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Saturn sextile Midheaven

Saturn sextile Midheaven gives you the opportunity to develop a public image of seriousness and competence. Although you probably have a large presence in the business/career world of your choosing, you can expound upon this image during your life, if you choose. You tend to work patiently at tasks until you complete them and real your goals. You also take on responsibility if necessary. However, Saturn sextile Midheaven means that as you continue to work hard, others will start to recognize these qualities in you. This probably won’t happen right away and takes a bit of effort on your part. Unlike the trine, Saturn sextile Midheaven doesn’t make you seem automatically knowledgeable and competent. You must actually do the work to be successful. If you only try to appear successful, people will see right through your facade. Real knowledge and skill will be easy to see with Saturn sextile Midheaven. This may take many years but will be worth it in the long run.

Saturn sextile Midheaven

This signifies that you have a strong sense of inner discipline and that you can work toward the goals you set for yourself steadily and without wavering. It may also indicate that you work mostly alone, without much help from people of your own age. They will not hinder you, but you work best by yourself. Whatever task you undertake, you work at it patiently, with thorough organization and method, leaving no stone unturned. You may take on responsibilities that most young people would be reluctant to attempt. You may seem older than you are. You are independent, even a loner, because having other people around may seem to distract you from your purposes. For this reason, you may not have many friends while you are young, but that will be because you have chosen it, not because no-one can get along with you. When you are older, you will be a very dependable person, because you have worked out your own methods and have proved to everyone that they work. As you grow, you will have the aid and assistance of those in authority, such as teachers and parents. They will approve of your early maturity and will help you find your course. When you are older and working for a living, your relations with employers should also be good, because they will know you can be trusted to do a job well and take responsibility.

Saturn sextile Midheaven are methodical in their careers

You're willing to plod steadily and consistently toward whatever finish lines you’ve set for yourself. You're open to advice and thoughts from others, including parents, loved ones, friends, and mentors. But you usually choose to keep your own counsel and move along on your own terms in a lifelong marathon toward your goals. You mostly see things this way because you are risk-averse. You tend to focus on what you stand to lose if you don't move forward a certain way, rather than on what you stand to gain. Similarly, you have a strong sense of personal responsibility. You neither want to absorb all the credit for yourself when things go right, or leave others to shoulder the blame and hurt when things go wrong. That's noble, and it's certainly true that we “live together and die alone.” But perhaps you dwell too much on endings, on all levels, and not enough on beginnings or the living part that happens in between.


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