Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Pluto transit trine Mercury

When Pluto transit trine Mercury, this helps you to have intellectual visions and to learn a lot about the subject that you want to study. You get to understand everything in the most profound way, and you can concentrate for long periods of time. It is good both to teach and to learn. You can have a great influence on the changes in your way of thinking. Your depth of perception is obvious, which is good if you need to write about things, especially about psychology, magic, healing therapies, as well as on geology, nuclear physics or other similar topics. It is an excellent time to test your own mental capacity and to explore the depths and reactions of your thoughts. You can communicate with great ease and, as mental depth increases, you can influence others, since you will possess an enormous power of conviction that will cause others to believe what you propose to them. The Pluto transit trine Mercury will be a great time for expanding your mind and consciousness. The deeper hidden subconscious aspects of Pluto will activate your mind and allow you to understand things about yourself you could not before. Your perception and viewpoints will be altered, and you will be able to integrate complex insights into your everyday life. It may even cause you to shift your ambitions or goals especially if they have been overly materialistic. You will be attracted more to subjects such as astrology, metaphysics or other higher realm topics. You may meet people that will have a powerful effect on your mind and be able to explain things, which will give you more knowledge about the more hidden aspects of life and have a powerful effect on your consciousness. You will able to learn quicker so it’s a good time to study or take a course or teach others your knowledge. Under Pluto transit trine Mercury, you will be able to acquire a new skill in a much shorter length of time than usual. 

Pluto transit trine Mercury

With Pluto transit trine Mercury, you will feel an amplified ability and increased drive to discover or establish new networks of connection within your field of interest. Pluto transit trine Mercury is a time period in which you can conduct powerful research that thoroughly investigates and explores the foundation of whatever subject matter you have become fascinated by. Not only will your mind feel receptive to penetrating deeper under the surface of things, but you will also feel more energized to sustain periods of research and discovery for greater lengths of time. This is an excellent time to connect with teachers or mentors in your field of interest. Tap into those who have extensive knowledge and experience to share with you, or to enrol in courses of study or conferences in which you will be able to not only increase your learning, but also form relationships with others who share your interest. The more you can immerse yourself in experiences related to your interests, the more you will be able to take advantage of having an enhanced capacity for absorbing new information.

What you learn during the period of Pluto transit trine Mercury may have a strong effect upon you, as you tend to acquire important information. Your mind often shows interest in topics that are substantive rather than shallow. It is likely that you demonstrate an intense desire to know, which can motivate you to seek answers without hesitation and with perseverance. In this period, what you seek you usually find, so that you can gain tremendously, depending upon your focus. While you are more capable than usual at solving everyday problems, you can turn your attention on more profound matters with the same favourable results. This is an excellent time to experience mental harmony regarding your deepest concerns. Searching for meaning in various aspects of your life often makes it recognizable. You can convey your point of view convincingly, and you have the ability to argue and to debate persuasively. If you have something significant that you wish to say, then this is an excellent time to speak out since you likely will find the power to do it, as well as a receptive audience to hear it. Communications skills can improve during this cycle, whether working on your own or on issues that you share with others. There is a tendency to get to the root of a matter rather than just dealing with the symptoms, so that your efforts to resolve difficulties can pay off.

Pluto transit trine Mercury may expand your intellectual vision

Key choices that you make during Pluto transit trine Mercury, generally are the right ones, particularly if you have done prior research, and investigation of any kind usually comes easily. Thoroughness often is an attribute of this cycle, which also can lead you to the right alternative. Once you make up your mind, you usually stick with your decisions. Although you can appear stubborn in your opinions, they generally are based upon solid data. You are capable of distinguishing the essential from the non-essential. While this can make your life more efficient, it also can help to reduce the clutter in your mind by eliminating repetitive thoughts or tapes that no longer serve a useful function, thus minimizing compulsiveness. Certain ideas likely still compel you now. However, you can focus on those that further your mental development and add real significance to your life. Despite the ease at which you can think, learn, and communicate during this time, there is intensity to all of it. Obsessive activities are still likely. Still, you can use this time to enjoy the challenges when your mind is engaged, or when you are solving a puzzle, or when you are in serious discussion with another. During Pluto transit trine Mercury short trips may appeal to you and can serve to relieve tension. They also may produce meaningful connections that have enduring benefits since any network of contacts you establish usually is an asset. 


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