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Saturn sextile Neptune

Saturn sextile Neptune gives strong faith and belief in yourself. You place a lot of weight on being true to your standards and ideals, not those of others. Also, you judge yourself and your achievements by these high standards but are too hard on yourself sometimes. You have the patience to do things your way and the right way and do not take shortcuts to success. You are determined to make your dreams come true and will postpone your happiness and comfort to ensure success. You will likely reach your goals because you have a realistic outlook and practical approach. Yet you are also an optimist and a dreamer with big potential. Your strong faith inspires others to make their dreams come true. People are willing to help you because you earn their respect without seeking it. This cooperative approach occurs in practical ways but also through spiritual encouragement and support. To others, it can seem like you are sacrificing your hopes and dreams by helping others. However, the karmic nature of this aspect means your good deeds are repaid in sometimes mysterious ways. You are good at being self-sufficient, and you gain satisfaction and contentment through hard work and accomplishment. But you tend to attract attention and can bring people together for a common cause. You intuitively understand prevailing trends and expectations of your generation or community. Sharing your vision of the future will help scared and disillusioned people.

Saturn sextile Neptune

With Saturn sextile Neptune, you have a wonderful sense of both the material and spiritual worlds, and you are especially skilled at bringing your imagination to life or dreams to reality. You are both compassionate and practical, in a mostly balanced way, and your work ethic is strong. You tend to take your beliefs seriously or you put serious effort into your principles or religion. Your social consciousness is well-developed and figures strongly in your personality. You are ready to lend a hand, and you’re especially ready to help others, providing practical assistance in times of stress, or emotional support in times of material need. You are exceptionally perceptive and understanding and you would make a good counsellor, mediator, or go-between as a result. This aspect in your natal chart goes a long way toward creating balance in your life or adding balance to your personality in key ways. Born with Saturn sextile Neptune, you have a way of making the mysterious seem lively, fun, and practical. You're respectful of well-worn spiritual and philosophical traditions and texts. But you're equally attentive to how they come alive in a modern context and daily life. You enjoy thinking about how to draw compatible ideas from the past into the present, as much as you enjoy talking about them with others. You likely have a way of getting people to add a touch of the imaginative to dry subjects, and sobering folks up who are too smugly satisfied with their doctrines and visions of the world. Yet, you too are susceptible to your own faults. You can blithely fuse traditions together without enough respect for their subtle differences. Likewise, you might create new interpretations and ideals that also become rigid. This makes you lose sight of the mysteries, wonders, and lofty ideals that set you off to bring them down into everyday life in the first place.

Saturn sextile Neptune have strong faith

People born with Saturn sextile Neptune have a lot of faith, not to mention how much they believe in themselves. They give a lot of value to their own principles and ideals, not minding how others are thinking. More than this, they have the tendency to judge by their own high standards and to be very hard on themselves from time to time. These natives are patient enough to get things done the way they want them to and to avoid taking the short ways towards success. For this reason, their determination to make their dreams come true is almost unequalled and they’re almost all the time ready to sacrifice their own good in order for good things to happen into their life. Being realistic and practical, they can achieve their own goals easier than others. It can be said people born during the Saturn sextile Neptune aspect are big dreamers who possess a lot of optimism and potential. If they want to really benefit from this planetary position in their birth chart, they need to take action by being socially responsible and doing what they know best. There is the danger for them to only acknowledge this and to not do anything when it comes to what’s truly bothering their mind, yet it’s also suggested to overcome such impediments by being more deliberate when taking action. If there aren’t too many chances for these natives to help by rallying up others and starting a social movement, at least they can get involved with non-governmental groups and support the ideals they believe in the most. The combination between the dutiful Saturn and the socially idealistic Neptune is obviously present in their personality and carrying them through life in order to function at their best. When planning for the future, natives of the Saturn sextile Neptune aspect should believe in their spiritual foundation and organize as efficiently as possible, especially if they want to achieve success. When these two planets are in such positions in birth charts, Saturn is helping with structure and brings a lot of meaning as far as dreams, as well as ideals are going. At the same time, Neptune is known for bringing about a lot of tolerance and devotion when it comes to work, respecting traditions and interpreting new ways of development. This aspect’s influence is making them enjoy having a purpose in life, not to mention is also reassuring them spirituality and practicality are always going to work hand in hand for their goals to become a reality. When it comes to making their dreams come true and taking advantage of different circumstances, people born during the Saturn sextile Neptune aspect are supposed to have the right attitude if they want to succeed. More than this, they need to combine their own imagination and make some efforts. These natives have the sense that all of their dreams are going to become a reality, but they need to keep their faith and to accept others the way they are. Idealistic and having the highest standards when it comes to their own responsibilities and when taking care of duties, they have the tendency to ask the same from their loved ones. In case their parents have taught them what ethics and pure morals are when they were young, the Saturn sextile Neptune natives are sure to fulfil their obligations in their late years. While having a strong instinct of self-preservation, they’re also compassionate when it comes to all people in need, offering their help without judging or discriminating.


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