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Pluto transit square Saturn

When Pluto transit square Saturn, you will undergo a metamorphosis of the structural foundations of your life. The difficulty of this transit is that you may be forced to let go of something that had been important to your identity or sense of security. As a result, you may stubbornly resist the changes that are beginning to erupt. However, attempting to resist the deep-seated changes that come with this transit will only serve to build greater tension that can lead to a more explosive consequence. As a result, it is important to work with whatever changes are happening and release attachment to trying to keep things the way they’ve been. By surrendering to the regenerative process, you will have space cleared out for significant new growth to enter your life. As you shed whatever had become stagnant or outdated, you will feel increased vitality and motivation to build new structures more resonant with your purpose.

Pluto transit square Saturn causes conflicts and very strong confrontations. It causes your internal world to be reoriented, although circumstances also seem to be against you. It gives resistance to endure harsh penalties, but you must also pay attention to see what things should be changed and restructured in life. Sometimes, at the beginning of the transit, one returns to old ways that even become very rigid. The old ways may look much stronger. But, you must learn not to value them so you can reinforce what helps you to evolve, recognizing and eliminating those ways that block progress. It is a hard struggle that can give good solidity of strength and give a transforming sense to life if its effect is overcome and you get to properly assess what should be eliminated and the direction, both professional and karmic, that one should take.

Pluto transit square Saturn

With Pluto transit square Saturn, pressure to examine the basis of particular areas of your life may expose your weaknesses as well as your strengths. One purpose of this period is to probe below the surface to the core of what supports you. If you are well grounded, you likely find this time helps to reinforce those necessary structures as well to point out existing problems to be addressed. To the extent that what you depend upon is unstable, you likely have to purge inappropriate elements in order to fortify your position. How you define yourself in the world may become reshaped during this period as your status may be challenged. Under the influence of Pluto transit square Saturn, the goals that you seek sometimes come under intense scrutiny, and if found inadequate, you probably are forced to make significant changes. Although major readjustments are possible now, they serve to refocus you on the important things of life if you have lost touch. Even when you are on course, this period can require you to achieve greater efficiency by eliminating extraneous steps. Facing loss is a possibility as this process usually seeks to strip away the inessential so that what's left is what matters. At first, you may not see the benefits of relinquishment, especially of what has been reliable or familiar; resistance is a natural response.

Typically, the forces that are at work during Pluto transit square Saturn are inexorable so that fighting them is usually futile. Not that you must surrender, but you do best when you cease trying to alter an outcome or to avoid consequences. Generally, the reality of a situation is plain and direct. Much of what transpires here is the result of previous actions that you must accommodate. At the same time, the decisions you make can have enduring effects, which is another reason to recognize the obvious and choose according to need rather than want. Attempting to exercise extreme control in order to maintain what you desire likely will prove unsuccessful since you usually are up against significant odds. All is not lost. In fact, what you uncover here should prove invaluable and ultimately deepen your security even though this cycle can make you less stable than before. Because of the adversity that you sometimes face, you can tap into a steadfast determination that allows you to overcome any obstacle. You can anchor your ambitions and access the drive to finish whatever you start. Sheer effort directed appropriately for what is in your best interest can reap substantial achievements at this time or clear the way for completion at a later date. While this period can tear down what you have constructed, it can empower you to rebuild stronger, more enduring forms that gain you respect and stature. Challenges you might face when Pluto transit square Saturn: the hardest lessons, persistent obstacles, extreme fears, forced control and intense concerns.

With Pluto transit square Saturn, you will have to become more disciplined and stoic in the face of adversity

Pluto transit square Saturn will be an extremely stressful time for you and will demand an enormous expenditure of energy. The areas of life that are affected by this cycle are places where you already feel a sense of challenge, as you learn to face your fears and insecurities. Ironically, you actually have the most potential for success in these areas, but you may ignore the importance of these issues as a way to avoid facing your fears. Now these areas become very important due to external pressures, but how difficult this process is will normally depend on how strong your defences are. You may experience the threat of loss to a situation that you are desperately holding on to or depending on for a sense of security. Often, what you are holding on to is your resistance to change, which is more necessary now. This is not the best time to strike out in a new direction, as you need to address and question the foundations you already have in place, and wanting something new in your life may just be another way to ignore what is happening in your present circumstances. You may lose a big client that you depended on for your income or experience a loss of property. Overwhelming pressures may force you out of your job or demand that you relocate away from your support system. In some situations, it may be appropriate to fight the pressures you feel, but it is often best to let go rather than fight, especially if these obstacles are essentially out of your control. As disorienting and confusing as this process may be, you won't lose what you truly need and the struggle to rebuild your situation is where the benefit of this time is found. You will discover that you are much more secure than you thought, and find more self-sufficiency and inner confidence. You will rebuild these areas with a firmer foundation, which will give you more opportunity to advance once this cycle has completed.

With Pluto transit square Saturn, you will have to become more disciplined and stoic in the face of adversity now. Traditions, responsibilities and regulations are going through a period of revision and breakdown. Security is often a major concern because the limitations that were in place no longer apply. You may feel vulnerable, find yourself preoccupied with morbidity and death or you may have to deal with corruption on some level. The old solutions to problems don't work any more and you have to find new ways to overcome limitations. This is often a very austere period. You feel an intense need to dig beneath the surface and get to the root of matters. Ignoring cracks in the foundation of your sense of self, relationships, career, or any life area will not be possible now. You will be forced to honestly confront areas of life where you had been holding on to illusions. You become aware of fears and insecurities which cause you to cling to anything that is no longer working in your best interest. Like it or not, your hands will be pried free from anything you are clinging to, and as you see that life not only goes on but improves, you will gain greater personal strength and wisdom to discern what you truly need.


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