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Saturn in House 12

Saturn in the 12th house is a placement that can indicate hard work and learnedness in the area of spirituality and metaphysics. It also points to the overcoming of various hardships related to captivity, bondage and self denial. It is a placement that teaches the individual to come to grips with their weaknesses and learn to conquer unconscious fears. People with this placement may have to grapple with subconscious desires and neuroses that are self sabotaging. On the other hand, these individuals are also able to really apply themselves to make whatever dreams and ambitions they have come to fruition. Here is a look at Saturn in house 12 and its significance as a transit and natal chart placement.

Those with Saturn in the 12th house of their natal chart are pragmatic idealists. They have an underlying desire to inspire and guide others with their clarity of vision. Saturn in house 12 imbues an understanding of the work and challenges involved in making a difference in the world. Regardless how social and extraverted they may be, people with this placement have a solitary side and inner loneliness that even they scarcely understand. There is an underlying fear of being alone but by working to help others, they are able to distract themselves from those fears. Still, at times, Saturn in the 12th house can lead these individuals to alienate and keep others at arm’s length for fear of exposing too much vulnerability. They prefer to maintain a certain coolness and detachment that somewhat belies the sensitivity and care they have. They instinctively attract good karma when they devote themselves to altruistic and selfless causes. People with this placement have an underlying desire to be an influencer and spiritual leader to others. They however, ground their pneumatic leanings in what is practical. Hard work and suffering is in one way or another tied up with their pursuit of a meaningful life. 

Fasting and other forms of restriction are likely to appeal to their sense of moderation especially with regards to material pleasures. In the 12th house, Saturn indicates residual fears or self imposed restraints from a past life that may no longer be necessary. A fear of losing control or being controlled by others, especially authoritative figures may be an issue. Through experience and learning from your mistakes, you will acquire wisdom and eventually discover the path to your fulfilment is through service to others. But first, the barriers and walls you have built up to differentiate yourself from others, must be torn down. Allowing others into your inner world will help dispel the sense of loneliness that you carry. Once you overcome the strongholds of the ego, you will find greater satisfaction and meaning through the value you can provide to others. People with Saturn in the 12th house of their natal chart have a gravitas and maturity beyond their years and a sense of composure and detachment that allows them to deal with chaotic situations. They have what it takes to perform well in hospitals and clinical settings but the stress can age them quickly. The sense of responsibility and selfless drive that propels them forward can take its toll if they forget to pay attention to their own needs. 

Many doctors avoid getting emotionally attached to their patients especially those at risk of dying. Saturn in the 12th house confers a naturally stoic temperament even in the face of existential crisis. With this house placement also come fears and worries about things that are more imagined than real. In other cases, there may be some denial about problems and failures that actually exist. The individual can sometimes push themselves hard for what they believe is necessary for survival. They desire resolution on most matters and to have them settled conclusively. Despite their impassive demeanour, there is likely an inner dolefulness and weariness about life. They are often able to heal themselves through self isolation and quiet reflection. A fear of vulnerability prevents them from divulging much with others. People with this placement may suffer from guilt without clearly understanding why. At times, their efforts at self control and concealment of their emotions can work against them. Relinquishing some of that need for control and breaking down some of the emotional barriers that inhibit them may help. 

Furthermore, Saturn in house 12 points to a fear of the unknown. Saturn tries to bring definition and clarity to the 12th house which is the domain of secrets and all things hidden. With this placement, there may even be secrets relating to the father. The father may be unknown, emotionally distant, incarcerated or hospitalized. Or perhaps works within such institutions as hospitals, prisons or churches. In other cases, people with this placement may have been fortunate to have a fatherly figure or mentor who provided valuable guidance and wisdom to them. The individual may also have secrets that they wish to withhold from their father or authority figure of some sort. With regards to limitations, people with Saturn in the 12th house can also be in denial about their own. They can push themselves to failure and rely too heavily on themselves rather than seek help from others. Setting realistic boundaries for themselves can save them a lot of undue strain and stress. They have an underlying fear of losing something that compels them to take on more than they can comfortably handle. 

Excessive worry about the future, tendency to loneliness, melancholy and sadness. You must find a way to develop self-confidence. There is an inexplicable fear of authority