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Saturn in House 6

Saturn in House 6 is a great position to have. It represents order, structure, discipline, and all these are of good use in the sixth house. Saturn in House 6 enhances the importance of work in your life. People with this placement work diligently and continuously. They are very self-disciplined, if there is something that has to be done, they will do it, no matter what. An emphasized sixth house suggests workaholics. Saturn in sixth house people are often the ones who work the hardest in their group. However, success tends to come later in life with this placement. Saturn brings insecurities, too, and it slows down the process. This planet is about slow and steady growth. Even though many Saturn in House 6 people work hard form young age, material success is more probable in the second part of life with Saturn in House 6. You tend to undervalue yourself and sell yourself short. Sometimes your employer doesn’t appreciate you enough. Even then, you keep working because of your very strong sense of duty. With time, this improves, you become more self-confident this reflects in your pay check and appreciation, too. Routines are very important to Saturn in House 6 people. They stick to their daily routine no matter what. Once they incorporate something into it, it is bound to stay there.

Saturn in House 6

Individuals having Saturn in House 6 may possess a firm attitude. You may show more dedication to your work. Also, you may become a good and disciplined worker as you may possess different views and ideas. You would be on your toes to achieve your goals. These qualities of yours may make others jealous of you. It is suggested that you should avoid keeping high expectations from others. Saturn in House 6 may have fun-filled and harmonious married life. You can expect a long-lasting relationship with your spouse. You can also expect good support from your partner. However, Saturn’s presence in house 6 may delay childbirth. You may feel emotionally attached to your spouse. Lovers with this combination are likely to marry their childhood partner. You may create a formidable bond between you two. This may help you to tie a knot in future. However, you may give your loved ones less time, as you may have more work responsibilities.

Those born with their natal Saturn in House 6 throw tremendous reserves of diligent and disciplined energies into work and daily responsibilities; although vicious insecurities and anxieties may inhibit their progress. Saturn finds a home in the 6th House; the harsh disciplinary that mentors our most confrontational and trialling challenges in the 6th House work station; storage of our social responsibilities, work, daily tasks, service and health. Saturn’s placement here relates to frustrations and challenges in the work environment, tremendous skill of organizations and a refined and pragmatic approach to life. Despite the brilliant talent and productive skill latent in these individuals, Saturn in the 6th House associates with deep fears and phobias in the workplace, and tumultuous anxieties that act to impair daily tasks. An innate sense of unworthiness or invalidation seems to shadow these individuals and blacken the magic of simple pleasures. Saturn in House 6 are vulnerable health wise, and many tend to lack discipline when it comes to nutrition and body cares. The neglect of personal health can have catastrophic consequences with Saturn here, and the possibility of long term chronic disease lays threatening. Their professional life may be tainted with severe dissatisfaction or discomfort, and they can struggle to feel at ease and appreciated in the professional sphere. Saturn here tend to be attracted to careers that direct their healing energies into social service, medicine, nursing, law or the police force; where great precision and conscientiousness is bought to the workplace. Life may be characterized of themes of workplace accidents and compensation, underpayment, a lack of recognition and a deep, unrelenting fear of unemployment that propels them to remain in careers long beyond their used by date. Saturn here may have experienced chaotic themes around early childhood and quite possibly a cavernous phobia of animals. Hypochondria physical and mental disorders can be indicated by Saturn’s placement here. Diets and lifestyle changes may be difficult to adhere to and follow.

For a Saturn in House 6 work is really taken seriously and done with great responsibility

Saturn in House 6 may experience callous insecurities in their professional life and feel a constant urgency to ‘prove’ themselves and their worthiness. Voices in their head tend to provide a terminal reminder of their shortcomings or supposed deficits; and this may filter into anxieties, obsessive behaviour or self isolation. Saturn in the 6th House tend to be perfectionist in nature and are loathed to submit anything less than perfect with their names against it. Saturn forces us through the universe’s greatest struggles and lessons, but promises a world of magic and wonder once we have joined him on flight. Saturn is most comfortable in the sixth house. This house rules your attitude to work, service, and your body. The sixth house is the house of self-denial in the sense that you put off pleasing yourself. It symbolizes activities that you pursue not to please yourself, as in the fifth house, but for another purpose. Working to make a living is a good example. This activity doesn’t necessarily please you but you do it anyway from a sense of responsibility. When Saturn in House 6 you may very well be a workaholic. You may forget that you are working only to make a living. You may fall into the trap of living to work! Avoid doing this. In any case, you will have a strong sense of responsibility in your attitude to work and you will take service to others rather seriously. You may be overly concerned about what you feed yourself and spend time worrying about the food habits of your loved ones. All the sixth house functions are over-emphasized, a double whammy.

One of the positive points of those born under the influence of Saturn in House 6 is that the work is really taken seriously and done with great responsibility. Because of this, they are recognized for their competence, gaining more easily the respect and trust of others. They also like to improve themselves to be more efficient in what they propose to do. If they take preventive actions with regard to health, they can avoid many problems and have a healthy routine. Among their main challenges are caring for the body, eating, and maintaining sleep, it is important to maintain healthy habits from an early age. Health can be compromised due to dietary negligence, lack of exercise, or especially stress, so double care is needed here, and there is a greater propensity for bone, tooth, spine, and knee diseases. Saturn in House 6 need to understand that work is not everything, so it is essential to find time to rest, to have fun, to enjoy the best that life has to offer, and the results and benefits of your achievements. The work environment and those linked to your daily routine must be the best possible so that everything runs smoothly. Saturn is considered the Lord of Time and does not act unfairly, although it requires rule and commitment. Therefore, maintaining balance is essential.

If your Saturn is in House 6, you can be hard on yourself. The tendency to be self-critical can become a way of life, and rob you of joy. It's possible you had heavy responsibilities as a young person and you're someone who works hard and expects others to also work hard as well. A huge challenge is finding balance between work and the rest of your life. The shadow of Saturn is being relentless, toward the self or others, in this area. You might fear lessening your load, or deep down believe you're not worthy unless you complete your tasks for the day. A wise goal is cultivating inherent self-worth, apart from what you do. Your work life is important to you, and if it's unsatisfying, this is harmful to your health. The sixth house is a "work" house (along with the second and tenth). What's unique here is the Virgo (this house ruler) mutability. This means you're able to adapt well, and this is a great gift to have in changing times. Saturn in House 6 can create delays in being recognized for your efforts at work. Be patient and don't use this as an excuse to become a workaholic. Pace yourself, to stay healthy and keep work in perspective. Your reward is a balanced life, but worldly recognition is also in the stars, as you work toward goals step-by-step.


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