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Pluto transit trine Saturn

When Pluto transit trine Saturn you may display impressive resiliency sometimes in the face of trying circumstances. Although you may encounter deficiencies and even experience losses, the gift of this cycle is to understand their role as well as to use them to gain a deeper appreciation of what lasting security means. Weaknesses can become strengths and disappointments can be the springboard to success. You tend to accept the inevitable more easily so that you can move through difficult situations without getting stuck. Significant accomplishments are possible now as you tend to persevere until you have reached your objective. Being certain of your course, you can conquer obstacles that would discourage others. Although you generally don't like to step outside your known boundaries, within them there usually is nothing that can stop you. Typically, this is a time of getting the most out of what you have as conditions may urge you to contract rather than expand. This cycle can teach you how to function very well on fewer resources if you don't know how already. In organizing yourself around a few key elements, you should focus much more effectively on what is important. Keeping distractions to a minimum you can execute tasks flawlessly.

A compelling need for security may have you revaluate your reliance. You have the capacity to detect flaws in the structures that you have established in the past and to correct them. Whatever requires shoring up, this is an appropriate time for redoing and reworking. It is possible in your review that you realize certain means of support no longer qualify, forcing you to eliminate what is unnecessary or unwanted. Although such decisions sometimes are painful, you generally respond favourably to what must be done. Your needs and your desires, however, should be in harmony now so that adjustments that you consider at this time can be implemented without severe disruptions. Fundamental shifts can occur now that help stabilize certain areas of your life and can reposition you for realizing a driving ambition. You can clear away impediments that have hindered you from attaining the status you deserve by looking squarely at your fears and confronting your doubts. While this is not always a comfortable process, you can take advantage of this cycle to get to the bottom of chronic issues so that their hold is diminished or finished. You tend to earn the respect of others by being committed to what matters, and you can impress those in authority with your strength of purpose. You have the power to refashion your goals so that they are consistent with your desires.

Challenges you might face when Pluto transit trine Saturn:

    Harsh endings
    Decaying structures
    Relentless demands
    Extreme ambition
    Removing what's established

With Pluto transit trine Saturn, you are capable of greater discipline and persistence and you are stoic in the face of adversity. You may not have what it takes to overpower your adversaries now, but you should be able to outlast them. Austere circumstances may lead to an interest in asceticism or survival training. You may lack emotion and have an exterior that is as hard as a rock. Discipline, concentration, and determination are the key issues now. You are likely to adopt a rather austere and intense routine during this time period. You stubbornly pursue your interests, and you are willing to work long hours without complaint. This is an excellent time for any form of training or laborious and painstaking work. A time of change that finds you examining your foundations, responsibilities, and basic security. You can dispense with all that is unsound or superficial, leaving only that which has been properly determined or solid. Get down to the nitty-gritty.

When Pluto transits your natal Saturn, it can mean a state of psychological transformation that influences and connects many experiences in life.  Any transformation occurs at a very deep and real level. Likewise, the serious challenges caused by the transformation means that nothing can be kept repressed, since this would produce enormous tensions that could also cause blockages that would eventually lead to resignation and even illness. If used positively, it helps to radically change the structure of life, the responsibilities and goals, and the karma inherited from the past. Clashes with people have karmic connotations, whether they are intimate or professional contacts. You can create or destroy structures that are very resistant and difficult to make. Professional resources and money take on a main importance. Experiences will ask for important changes. All the karmic residue of the past will be transformed, either to overcome it, or because it asks for its retribution. When Pluto transit trine Saturn, it produces profound changes that create solid structures and favourable karmic exchanges. It helps to slowly eliminate the pending karma, as well as to transform everything that does not help your internal progress. Your internal sense of progress and the principles by which your life is guided seem to have a deeper meaning, as also do your social and professional goals and responsibilities. During the Pluto transit trine Saturn, you have entered a restorative time period in which you can consolidate growth and regenerate strength following a previous time period of disruption or breakdown. During this transit you will feel supported in pushing forward with new plans for growth and development, reaching out and making connections with needed resources in your surrounding community. It can be a powerful time to enrol in a course of study, training, or anything through which you can gain new skills to implement in pursuit of your goals. In particular, you may be drawn toward learning from a traditional lineage through research and study. Try finding an experienced mentor who can directly transmit to you what they have learned from an ancestral lineage of knowledge. While you are interested in future plans and fostering forward progress, at the same time you will find value in what you can learn from elders and older, established systems of knowledge.


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