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Pluto transit trine Ascendant

Pluto transit trine Ascendant is a positive time when you express your deepest feelings openly and intensely. You seek intensity in your life and in your relationships, and you become more aware of hidden sides of your personality, untapped talents and interests, and also emotional blocks or confusions. Underlying motives come to the surface and relationships become deeper and more meaningful. Pluto transit trine Ascendant is a period of time that will bring positive changes in the way you approach your life and how you relate to other people. You feel a strong sense of ambition and drive to achieve and if you’ve been reluctant to charge ahead into life, you’ll feel compelled to do it now. With Pluto transit trine Ascendant, you are more focused and determined in your efforts and won’t arouse opposition from other people, as you’re so secure in yourself that you don’t feel the need to intimidate or pressure them. You may initiate important contracts with great support and cooperation, and agreements made now will have positive results. You may change your personal appearance to reflect your newfound inner power and are more direct in your dealings with other people. You may also be inspired to move if you feel that your location doesn’t offer enough challenge or opportunity. You have a powerful impact on other people and this is a good time to teach or counsel. You may also discover a talent for healing, or use this time to strengthen and heal yourself. 

Pluto transit trine Ascendant

When Pluto transit trine Ascendant, you will feel inspired to initiate dramatic changes in your life. You’re eager to bring about evolutionary growth that goes beyond previous limitations. This can be a creatively empowering time in which you are willing to experiment with new ways of doing things, taking the risk to pioneer new territory. The more you are willing to follow your passions, the more your emerging desires and instincts can incite you to break free from constraining influences that have previously held you back. As you do so, you will have new relationships enter your life that resonate with the qualities you are cultivating within yourself. This will become inspirational and supportive influences on your development. This is an ideal time to push forward toward long-term goals, reaching out to groups, mentors, and other resources that have important knowledge and experience to share with you. Do your best to take action toward your aspirations rather than repressing your desires, as you will otherwise experience a tremendous build-up of inner tension.

With Pluto transit trine Ascendant, it is a time of creative changes. You have the opportunity to be the agent of the changes in the environment or of being the object of them. Your personal power increases so you can exert an influence on the environment and to change the lives of others. It is important to use this power without selfish purposes so that it does not turn against you. It is a moment of searching for a higher quality in life and a greater intensity in all experiences. You no longer feel any attraction for superficial experiences. You experience the need to intensely perceive each emotion, which has an enormous effect on your life. You may discover something about yourself that is not very pleasant, but you have to accept it and do something to transform it. In general, Pluto transit trine Ascendant increases your understanding of yourself and your capacity for expression. It causes a regeneration that makes life not stay stagnant. It offers many possibilities for a very positive change, being able to reform all your relationships and achieve a much greater self-development. Re-evaluation of ideals. This transit helps to regenerate your health and to deepen healing methods.

Pluto transit trine Ascendant is a positive time to express your deepest feelings

If you want to make a strong impression, Pluto transit trine Ascendant is a time to take a stand. You tend to express yourself with conviction now and can influence others. Beware of trying to manipulate situations to your advantage. While you are capable of getting your way, be aware of what the consequences might be. There may be, however, good reasons for you to push your agenda or to stand up for what matters to you, especially if you have been reluctant to do so in the past. This is a period when you can overcome obstacles more easily through persistence without compromising your values. You can create something lasting now; you may be compelled to start something that comes from your heart – a good use of the energy available to you now. You may also find this is an excellent time to deeply investigate what you know and what you believe. Strong beliefs tend to motivate you to start something new, and the power of your beliefs can have a positive impact on your relationships. This is a phase when you can face difficult issues with partners without fear and find permanent solutions together. If that means terminating commitments, this can mark a new beginning that is positive for you – or at least recognizing that endings have within them the possibility of a rebirth. During Pluto transit trine Ascendant, you can transform yourself during this period if you put the effort into it. While it can be in your attitude and appearance, you also benefit from focusing on your health and various ways to cleanse and rejuvenate yourself. You really can make some lasting changes to your daily living if you put the time and energy into it. If you are fed up with the environment you live in, this can impel you to move or to make significant changes. What you decide on now will usually be good for you and provide long-term effects. You can get a lot done during this period when you stay on track and just don’t take “no” for an answer. Find your place by probing below the surface to the core of who you are rather than what you or others expect you to be.


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