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Saturn in House 1

Saturn in House 1 can make you more aware than others of right or wrong in a societal way. Responsibility will be a major concern in your actions. Demands from people around you will dominate your consciousness. You will probably find it extraordinarily difficult to place yourself ahead of others. The first house stands for the way in which an individual projects personal energies onto others. This house is fundamental in defining an individual’s personality and Saturn’s presence here is particularly significant. Saturn in the first house people might have a stern exterior. People may comment, “You look so different when you smile!” When you smile the stern exterior drops. Guilt and anxiety might haunt you over issues that others, without this influence, might not consider significant. This misplaced guilt and anxiety may create false sentimentality and attachment to surroundings to the point of neurosis. You are hard on yourself. Self-assertion at work and home might be stressful. Develop awareness about your guilt and anxiety attacks. Fight the guilt by thinking things through by yourself or with someone you feel comfortable with. To avoid the guilt and anxiety your best bet is to lay low and first let people around you articulate and take what they want and need. Then take what you want. It’s rather important for Saturn in House 1 people to have spouses and partners who understand their self-assertion issue. An understanding spouse or partner will go a long way towards making life pleasant.

Saturn in House 1

People born with Saturn in House 1 are grave and composed, so many times, others see them as cold and detached. They take their responsibilities very seriously and know how to work hard because a job well done makes them happy. When it comes to discipline and self-control, these natives are simply the best, convincing their close ones to usually count on them. They may have been feeling insecure and inferior in the past or as growing up, these being the reasons why they’re so ambitious and want to get things done the right way. Their friends and family will rarely see them smile, but when doing it, they’ll surely put a lot of heart and soul into it. Saturn’s influence gives them clear judgment and a responsible conduct. These are the kind of people who keep their word and feel guilty or anxious when trying to compete. Those who don’t have this placement in the 1st house wouldn’t understand this, so don’t be surprised by this when getting to know them a little bit closer. It’s not beneficial for them to be so neurotic if getting one of their colleagues’ jobs just considering they’ve been more productive, but this is the way they are and no one can change them. Very hard on themselves, it may be stressful to be in their shoes as they’re all the time analysing how well they’ve done things and hate to leave projects half-done. They’re highly responsible and expect the same thing from others, but as said before, whenever they’re ahead of their team, they start to feel a misplaced anxiety and guilt. This can have them sick with stress-related diseases and they may even end up institutionalized if not paying attention to no longer be so hard on themselves.

It’s suggested Saturn in House 1 natives lay a little bit low and allow those around them express themselves for a better understanding of their own relationships. Taking what they want after this happens may be a better idea for them as their initial requests may be too pretentious. Their partner or spouse should clearly understand these natives need to self-assert themselves. They don’t like changing their surroundings and friends, so they’ll most likely remain in the same groups for a lifetime. Saturn influences people to be disciplined and responsible. When in the 1st house, it makes them more serving, able to achieve their dreams and to express their wishes because this house is all about the self and how individuals project their personality on others. This planet makes sure to bring the themes it features into people’s life as much as possible, inspiring seriousness, a stern facial expression, its specific sarcasm and a high level of maturity. Don’t think natives having Saturn in the 1st house never smile, because they do and their face seems to simply illuminate when a good joke is being told. However, they may have problems expressing their individuality and allowing themselves to be as original as possible. Insisting to never take action without having a good plan, it’s possible for them to miss on great opportunities that would require a bit more spontaneity. They tend to not trust people, organizations and even the government, so they will try as much as possible to live a private life and to never talk about themselves. When it comes to expressing their own opinion and free will, expect them to be reserved because they either have some memories from childhood that are repressing or they simply don’t trust their audience. Saturn in the house of Aries is all about being responsible and having a need for independence. It also comes with impulsiveness, but a more mature attitude can easily fix this problem.

Natives having Saturn in the 1st house should learn how to deal with the intensity this planet positioned here brings to their life. Knowing when to take risks and how to make the best out of their strengths can be a problem when facing all kind of obstacles all the time, but not impossible to get done. It doesn’t matter if men or women, individuals having Saturn in 1st house will be led by this planet to have self-control and a goal-oriented approach. More than this, they will know who they are and how their best traits can put them on the right track. They’re not in any way the type to be insecure and terrified of rejection or criticism because self-sufficiency characterizes them more than anything else. Other ways through how Saturn works in the first house are by making natives with this placement enjoy their work and by giving them a wish to spend as much time as possible in solitary. Don’t think that if they love to contemplate all the time, their energy levels are low because their ability to complete projects in a timely and efficient manner is famous. When it comes to health, this planet influences them to suffer from rheumatic or bilious diseases. They will learn many important life lessons ever since young, but they should keep frustration to a minimum level as this can isolate them from others, leading to an inability to express their emotions or be spontaneous. If Saturn puts many obstacles in their way, it’s only doing it to help them succeed and at the same time learn something. They will surely get recognized and appreciated for their work or wisdom because they can do a great job each time they invest their efforts into something.

Saturn in House 1 individuals are very responsible

Saturn in House 1 is about limits and the difficulties people face in life, at the same time giving natives having it in the 1st house traits that are specific to the Goat zodiac sign. Expect these people to always keep a poker face and to seem like they’re contemplating even when having fun. Many will tell them to be happier while they already are, which makes it difficult to let themselves be clearly understood. When it comes to responsibility, they would never back down from putting their needs aside and making sure others get what they want because doing the opposite makes them feel guilty. It’s essential individuals having Saturn in 1st house are less criticizing with everything they’re doing and saying themselves. They surely are the best friends because any time someone asks them for their help, they don’t hesitate to give a hand and to offer their support. While wanting independence, these people can also feel confused when having freedom, so their mind will constantly struggle between taking in responsibilities and living freely as the birds in the sky. They should not hesitate to ask for help when being cornered because this is what everybody else does and it seems to be working. Astrology identifies Saturn with limits and commitment, which means this planet makes natives having it in the 1st house less free-spirited. They may have the necessary instincts, but their mind always forces them to choose logic and to act rationally. If not careful, these people can end up suffering from anxiety and even severe depression, so long talks with their family and friends are highly suggested. All people having Saturn in 1st house should be aware of the fact that stress can destroy them, so different methods of dealing with this problem should be in their to-do list. Talking to others would be a great idea since Saturn influences them to be great father figures and to attract people like magnets. It’s true they can’t easily trust, but they could use what their intuition tells them and combine it with a thoughtful approach. This would be of great help for their work and family matters, where they would no longer have to wonder what others want and need them to do.

Saturn in House 1 individuals are always aware of what’s right and wrong because they’re fast thinkers. While wishing to always be first, they may forget life is also meant to be enjoyable, not only a struggle for success. In spite of being independent, they may not know what makes them unique because they’re all the time doubting themselves. Their loved ones could help them be less insecure and feeling guilty for wanting the first place all the time. A karmic planet, Saturn shuts down the ego and makes people think twice before acting. While those having it in the 1st house may feel like no one understands them, they will still always be intelligent, powerful and kind, protective of their loved ones.

Saturn motivates us to work hard. The planet strongly believes in discipline and is very strict in its approach. But that is not to put us down. Actually, the planet just wants us to be good and do good. It just has a tough exterior. It is like our teacher or maybe like our father. The most prominent influence of Saturn in House 1is on your judgement of the right and wrong. You can see situations and developments in life so clearly and sharply, in a way that nobody else can see. You are very quick to think and act. The natives of Saturn in House 1 may cherish their independence. However, they do find problems in maintaining their strong sense of self. There is a possibility that you may feel confused in certain situations. Your mind can get filled with doubts and you may find the going really tough. If you are not clear about your life or goals, it may lead to a dangerous situation. It would be better if you consult those who are close to you. The help which your close ones will provide may help you rationalise your insecurities and provide you with the best course of action. Saturn helps the righteous and sincere people. At the same time, it is very strict in its dealings. Not everybody may find it fair because there are many who also seek leisure and happiness. However, Saturn remains as the enforcer of the right way and method. How far can we adhere to it is eventually our individual call.

A sense of inadequacy and self-denial takes colour from the personality. You need to develop a sense of inner authority and self-discipline. Slow adjustment, lack of self-confidence, introversion, seriousness, vindictive, honesty. In MA pessimism, melancholy, excessive severity, selfishness and maladjustment


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