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Saturn sextile Pluto

Saturn sextile Pluto gives a steely determination and endurance which you put to practical use to create something of value, something lasting. You have an amazing ability to focus on a particular project and see it to completion. You keep probing and keep working so hard like a machine. Systems and order are a high priority in your life, so you often have a systematic approach to life, with strict regimes and structures in place to maintain order and a sense of security. However, any strict self-discipline does not restrict your creative process. You can find revolutionary new ways of doing things. But your continual self-development is generally smooth and not disruptive. You change or evolve in a sustained and orderly way. Saturn sextile Pluto also gives incredible endurance and recuperative powers. You can face any challenge or crisis head-on and be a source of strength for others. You are a survivor and can function efficiently on very little. Respect and high recognition can come from your achievements. You may also have managerial potential and would climb the ladder in a large corporation or government department to a leadership role.

Like some people play with toys or video games, you might play with power. For you, power is the ability to create real change in the world. You're willing to experiment and rollick with how to influence people and achieve your desires, even the whimsical ones. Some may be disturbed by how easily you can “manipulate” people, though you rarely think you're doing that. You perhaps see yourself as providing opportunities for people to fulfil or articulate their desires. In fact, you might believe that nearly anyone has that power, but few choose to use it to their full potential. This could be true for you, too. You can be so entertained and fascinated by the little games you play that you don't have enough bandwidth for greater challenges and tasks. You spend so much time sharpening your skills for the big time that you can easily miss it.


If you were born with Saturn and Pluto in aspect in your personal Astrology birth chart, then congratulations: you've got the gift of grit. When you want something -- anything -- there is little that will stand in your way. However, make no mistake; Saturn-Pluto is not a ticket to easy street. Quite the contrary, actually. Whatever great accomplishments in life you realize are usually hard won. That's because with Saturn-Pluto, you're well connected to the reality that in order to transform and make your life better you must first wade through a pile of decay and clean it up. Saturn sextile Pluto is the aspect of perseverance. You have all the cosmic support you can ask for now to not give up despite any perceived restriction that comes your way. Thankfully, those restrictions won't feel impossible to get out of, like a straitjacket or shackles. But this time we are only bound by a cosmic seat belt. So, remember this as you move towards that incredible personal transformation. If you're restricted by anything unhealthy that's holding you back from achieving long-lasting personal success, YOU have the power to buckle out of it. The trick with Saturn sextile Pluto is knowing when a restraint in life is no longer in your best interests -- knowing when it is protective versus when it just holds you back from soaring. Sometimes we convince ourselves that we need added protection in order to maintain a false sense of security. Kind of like a 10-year-old who insists that she needs those training wheels on her bike. Saturn sextile Pluto will force you to take those training wheels off. After all, the universe in her infinite wisdom knows you don't need them any more.

With Saturn sextile Pluto, you should have the ability to organize, control and focus your willpower effectively in order to achieve your ambitions. Similar to those with the conjunction, you can act as a 'magician' transmitting occult energies and influence through established structures; the purpose of such impulses will be varied, sometimes constructive, sometimes destructive or preservative in their initial impact and appearance. A Pluto impact via Saturn can seem to be very negative and destructive at first, as it can shatter the existing foundations, yet its purpose is rebirth and regeneration, breaking old outgrown limitations to create the space for the new direction to emerge through. You may need to learn how to apply this energy in a practical way, probably through a self-initiated discipline and clear awareness of the way in which you wish to use it. Certainly, you will need to consider your aims carefully, planning and adjusting your approach according to strengths and weaknesses. Success is important to you, materially and psychologically; and you will try very hard to become an achiever in whichever sphere of life you choose. Some degree of frustration is inevitable, but you tend to believe that with perseverance and a realistic self-appraisal you are capable of success - eventually. You believe that experience is the best teacher, and that a sign of intelligence is to make full use of that experience for the purposes of growth; and that involves learning and understanding life's lessons as soon as possible, to avoid unnecessary painful repetition. You can be intolerant of others who learn slowly, or who insist on repeating the same mistakes over and over again, thus spoiling their own lives. Taking responsibility for one's own life is important to you; and you understand the crucial role of choice in life, knowing that a life is determined by the nature of choices made, whether seemingly important or trivial in nature. Unwise choices invariably lead to more suffering for yourself and others and could often be avoided if more thought and awareness were applied before decisions were taken. A feeling of security is important to you, reflecting the known boundaries of Saturn; yet you are more alive to the necessity of change in life, and are less inclined to resist this, than are those with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Emotionally, you accept the inner mutability and flow more naturally, and so do not create a problem of emotionally based repression erupting into an uncontrollable destructiveness in your relationships. 


Those who were born during Saturn sextile Pluto aspect are very determined and strong enough to create something worthy and valuable that can last for a lifetime. They can focus on different projects and have them completed, not to mention that when focused, they’re turning into real working machines. It’s not at all easy to have this sextile in the birth chart because victories are hard to achieve for its natives. Being systematic and therefore disciplined, people born during the Saturn sextile Pluto aspect are giving a lot of importance to order. For this reason, they need security and to follow strict regimes. Structure is something they’re relying on when making plans and thinking about the future. This sextile is also about perseverance, meaning natives born during it can offer its people all the Divine support they’re asking for and the power to not give up when others are restricting them. However, it always seems easy for them to escape such situations and to realize their work is already almost done because the planets Saturn and Pluto aren’t in an opposition or square aspect. Even if very disciplined, this doesn’t mean they can no longer be creative. As a matter of fact, these natives have only revolutionary ideas and can do things in the most original way, not to mention they can self-develop in a smooth way that isn’t bothering anyone. For this reason, they’re always evolving and getting things done in order. These people know what they need to do in life and how to make their dreams come true because they’re hard-workers and the obstacles in their way are almost inexistent, meaning it’s easy for them to overcome them.

Saturn sextile Pluto hate being told what to do and wish to command their own life in an authoritative manner that’s self-directing on each and every plane of existence. Concerned about safety and the hope for security can have them more motivated when making important decisions. These natives don’t want to depend on anyone or to be taken care of by others, meaning they can plan ahead in the long-run and map out their own goals without thinking too much. Being disciplined and possessing a lot of endurance, they can succeed at almost anything they’re trying to achieve in life. While not trusting authority as much as others and usually not looking to become leaders, it is possible for them to hold such positions when old enough because they’re really disciplined, dedicated to what they want to obtain and serious. More than this, any responsibility is encouraging them to be more efficient and smarter. People born during the Saturn sextile Pluto aspect are truly committed to making changes into the structures that already exist and can recognize a good opportunity from distance. Being devoted to a cause, they can be involved in any project for the long-term and achieve great things without struggling too much.

Saturn sextile Pluto natives should organize, be in control and concentrate all of their will to achieve what they want from life. Just like those born with the conjunction in their birth chart, they can become real magicians who are practising the occult in a structured and organized manner. This type of impulses they’re having can vary, meaning they can be constructive and as well destructive. However, the last-mentioned so-called issue is, in fact, a matter of preservation when it comes to appearance and the first impact. The Pluto energy transmitted through Saturn may seem a negative one in the beginning because it’s being shattering when it comes to the foundations that are already present in the world, but the purpose of it is of rebirth and change, also renewal. This is why people born during the Saturn sextile Pluto aspect can break on through any limit and leave space for a new beginning and the right direction. For this reason, they may be required to work the energy of this placement at their birth with practicality, by learning a new discipline and having awareness when it comes to how they want to use the newly learned information. For sure, these natives need to carefully think of what they’re aiming for, to plan and adjust their approach when it comes to what’s making them strong and weak. They’re giving a lot of importance to success, no matter if it’s about money or psychology, meaning they’re trying a lot to be achievers in what they’ve chosen as a career.

Of course, Saturn sextile Pluto natives can be frustrating from time to time, but they need to believe in themselves and to persevere in a realistic manner. However, it’s important they keep being realistic and believing in themselves as success is sure to come their way at some point. Thinking only experience can teach them something in life and that intelligence comes from it can have them growing with every day that passes. They know life is all about learning and can understand many things that can get them rid of repeating themselves, which can be a painful behaviour. Saturn sextile Pluto natives have tremendous ambition, are energetic, strong, capable of organizing and controlling their own will. More than this, they can regenerate themselves by being hard-working and disciplined. Their ability to make others feel more enthusiastic is allowing them to accomplish great things in life. They can concentrate and achieve a lot when it comes to the Exact Sciences. Besides this, they know how to make the best decisions and aren’t afraid of competition. The sextile between Saturn and Pluto is giving people having it in their birth chart a lot of endurance, also the power to regenerate.

These natives can solve any problem and deal with crises, meaning it’s easy for others to draw their strength from them. They’re true survivors who can live on less if having to. For this reason, many are respecting and recognizing them for their achievements. It’s easy for them to become managers and to end up running big corporations, even governmental agencies. Some of them may decide to become leaders because they can identify what’s wrong with themselves, not to mention when it comes to self-evaluation, they’re objective. In other words, people born during the Saturn sextile Pluto aspect can work with the opposing elements and influences of the two planets in order to make them coherent.


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