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Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces is somewhat complicated given the vast difference in natures of the planet and the sign. You can feel uncomfortable with what seems to you to be excessive shows of feeling or vulnerability/weakness. However, by not fully allowing yourself these very human qualities, you end up limiting yourself. In truth, you will do much for the underdog, but you don’t feel comfortable feeling like you are one. As such, if someone extends you anything that even mildly resembles pity, you are quick to shut it down. In the process, however, you subtly convey to others that you don’t need kindnesses, compliments, and support, and you could end up feeling quite alone. You might also feel somewhat annoyed by people who seem to play the victim, or on another level, are too “out there” with their spirituality. As you’re not thrilled about things or situations that make you feel out of control, you may be more adverse to the use of mind-altering substances than most. Because you feel some inhibition related to emotions, you can end up with more than the usual vague feelings of anxiety, guilt, or fear of the unknown because you’ve rejected them or don’t always process and fully identify with them. Lacking some faith or trust in your intuition (or life itself), you can frequently feel vaguely fearful. Watch that you’re not holding onto problems that are not yours or for feeling unreasonably guilty. Another side of this sign is that you may often take on the role of the supporter–the strong one. This can also lead to feeling somewhat alone or unsupported. You may feel more comfortable offering tangible help and advice than emotional shows of support. You care, but find it hard to let yourself go on this level. In time, as you recognize how you may limit yourself and your experiences, you learn to identify with the vulnerable, messy, or chaotic side of yourself step by step, slowly but surely.

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces is not the happiest place for Saturn. Rather, we would quote that it is the worst position for Saturn. But this unfavourable and inauspicious position of Saturn in Pisces has gifted gems to humankind like Dalai Lama and Isaac Newton. The Saturn transit in Pisces makes the native spiritual yet paranoid. And this weird combination of characteristics gives birth to geniuses. When Saturn enters Pisces, it lights the flame in the native to serve the world and take everybody on the path of spirituality. It helps in gaining immense knowledge that helps in revolutionizing society. Though with Saturn in Pisces, the natives may get vulnerable to hurt and cheating experiences, as they are sensitive and get involved easily. The dreamers in the heart of the Pisces natives are held back under the restrictions of Saturn’s authoritative nature. And this may also lead to paranoid behaviour in them. The Saturn in Pisces natal chart makes the native extremely helpful towards friends. The native gets ready to help a friend in need, even if it would cost him a fortune. This attitude often takes a toll on the mental health of the native, as he might not get the same response from his friends when he would need it. And this ultimately results in detachment. With Saturn in Pisces woman is like a vintage lover. She likes to stick to the age-old fashion trends and doesn’t bother about what is latest and trending. The woman with Saturn in Pisces likes to spend time reading and walking alone, especially visiting art galleries. She has all the positive traits a man would love to have in his dream partner. With Saturn in Pisces man is romantic at heart. He is a gentleman who would treat her lady to the best. The man with Saturn in Pisces would be like the woman with Saturn in Pisces, who loves to read books and is interested in history.

Saturn in Pisces are spiritually grounded

With your Saturn in Pisces, your spirituality is grounded and your fantasies flow seamlessly with reality. You may take on the pains or joys of others as their experiences interplay with your own, but natal Saturn in Pisces also gives you a practical idealism that makes sure you're not lost in that energy for too long. You often come out the other side with actionable ways to share healing and inner wisdom with those around you. The energetic combination of Saturn and Pisces gives you an intimate awareness of the work that is needed of true spiritual seekers. You know intuitively that movement toward awakening the soul does not come easily. With a natural propensity toward philosophy and the scientific study of the mental and spiritual realms, you likely have a rich spiritual or mystical practice, possibly with a deep love of ritual. With Saturn in Pisces, you are a dutiful, compassionate friend that goes the extra mile for beings in need (human or animal). But Saturn shows us how to create healthy boundaries, too.  You might have some seriously harsh experiences, which are lessons in discernment about who you invite into your life. You might be taken advantage of a few times, before getting that one down.  If your space is violated early on, you can become shut down, and wholly without boundaries. That's when you can be harmed by those that pick up on your vulnerability. You benefit from having protectors on your side until you can protect yourself. Saturn is all about trial and error. Through these experiences, you'll know how to create a protective barrier, without shutting down completely.  


Indecision, very scrupulous, tendency to loneliness, isolation, kindness, somewhat misanthropic but at the same time helpful based more on reasoning than on true compassion, more vulnerable than usual. In MA doubts, hesitations, masochism


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