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Pluto transit square Ascendant

Pluto Transits square Ascendant indicates that during this time period you reach a critical point in your life and relationships. You want greater intensity and intimacy in your relationships, and you are also inclined to have power struggles with others. You want closeness but you do not want to be dominated or restricted by the other person. Pluto transit square Ascendant brings incredible intensity and the potential for drama in your interactions with other people. A particular significant relationship may undergo a major transformation that changes the direction of your life. It is your close one-to-one relationships like your marriage or business partnerships that will go through the greatest upheaval. Unhealthy relationships may end and be quite traumatic for you. If you feel like a relationship is in trouble then it most likely is. If an important relationship is causing problems you should avoid being nasty at all costs. You may have a tendency to act ruthlessly or out of revenge. Any psychological abuse or underhand tactics will make things a lot worse, and would almost certainly lead to the total breakdown of the relationship. But this is no time for being shy, either. The best approach is to deal with any relationship dramas as soon as possible to avoid messy complications. With a willing partner, you could work through your power and control issues by exploring new sexual experiences. Dressing up, role play, domination, and submission or bondage could positively transform a troubled relationship. A new person may enter your life with a profound effect. Powerful forces are at work behind the scenes and any new relationships will have a strong karmic or compulsive feel to them. Infatuation and obsessions are possible. It is important to be conscious of the likelihood of power imbalances in any new relationship, especially if you have just been through a separation. It is also important to be as honest as possible. Affairs at this time could leave you vulnerable to stalking, blackmail, or violence. A new partner might take advantage of your vulnerability even if they are not consciously aware they are doing so. Power struggles will help you understand your own weaknesses so that you can work through them. Awareness is half the battle won. This testing phase of life can transform your relationships but will also transform you, very deeply at the psychological level. You should come out of this transit with a greater understanding of yourself and of relationship dynamics.

Pluto transit square Ascendant

When Pluto transit square Ascendant, there will be intense encounters with others, transforming all important relationships. Intimate relationships and marriage are in crisis and some may not survive. New relationships may replace old ones, which no longer serve for internal growth. There will be relationships that have powerful effects on you, on your own mind and emotions, almost having magical power. Even if you try to escape their influence it is as if they had a connection with the subconscious, being able to take advantage of your complexes and weaknesses. You should not blame others, even if they are guilty, since with these confrontations your own weaknesses are being exposed. It can cause a total break with many relationships. After this period, you will emerge as a new person in many aspects of your life, with new potentials and new hopes. Although it can bring unpleasant encounters, it is best to discover and solve them as quickly as possible. Health crises and profound changes in physical vitality are frequent. This period of time will bring significant challenge to the way you approach getting what you want out of life, and how your actions impact other people and your relationships. Your ambition and drive to achieve personal recognition are very strong, especially if you’ve felt restricted in the past. This may bring strong opposition from other people, as they tend to feel threatened by your forceful attitude. You’re ready to charge ahead into life and are more focused, determined and stubborn in your efforts. You won’t tolerate interference from other people and even though you may feel that you’re containing this immense power, they’ll still feel it and put up their armour to avoid being run over by you. Partnerships that have outlived their purpose will end now, but you should be careful of pursuing new partnerships until you’ve had a chance to really get to know the person and understand the balance of power. You’re more prone to obsessive behaviour and a lack of moderation in your efforts, with an all-or-nothing approach to whatever you’re working on. Very often this cycle will coincide with a strong drive for financial success, and you may be forced to overcome tremendous obstacles in order to achieve this. Whether or not you are successful will often be determined by how you deal with other people, as you’re more capable of ruthless behaviour or coercive tactics to convince them of your sincerity. You may have more frequent power struggles as you try to assert yourself and need to watch neglecting the bigger issues at stake as you push your own agenda. Your newfound sense of personal power may also manifest in your appearance as a change in your dress and manner, or you may transform your appearance through surgery. The enormous energy that’s affecting your personality is also affecting your physical body, and you may have extreme changes in your health. If you’ve been neglecting your health you may have a severe problem that calls for dramatic and thorough methods of healing. If your health is fine, you’d be wise to continue your positive health habits to strengthen your body for any problem that arises in the future. You may also need to relocate if you feel that your present location is hindering your success, or forces out of your control may force you to move. This period of time will be as energizing as it is exhausting and as a result of these experiences, you’ll be much more conscious of your effectiveness in the world. 

Pluto transit square Ascendant is a time for regeneration

When transiting Pluto forms a square aspect with your natal ascendant, you will experience catalytic changes as old aspects of your life are torn down, clearing ground for vital new growth and evolution. In particular, you may experience difficulties within your relationships, in some cases having to come to terms with the ending of relationships that you have outgrown or that you desperately want to hold on to. It’s also likely you will have to face issues between pursuing greater ambition within your career versus being able to spend enough time at home to meet the needs of your intimate relationships. You will be drawn into power and control dynamics within your relationship. You may begin to realize how you have been giving your power away as well as how you have been manipulating things to gain an advantage. Ultimately, as you shed and let go of structures in your life that had previously given you a sense of security, you will embrace new desires, become more self-reliant, and find strength in the excitement of embracing greater authenticity.


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