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Saturn in House 5

When Saturn, the karmic planet, is placed in the fifth house, you can expect delays in the areas that are govern by the fifth house like love relationships, creativity self-expression and children. People born with this placement have to work on developing their creative side, being more spontaneous and learn how to find joy and the state of flow. You find it hard to just relax and your more meaningful relationship may be present later to you in life. You are not the most talented person at flirting and dating. However, once you manage to get a partner, you tend to stay in a relationship. You have a rather serious attitude to romance: you want a date to turn into a relationship, instead of just having a good time, and if it works out, good for you, but if it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. It’s difficult for Saturn in 5th house natives to show their love as they have no idea how to express what they’re feeling and usually offer presents or all sort of material proofs to show their affection. Learning how to be warm and not thinking so much of themselves is something they should do either on their own or with the help of others. Individuals with Saturn in the 5th house tend to blame themselves for everything, feeling they don’t deserve love and detesting the person they are when with others.

Tends to move away from pleasures or to intellectualize them, preferring games of reflection, collections