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Saturn conjunction Uranus

Saturn conjunction Uranus makes you highly self-aware and creative but also practical and well-grounded. Your pragmatic approach to life helps you function in a highly energized state. Although this sustained high energy creates much inner tension, it is also the source of your creative genius. The inner tension can manifest as indecision, irritation, and anxiety; not knowing whether to hold onto the past and be the responsible one, or be independent and experimental. This can result in changing loyalties, unusual family dynamics, health problems, and many changes in jobs and houses. Relationship difficulties may include coldness, love triangles, affairs, domestic violence, sadomasochism, and separation. Substance abuse is also possible as a way to relax or to maintain the high productivity and creativity that people have come to expect of you. By combining self-discipline with experimentation, and finding a balance between caution and risk, you give form to your creative talents in a sustained, efficient, and highly productive way. In this way, you harness your inner tension into a controlled passion. You are an independent, motivated and enthusiastic person. Usually well-mannered and well-groomed, you make a particularly cultured appearance. You learn by experience and continually reinvent yourself. The ability to shift looks dramatically with ease, and always keep people guessing makes you sexy, provocative, and interesting. You can also make emotional chill and strategic indifference an asset, or a weapon. This militant, decidedly unfriendly facet of your personality allows you to give orders and gives great potential for leadership positions and corporate success.

Saturn conjunction Uranus

Yours is a life constantly contending with a “new normal.” More than a few times, you have likely experienced a series of upsets to the structure and stability of your life. Early in life, this possibly led you to adapt to new environments, people, and situations quickly. But as you age, what can happen regularly is that you set an internal alarm to detonate any relative calm and solidity in your situation—even when there's no external threat of change. This is largely because you don't trust anything to stay constant. And with your life experience, there's a good reason for that. But you must learn when to tweak minor changes, and when to revamp everything in your life from the floor up. Otherwise, you could end up reinventing the wheel and going nowhere. This, of course, means you must have room to experiment. And sometimes, you'll have to defy someone to do it. Yet, once you've learned to rhythmically tune your life, you'll move through life gracefully.

Saturn conjunction Uranus people are practical and well-grounded

People born during the Saturn conjunction Uranus aspect have many ambitions, a powerful will and very capable of achieving what they want in life because they can use their creativity and intuition to put their plans into actions, as well their most original ideas. More than this, they’re capable of expressing their real freedom as self-discipline is something they’re truly practising and they’re always ready to take responsibility for their actions. The conjunction between Saturn and Uranus is helpful for those who are studying the exact sciences including astrology, also the occult. They’re able to make use of structures and to work with mathematical principles, meaning they can make great discoveries in this field. Their patience is not too great when dealing with average people who are seeing life in a superficial manner. In case this aspect in their birth chart is afflicted, they can change their attitude, being both pessimistic and also too optimistic, as well as between depressive episodes and nervousness. The same affliction can bring about stubbornness, abruptness, but at the same time autocracy and obstinacy, which can have them involved in accidents and insecure. For this reason, they need to learn what relaxation means. They can encounter many difficulties when dealing with domestic issues, but at least they’re persistent in resolving them.


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