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Saturn in House 11

People born with Saturn in House 11 in their birth chart have lots of acquaintances but no too many close friends, and these are likely to be older than them. Their oldest friendships will last a lifetime. They’re drawn to people who are serious and have a purpose in life. Very responsible, these natives feel like they have obligations to the groups they’re involved in. While investing a lot of hard work in making things right, many of their efforts may not even get recognized. To be able to achieve their aims and goals, they need to wait and to not give up working hard. Natives having Saturn in House 11 may grow tired of socializing and will want to spend most of their time alone. They don’t like superficiality and casual relationships, wanting to always get into the middle of things and to do what’s right. They may be fearful of failing their group of friends and because they’re too proud to admit failure, they will continue to be the way they know how to, identifying themselves as an independent individual and not as someone who belongs. These natives may be terrified of being “normal” or part of a crowd, which means they can’t loosen up when interacting with others. They give their friendships a lot of importance and are very responsible when forming connections, so don’t be surprised if some of their relationships will burden them. It may seem better for them to just be alone, but they should be careful as separation can lead to isolation and losing contact with reality. Being more personal with some of the people in their life would be a great idea for these individuals. Having a few close friends with whom they can hang out all the time would not be so pressuring and they’d be able to be as loyal and devoted as they only know how to. Aside from relationships and the public, the 11th house also stands for high hopes, long-term objectives and even dreams people have of becoming.

Saturn in House 11

Saturn here makes natives with this placement suspicious of any path they may decide to take in life, but also articulated when it comes to their most secret wishes. They will not talk about how they tend to spend their time with large groups of people because they’re afraid this may reveal some vulnerabilities they think as having. As soon as they’ll discover their fear of failure is what’s holding them back, they’ll be completely free to just go and pursue their dreams. Individuals having Saturn in the House 11 may feel distanced from others, somehow like they’re belonging to a totally different world. They will induce this separation from the outside world themselves, so their relationships with colleagues and friends may sometimes prove to be difficult and heavy. Even when being in crowds and having nice conversations, they’ll still have a sense of isolation and social anxiety as a result of their timidity and the refusal to commit to anything mainstream. It can be amazing to discover how different they are from what others think of them to be. But all in all, they’ll continue to be nice, mysterious and incredibly charming. Many will be impressed and curious to hear their opinions or wise words, no matter if they would seem very reserved. One thing’s for sure: it’s easier for them to have a one-on-one conversation than to express themselves in public.

When Saturn in House 11, matters of morals are being raised, making the natives of this placement preoccupied with any social cause and interested in applying some conservative methods to fix problems. These people want to have profound friendships that teach them something and when a more eccentric activity will take place, they’ll be the first ones to participate. They won’t respect the trends or follow what the majority is doing because they’re very individualistic and want to express their uniqueness. It’s possible for them to just disappear from the eyes of the public for weeks and after to come back so that contact with their friends is re-initiated. They don’t like dealing with superficial or dull people and can be misinterpreted when wanting to spend some time in isolation. When wanting to escape their own minds, expect them to go to every party in town. While surrounded by friends, they’re also feeling lonely to the extreme. The ones really close to them are only a few, and even these won’t get to know them entirely. Saturn may influence these people to want and seek advice of those who are older than them because they’d have many things to learn from such personalities. Idealistic and in the same time terrified of pessimism, they’ll stay close to generous and even influential characters who want to mentor them in their path towards success. They rely on how the society is structured in order to move forward, looking to unify and to enjoy different forms of sociability. Since Saturn is a planet of transcendental potential, it’s possible for natives with this placement to become famous, but not without realizing their own goals and friendships are fed by the same energies.

Saturn in House 11 tend to have friends older than themselves

Saturn House 11 suggests that you are quiet and reserved when in a group. People with this placement are shy. They need a lot of time to be themselves in any group, but even then, they are rarely in the center of attention. Recognition in peer groups is usually missing from your life. Sometimes you feel invisible: it feels like no one hears you out in a group. You often feel that you don’t belong anywhere. Sometimes you become arrogant or develop a disdain for networking if Saturn receives challenging aspects. Learning to be dependable and genuine but self-confident at the same time is a great challenge with this placement. However, in this lifetime, you have to learn how to have a healthy relationship with groups and how to behave in your social circle. This is not to say that you are a poor friend. You are not: Saturn in eleventh house people are caring and loyal, once they are close with someone. You feel responsible for your friends, and your friendships usually withstand the test of time. You can give love and affection, but you don’t know how to accept it, which creates an imbalance in your relationships. How you approach close friendships and committed relationships is in the domain of the seventh house. Saturn in eleventh house people often have older friends. This planet represents maturity, so when it is placed in the eleventh house, you can expect to get along well with older people. But when old, you often have younger friends. You often meet friends in a business environment. This planet here enhances the importance of professional networking. Depending on the sign of Saturn, you operate the best in groups and associations related to business. Besides clubs and organizations, the eleventh house also shows your hopes and dreams, and how they turn into reality. Saturn is great at stabilizing things and it is associated with the mundane world, so even though it takes time and hard work, you can usually get what you want. The eleventh house shows money earned from your profession. Saturn here tends to delay financial gains achieved by your very own hard work. In the second part of your life, your finances improve.

Saturn in House 11 people are usually focused on long-term goals. When it comes to finances, it’s better to commit to a slow but steady way of making money instead of unstable, get-rich-quick-methods with this placement. Saturn rewards hard work, but it is not the planet of instant success (that would be Jupiter). They sometimes have a hard time trusting the universe that it will support them in achieving their goals. Saturn is the planet of fear in astrology, and when it is placed in the eleventh house, often there is a fear of failure. Because of this, many people with their Saturn in the eleventh house aim low. In astrology, the eleventh house is connected with humanitarian ideals. By helping others, you can improve your Saturn. Volunteering can be a great activity for Saturn in eleventh house people. No matter how little you have, someone has less, and we all have something others need—knowledge, experience, creativity, time, money, it doesn’t matter.

When Saturn in House 11, the house of secret wishes and dreams, people with this placement will work hard to make their goals a reality. They won’t have things the easy way and sometimes feel like they’re heading nowhere. However, they’ll keep going because Saturn is about delays, not about giving up. People with Saturn in 11th house are definitely able to face all the challenges this planet wants them to confront and may take a while to get to the finish line with their objectives, but their efforts will receive tremendous rewards, you can be sure of that. When it comes to friendships, they like older people and have even spent their time with adolescents as children. They most likely don’t have too many true friends, but this isn’t something negative in their life, it’s just that they tend to discriminate and pay close attention with whom they’re associating themselves. Having all sort of creative ideas, they will want to test their own concepts on people. These natives simply love to brainstorm and to decide together with their friends what works best. They’ll be appreciated for their way of thinking and resourcefulness, but all this surely means they need to get together with people from many areas of life. That’s why they may find it difficult to be members of only one group and to stick to that community. They should just keep a few people around them and get involved with larger groups when wanting to discuss their ideas. This way, they can be as individualistic as they want to be. Compromising their appurtenance to large groupings can sometimes be the perfect solution for their problems. While Saturn being present in the 11th house makes them want to run away from everything ordinary, they should learn how to appreciate value. They’re terrified of failing, which makes them avoid sticking to only one idea and can agglomerate their agenda with too many things to think of. These people should watch their Saturn because it can prevent them from getting what they want in life. They don’t want to ever choose between people, situations or things, whether it’s about their professional or personal life, because this makes them feel tied down to what they’ve decided on for the rest of their life. Saturn in 11th house people are aware decisions put them on a certain path and they surely don’t want to deal with the same things of a choice they’ve made, all over again. All this can have them without a passion in life and running without a certain direction. Their potential is amazing, so the courage to determine what they want becomes a necessity.


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