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Saturn in Aries

Saturn in Aries makes you a very resourceful individual, with an ability to start fresh after every failure that in the long run helps you achieve your goals. Saturn is a planet that shows where our fears are, and with Saturn in Aries you don't always feel comfortable asserting yourself and you will avoid confrontation, communication and are scare of taking decisive actions. You don't like to show your weakness, and you need to be careful not to limit yourself too much due to fear of failure or fear of making a poor decision. Stifling your normal and healthy, more aggressive, competitive, or self-centred qualities can be detrimental to you, possibly causing headaches.

Saturn in Aries have a hot temper. Saturn is a planet of tough lessons. In the sign of Aries, he is in his “debilitated” or weak position. You tend to let your emotions get the best of you, and you lack self-awareness. This combination leads to many outbursts that can damage your relationships. If you practice meditation, you will have a better chance at controlling your temper. Saturn in Aries work hard. You are a hard worker and may have a career that involves manual labour. Construction, road work, or other menial labour are all types of work you may find yourself engaged in. You may struggle with loneliness. Because of your hot temper and difficulty in managing your emotions, you may alienate friends and loved ones. As a result, you are likely to find yourself alone in life, without close companions you can turn to in times of difficulty. Saturn in Aries can be argumentative. You hold your opinions close to heart, and you often come off to others as closed-minded. You have a hard time taking advice from others, even when they have your best interest in mind. People born with Saturn in Aries tend to make poor decisions. You tend to act with your gut rather than your head. Although this may work sometimes, it often results in poorly-planned decisions. If you set goals for your life and carefully work towards achieving them, you will have a better chance at finding happiness and contentment.

Saturn in Aries

With Saturn in Aires you have a more careful and methodical approach to life. You prefer to weigh the pros and cons before making a move, avoiding the chaos that can come from making decisions without thinking them through. You learn to be very self-reliant because you rarely ask for help! However, it’s a lonely way to live. Watch for relentless self-justifying, as this doesn’t allow you to grow, and it also contributes to the making of poor choices. This can be a vicious circle since making bad executive decisions is another big fear.  Those with Saturn in Aries need to choose battles they can win to build up their confidence. They'll make mistakes and have life experiences that teach them self-restraint. But eventually, they will know how to use the brash self-confidence of Aries and balance it with Saturn's more rational and thoughtful approach.  If those with Saturn in Aries can avoid feelings of insecurity and self-doubt and come to understand when it's best to hold back, they will be able to choose their battles and remain balanced and happy with the choices they make.

Saturn is about limitation, discipline, and responsibility. Aries is enterprising, active, and forceful. Aries has a tendency to leap before it looks, and Saturn says to consider the consequences. If you have Saturn in Aries, there's a conflict between your tendency to act first and initiate and your need to control yourself. As you grow older, this conflict can give you great staying power and keep you out of trouble. Why? Because with Saturn in Aries, your desire to take the initiative and do things quickly is balanced by the need to be prudent, prepared, and consider the consequences of your actions.

Saturn in Aries are methodical

Attributes of Saturn: Simplicity, sobriety, gravity of character, prudence, superstitious, restless, knows how to show self-control, pessimistic, tends to see the negative side before the positive side of things. Intense inner life with a tendency to meditation, sometimes becoming so absorbed that they can be taken for a distracted individual, sometimes their fundamental concern will be focused on the beyond the future. In MA dissimulation, hardness, selfishness, closed, slander, revenge, exaggeratedly pessimistic, reserved even reaching misanthropy, often envious and slanderous. Weak sensory appetites but MA with Venus lead to vice

It accentuates the need for independence and reduces self-confidence, although it grants resistance, a certain degree of resistance, foresight, self-analysis. In MA aggressive, violent, destructive, spiteful, capable of hating and devoid of sensitivity

He usually puts a mark of seriousness and care in all his manifestations since his spontaneity is very scarce. In MA he lacks the ability to communicate and his way of speaking will be disjointed

In general, it will be very difficult to be seduced with novel theories

His social life leaves much to be desired as he loves solitude and is almost completely devoid of diplomacy and tact. He knows how to be very correct, discreet and penetrating, being able to count on him since he is usually very faithful, but his attention focuses above all on the weak points of others before their qualities. If he is with mild MAs, he will generally be unlucky or incorrect every time he pretends to be nice to someone. If MAs are older, he tends to organize small plots or smear campaigns, for which he will have few friends and people will avoid him as much as possible, since his actions will be based on reasons of interest

Logic prevails over intuition in such a way that it is better equipped to perfect or apply than to innovate. Attracted by systematic and methodical studies such as mathematics, philosophy and high mental speculations

Little creativity or quick comprehension but able to acquire very extensive erudition. It is an excellent observer suitable for any study that requires patience and detail. Reflection, concentration, analysis, method and depth of reasoning prevail over imagination

He is not usually lucky or very vigorous from a muscular point of view, but he tries to compensate for these disadvantages through unfailing patience and tenacity. Slow activity but at the same time regular and scrupulous

Slowly but surely, it focuses above all on the difficulties that a given job may have before the advantages

In the field of everyday life, he is almost always in doubt of his own qualities and is indecisive since he does not know how to adapt to situations and is often inopportune and not very bold despite his evident perseverance and good will. In MA he will collide with obstacles independent of his control that will come to neutralize his efforts.

Quite a delicate constitution but at the same time resistant, it knows how to economize its vital reserves; must be wary of cooldowns and underfeeding

With Saturn in Aries any organic imbalance caused by cold (colds, agina, bronchitis), rheumatic pain, stones, bone diseases, deafness, dental caries, tendency to falls, fractures, bruises, arteriosclerosis, constipation (just with Lunar influence) impotence and frigidity ( according to the aspects of Venus). Disorders of the pituitary gland. appreciable longevity

In MA you can become disinterested in your relatives

He has feelings that are not exuberant but deep and lasting, he is not very sensitive, although moral scars (when they occur) usually leave very deep marks that are often incurable. Generally, her sentimental life is either too calm or openly unlucky, very often she falls in love in her youth with people older than her or frivolous, who will not understand her luckily that love sorrows are abundant from an early age. With MA, even mild, shows an exaggerated and almost sickly shyness

In MA risk of very serious difficulties and despite all your efforts you will never be able to access the security and tranquility to which you constantly aspire. In very severe MA, he may fall into a totally selfish posture or become extremely jealous or tyrannical.

In BA peaceful married life. Disappointments contribute to his shyness, making him distrustful and often delaying his marriage until he is 28 or 30 years old. Sometimes they remain single because fate opposes their marriage plans or because of their own inclination to lead a solitary life with a maximum of independence. If the marriage takes place, it will not be exempt from dissatisfaction and almost always done for another reason than love. Divorce and separation are rare. He will go to great lengths to raise his children and fulfill all his family duties. In MA the family is not very large

At BA you will achieve success through your foresight and sense of economy rather than the size of your earnings. You will hardly ever find yourself in too critical situations and you will always have the minimum necessary due to your great sense of the proportion between income and expenses that will allow you to have small reserves. In BA of the Sun, Moon, Venus or Jupiter there is a regular increase in economic availability, ensuring stability from the age of 30. With MA, especially from the Moon, the forecast is instead very gloomy, with great restrictions and even misery.

Earnings quite modest and difficult to obtain and even if he did not have great wealth, he can have regular income and more or less constant security thanks to his foresight and prudence. In BA with Sun, Moon, Venus or Jupiter, income becomes more important and reversals of fortune are rarer.

Sometimes you can take advantage of investments in real estate and everything related to land, where the risks of loss are less high. In financial speculations he does not like the game and he does well, since he has little fortune in this field

Due to his great capacity for work and diligence, he is usually a model employee or a fair and far-sighted employer. Career advancement is slow and difficult but not because of a lack of ambition but because of misfortune in their companies or lack of skill, daring and adaptability

In MA the most common thing is that he is forced to vegetate in subordinate functions, often obscure, his work being underappreciated and forced to accept poorly paid salaries throughout his existence. Physicist, chemist, architect, agricultural engineer, miner, farmer, archaeologist, mason, archivist, historian, undertaker, landowner, etc.

Sometimes an exaggeratedly severe destiny prevents him from climbing the necessary steps to reach success, being able to get ahead thanks to his patience and firmness in objectives, the ascent being slow but sure. In MA ascent not only difficult but practically impossible, failing due to lack of adaptation or constant hostility of fortune, there being danger of serious setbacks towards the end of his life

In MA is fate is particularly painful


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