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Saturn in Virgo

Saturn in Astrology shows us where we limit ourselves due to fear or insecurity. With your Saturn in Virgo, you may feel limited or weighed down by work, routine, service, and attention to detail. You may feel overburdened or often left to your own resources, taking on more work than is fair. Finding the meaning or joy in your work, routines, and service is something to strive toward. You have an excellent eye for details, but you sometimes get lost in them, unsure of your ability to piece everything together. Or, you might leave things unfinished because of a very strong perfectionist streak. If you don’t finish it, there is no risk of it being less than perfect! Fear of criticism or of making mistakes can severely limit your opportunities, whether to take on new endeavours or to finish the ones you started. Chances run high that the standards you’ve set for yourself are too strict. Watch, too, for a tendency to convince yourself that you just don’t care to get things right, precise, or accurate since this means avoiding the problem. In all likelihood, deep down, you care too much. Tackling the root of the problem with self-honesty can help you to do less fretting and more living. Digestive problems are often associated with this placement. 

Saturn in Virgo highlights flaws in individuals and systems. Inefficiencies are exposed and problems with small details can spur major problems. Stripping down to essentials and rebuilding with different logic and modern techniques can transform weaknesses into strengths. This desire to find flaws and fix them could lead to all of us becoming a little more critical. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as our critiques are combined with solutions. A diagnosis without prescription is worse than no diagnosis at all. If we get stuck on the same repeated pattern of describing our problems, we will only reinforce our situations. We should also avoid labelling, it could end up curbing our potential. A positive effect of Saturn in Virgo is the increased benefits of training and education. A committed and studious approach with consistent practice will maximize our abilities. Technical and professional skills are sharpened through specialized education and practice. Mentorships, on-the-job training, and learning by doing are more effective than theories for developing new skills.

It impoverishes self-confidence, a general feeling of dissatisfaction with oneself and with life, meticulousness, docility and even submission, discipline, inhibition, introversion, compressive and somewhat melancholy. In MA a certain degree of mania, sadness, resignation, severity that leads to a kind of asceticism