lucky by nature, others sense this and like to be with you. Your general outlook on life is attractive, and people seek you out to help them with their problems. You are a natural guide and counsellor, and can become very successful on that.

Sun conjunction Jupiter love expanding their horizons

The Sun conjunction Jupiter aspect in a natal chart shows that people with this placement tend to be extremely charismatic, optimistic, and have a lot of self-confidence. They usually are exuberant, enthusiastic, and can light up a room. They are trusting, generous, and always believe good things will happen to them and others. An individual with their Sun Conjunct Jupiter will find a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Their faith and philosophy in life will be powered by the universe, and they will likely have a spiritual side to them. This aspect can, however, also produce some self-indulgent behaviour, but this is usually out of a deep faith in luck or spiritual guidance that they will not get caught. The Sun Conjunct Jupiter gives a person a big vision and a real sense of destiny regarding social activities and personal self-fulfilment, so that the native tends to be “larger than life.” The combination also confers luck in investments and speculation, success in leading or teaching, as well as a love of the good things of the material world. A person with Sun conjunct Jupiter in their astrology chart is usually a generous and benevolent individual. They have immense faith and trust in their fellow human beings which makes it easy for them to get along with others. Their optimistic attitude towards life inspires and motivates the people around them. The Sun Conjunct Jupiter aspect in a natal chart enables many different opportunities to arise. Positive experiences with children and perhaps marriage may come during this time. It is an excellent aspect for one to become rich and successful in business. One will need to surround themselves with positive people who can further their dreams, however. A Sun conjunction Jupiter in a woman’s birth chart shows that she has a good sense of humour, and likes to enjoy life. She is happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, and very sociable. In a man’s chart, this aspect can give success and recognition through his partner or better half.

Sun conjunction Jupiter gives a larger-than-life personality. It makes you an outgoing, optimistic, generous, and lucky person. You are also a proud person with great self-belief and confidence. This regal quality gives you a commanding presence and the potential to believe you are better than others. An inflated ego can cause arrogance, selfishness, overindulgence, extravagance, and waste. Your moral code, religion, philosophy, or spiritual outlook is important in your life. But again, the potential exists for taking things too far and becoming self-righteous, judgemental or overzealous. Moderation and thoughtfulness are the keys to avoiding the excessive tendencies of Sun conjunct Jupiter. It is possible to be engaging, warm, entertaining, and funny without going over the top. You can be very prosperous while also being modest. A love of learning and long-distance travel makes you liberal, tolerant, broad-minded and wise.

Sun conjunct Jupiter is considered an auspicious combination in Vedic Astrology, unless Jupiter is not combust. Both planets are friends to each other and are masculine. Natives having a conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in horoscope are usually astute and spiritually inclined due to the benefic presence of Jupiter. Sun’s influence makes the person get a higher position in government. A combination of Sun and Jupiter also ensures wealth to the native. People with this placement get recognition, name, and fame. They are highly perceptive, intelligent, have knowledge of the ancient scriptures, devoted, dutiful, wise, compassionate, generous, and diplomatic. They don’t mind sacrificing their own needs in order to fulfil others’. The most suited professions for such a native include teaching, preaching, law, banking, consultancy, etc. You will find that people having this conjunction are skilled at more than one activity. If there is affliction, the native may have to struggle in progeny matters and finance. Female with this placement may have delay or issues in marriage.

When you are born with the Sun in conjunction to Jupiter you tend to be an outgoing, always optimistic and generous person. In conjunction proud person, inhumane and tends to overestimate himself. Strict and immutable morals


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