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Saturn transit square Jupiter

Saturn transit square Jupiter cuts your freedom of action and hinders many opportunities. It makes you work hard to maintain progress. It limits you financially and controls your expenses, so you learn to keep your money for a rainy day. It also brings legal difficulties of some kind, or makes you have to deal with legal issues that limit you and give unnecessary paperwork. This transit makes you confront perseverance and your capacity for resistance. You may discover that, as soon as your projects suffer any confrontations or difficulties, you lose interest or perseverance. When you are faced with difficulties, your mental attitude is being tested. Saturn transit square Jupiter also tests whether what you do or think is real to you or not, and if you are able to act as you really think, and how you react to obstacles that seem to hinder your progress. In reality, this is a revaluation of your ideals and, consequently, your philosophy. It also causes you to make readjustments so that your work is more in accordance with your ideals about life. And so that you learn to take things with calmness and thoughtfulness. It makes it easy for you to test your optimistic attitude and your vision to re-examine how you can continue to grow and progress, learning directly from the lessons that life imposes on you.

Saturn transit square Jupiter

Progress may come to a standstill during Saturn transit square Jupiter, or you may find your way impeded by obstacles that you must surmount in order to continue. Events likely occur that restrict your movement in some way so that you must reduce your pace, especially if you have exceeded your limits. This period may require you to balance those areas that may have developed too fast and too soon with a necessary pullback from extreme advances. More realistic assessments may help to maintain the proper perspective to anything that has grown unchecked. Even if you have pursued a deliberate approach, situations may arise that have you adjust your sights and even question the wisdom of certain choices. Confidence can ebb now due to worries over what you usually take for granted. One purpose of this cycle is for you to take a long and hard look at what you tend to neglect. Wherever you skip details, this period likely will make them stand out in some way. Although the environment that surrounds you now can quiet your exuberance and have you doubt what you ordinarily believe with certainty, it serves to make you aware of any holes or gaps in your understanding, whether philosophical, practical, or both. If you are off course in any way, this period can assist you to realign your position through recognizing what you lack as well as what you have.

Saturn transit square Jupiter is an important cycle to establish discipline and structure to what you may prefer to leave unbridled. If you like your freedom, conditions may curtail it. It is not to prevent you from unrestrained activity but to ensure that your steps are more purposeful and that you have a better idea of where you are going and why. It is possible that events may make you wiser than before since you tend to encounter situations that demand greater thoughtfulness and planning. The results of unplanned development may lead you to a better grasp of what is primary and what is secondary and give you a better sense of priorities. If you take your time during this interval and allow yourself to reduce the number of commitments that you have outstanding, you can navigate your way through the probable delays that occur. More significantly, you can dispense with unnecessary distractions in order to focus on what you really enjoy and on what you really believe in. Otherwise you may find yourself unable to complete anything very well because you have too much on your plate. It is a cycle that demands that you do less in order to get more out of your life and to stop so that you can move forward in the right direction. Challenges you might face when Saturn transit square Jupiter: questioning confidence, few possibilities, opportunities missed, fear of taking chances and luck running out.

What lasts and grows often starts off small, or must be pared down. That's what harvests and pruning are for. Now is a modest harvest, yet you must still trim the excess or refine what's become too complicated and unwieldy. One way this might manifest is to reduce how many things you're doing. The real emphasis is on quality, not quantity. Likewise, you're inclined to think that you have more resources and outcomes in your favour than you actually do. Maybe you're too enthralled by your own hopes and enthusiasm to take careful notice. It's likely a situation or person delivers sobering news to break you out of your absorption. You don't have to tailspin into depression about this, though. Just stay reasonably inspired—like you're shooting for the moon, yet equally content to miss and land among the stars. Regardless, you’re still in motion.

Saturn transit square Jupiter asks you to find the right balance between caution and optimism

Every 7 years or so, Saturn will transit conjunct, square, or opposite a natal planet. When that natal planet is Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, we feel the effects in a personal way depending on the planet involved. Contact with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are felt over longer periods. Saturn retrogrades every year for up to 180 days. During the retrograde time transiting Saturn could make 3 contacts with the natal planet. The text below is the interpretation of Saturn transits square Jupiter.

Saturn transits have been feared for centuries. The superficial reading is that they bring all sorts of calamities. In fact, they bring dissatisfaction and a desire for change. Ages ago, however, who could change? People were bound to the same routine year after year. When necessary changes are not made, Saturn transits tend to force them. This, to ancient peoples, was regarded as disaster. What Saturn transits really do is bring things to a conclusion. One cycle ends and another begins. And yes, these transits are associated with ?Murphy?s Law?, if something can go wrong, it will. Suppose you are burning your candle at both ends. Saturn comes around and you get sick. Bad luck? No, just the results of the bad actions that you chose. Saturn transits simply tend to bring us the results of our actions, for better or worse. But if you have dotted all the i?s and crossed all the T?s, and took care of everything, Saturn transits can also bring rewards. If you have no loose ends in your life, Saturn will have nothing to chop off. Astrologer Noel Tyl, for instance, mentions a case of someone he knew who got a scholarship to study music in Europe when Saturn was making an opposition aspect to his Sun. He had to work long and hard to get it, and he would have to continue to work because the grant was dependent on his grades. A gift of money from Saturn, but there are always strings attached: hard work, effort, and discipline. The best way to handle Saturn transits is to look way ahead and see when they are coming. Will Saturn be going through your 2nd House (money) next year? Better start saving right now to make sure that you have reserve cash. Perhaps Saturn is headed for your 6th House (work). This could mean extra demands on the job. It could even mean no job. Update your resume, just in case. Yes, Saturn periods can be hard, but if you handle them right, the rewards you get are solid and long-lasting. 

When Saturn transit square Jupiter the need for security and achievement influences your plans for the future and your need for self-improvement and a deeper sense of meaning. Saturn represents the structures and limitations of your life, and what you need to do in order to be true to yourself and build the life you want. When Saturn transits natal Jupiter it provides an opportunity to examine your social ambitions and plans for the future, and how you intend to achieve them. Jupiter is about growth and the future, while Saturn is the opposite, so when Saturn forms a hard angle to Jupiter it can stop progress in its tracks, deflate hopeful bubbles, and generally put a spanner in the works of whatever you’re trying to achieve long-term. There’s a kind of push and pull between the two planets which can either be helpful or restrictive depending on what you’re trying to do. You may feel very restless and impatient, but if you’re willing to do the work, you’ll have the discipline to create new structures in your life that will produce sustained growth into the future. It all depends on your goals and how realistic your plans are. Saturn isn’t interested in giving form to hopeless fantasies, so whatever you’re trying to do, it has to be possible. If you’re aiming for something that’s grounded in reality, Saturn will help to give your dreams a structure, and then you’ll experience the positive side of these transits, controlled expansion. You will need to look closely at your beliefs and aspirations so you can find out how effective you are within society, and how much, or how little, influence you have. This is a chance to learn about yourself and whether what you believe is worth the effort. You may need to re-evaluate your strategy for achieving your goals and aspirations, especially if things aren’t going your way.

Saturn transit square Jupiter can coincide with changes in your career. The hard angles can cause problems because you want to grow and expand and improve your life, but Saturn steps in and throws a blanket over your plans. You may feel inhibited from moving forward, or trapped in a situation not of your doing and incapable of making the changes you need. It can feel oppressive and you may want to push against the social structures that are holding you back. When you’re stuck and feel prevented from living your life to the full, it drains your life of meaning and leaves you feeling depressed and angry. You may feel a lot of hostility towards authority and be acutely aware of the social injustices in the world. But how you deal with this is important. When you can’t do what you want, don’t assume it’s all gone wrong. For example, if you lose your job or have some other difficulty at this time, it may turn out to be a good thing in the long run. Now is the time to stop doing things that are unnecessary and focus on what works. This is easier to do with the harmonious aspects – sextile and trine – and you should be able to expand in a way that won’t cause problems further down the line. You can find the right balance between caution and optimism, and this helps you to make positive changes without disrupting the status quo. Possibilities with Saturn transit square Jupiter: change of job or residence, expanding a business, disciplined work towards a realistic goal and saving or investing for the future. During a Saturn transit square Jupiter, watch out for: downturn in financial status, oppressive circumstances and burning bridges in a fit of pique.

Ultimately, this time is about discovering what your spirit needs and how it wants to operate in the world. So if you find every door is closed, it may be that you’re knocking on the wrong ones. These transits often signify a period of readjustment after having expanded too far in the past, or into the wrong areas. Turn inwards to discover a new direction and be patient as you rethink what you’re doing. Don’t be in a hurry to make big changes. Let go of anything in your life that isn’t working and accept the reality check that Saturn offers.


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