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Saturn in Leo

Being born with Saturn in Leo can bring both challenges and opportunities throughout your life. These challenges are not meant to make you feel defeated -- they are, in fact, the way you create the opportunities. Expressing yourself doesn’t come easily or naturally to you. Chances are you are full of unique and innovative ideas, but you run into trouble when you try to express them. Fear gets in your way, and instead of making yourself vulnerable by putting your creativity out for the world to see and judge, you stick to a more direct way of doing things. When you tell others what’s what and leave no room for them to question you, you are only trying to protect yourself, but others probably don’t see it this way... Force and control will often make other people go along with your ideas, sure, but they probably won’t like you too much for it in the end. True power does not come by imposing limits and instilling fear in others. One of your greatest life lessons is to learn how to let down your guard and realize that others will actually respect you more for it. Teamwork and parenting may be especially difficult for you, because you naturally fall into the role of commander and disciplinarian. As long as you continue to take on this role without questioning it, you will find that your relationships with others are one-sided and bring you little joy. But the more you allow the soft side of your heart to show, the better response you’ll see from others, which will in turn generate confidence within you. Instead of feeling confident because you forced everyone to do things your way, you will feel confident because you garnered love and respect from others, which influenced them to agree with you. You still have your power in the end, but you also have the love and support of those that matter to you.

Saturn in Leo

Saturn in our charts shows us where we limit ourselves due to fear or insecurity. It can be difficult to express or identify with your needs for approval or attention with your Saturn in Leo. You may hold some disdain for people who seem to need personalized care or need to distinguish themselves as unique and special. You may deny your own needs for things like showing off, enjoying feedback and attention, and expressing your playfulness, for example. You may go out of your way not to call attention to yourself, but then you feel unacknowledged or overlooked and resentful for it, so there can be a vicious circle involved. You may also have problems with people who seem to want to control or direct you. You believe that people should be their own authority. You may not want to admit to others or perhaps even to yourself that you want to win or come first. You may worry more than most about your role in a group or setting. You’re proud but insecure, and this combination can limit your opportunities. You, more than most, require that others treat you with respect, and you might take jokes or ribbing seriously. With this position, it’s hard to let yourself go, and you may even convince yourself that you don’t want or need to express yourself openly and without self-consciousness, but doing so can result in denying yourself pleasure. You may take fun and games quite seriously. Of course, this can also mean you’re very talented at turning a hobby into a business. You’re exceptionally skilled at organizing and management. Health issues sometimes associated with this placement relate to the heart and back–domains ruled by Leo.

The Saturn in Leo placement combines the strong attributes of both planets (Saturn and Sun). That is why someone with such a placement has enhanced traits of both the Saturn and Sun. Due to the extremities of both ruling planets, a person with the Saturn in Leo placement may be in a dangerous position. A Saturn Leo cares about his reputation and seeks the attention of others. Such a person may deliberately step from the spotlight themselves then feel overlooked when people stop paying attention to them. People with this unique placement can take jokes and games seriously. They always want to come out top in anything to garner respect. People with the Saturn in Leo placement should explore their good traits like; love, decisiveness, leadership, and loyalty. That will go a long way in suppressing all their mean tendencies as time goes on. With deliberate effort, a Saturn in Leo can accumulate wealth, maintain good relationships and earn the respect of others without using any form of force. Saturn in Leo have what it takes professionally, in that they never relax until they have fully completed their work. In this sense, anything is a go if it means that the result will be a tiny bit better. Moreover, because anyone needs some time off now and then, there are periods of time when they don’t want to hear about anything having to do with work. If they manage to uphold this tradition constantly, with outside help, of course, then there won’t be any problems with stress and pressure. Unfortunately, they rarely allow themselves a moment of respite, because a good commanding aura can only be achieved through self-control and discipline. They will want to fully express all their creative potential in some way and finding such an outlet will occupy a big portion of their lives. With great talents in this sphere, they can really put behind the warrior’s mantle and take on the artist’s painting brush, or the writer’s pen, if only they overcome their innate shyness. Socially, they are one of the most daring individuals, but with those inner desires, it’s a bit hard. What creates some awkward and complicated situations is their rigidity in thinking, the lack of flexibility when it comes to working in a team. Natural born leaders, they will try to enforce certain working patterns and rules, even in other aspects of their lives. Finding a way to let loose the pressure would be ideal.

Saturn in Leo cares about reputation

Having Saturn in Leo means you will likely "grow young as you get older." This is not to be confused with immaturity, but rather, a willingness to let true feelings emerge and blossom. As Saturn in Leo comes of age, you may find yourself channelling your creativity into satisfying forms to become a master of play. You might even go into the leisure business in some way, or follow a passion full-time as a career. If you've always been conservative when it comes to wearing your heart on your sleeve in your romantic life, which may change as well. As you learn to face fears and open yourself up to spontaneity, you may be surprised to discover that you own a courageous heart. As a result, your great love may find you at an older age. The biggest challenge for "larger than life" Leo is to let go of the powerful facade in order to reveal the endearing creative player/artist—and lover—within. With the revelatory guidance of Saturn, lessons learned can be put to good use. 

Reduces self confidence. Weighting, energy, sense of honour, authority. With MA he lacks tenderness and sensitivity, hardness, coldness of feelings, proud, despotic, little courage, cowardice and possible misanthropy


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