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Pluto transit sextile Jupiter

When Pluto transit sextile Jupiter, you feel compelled to give back to others and inspire those around you. You are energized by group activities and this fuels your current optimism. You have opportunities to educate those around you and help them see the bigger picture. This may involve exploring topics of a spiritual or esoteric nature with others. This is a good time to review finances and investments and ensure that your money aligns with your values. Your mind is open to new ideas that shift your core beliefs and potentially improve your lifestyle. Others help advance your spirituality. You can prosper during Pluto transit sextile Jupiter period because you likely move forward purposefully. Once headed in a particular direction, it generally is difficult for you to stray off course. No matter what you pursue, you usually hold the belief that everything will work to your advantage, and it usually does. Because optimism and tenacity make a strong combination, wise choices are important now. Being misguided, you can persevere in an endeavour that may turn out to be not what you desire, although this cycle should provide affirmative experiences regardless of your decisions.

Pluto transit sextile Jupiter

Since you should have the ability to get the most out of whatever happens during Pluto transit sextile Jupiter interval, you likely recognize the positives in any circumstance even if it involves a loss. If anything is eliminated from your life at this time, typically something better replaces it, and this reinforces trust. Progress occurs more easily when you are unafraid of what you must give up in order to advance. Not that subtraction is necessary for increase, but you benefit the most now when you are committed to a plan to the exclusion of all others. In this way, you disregard what is irrelevant in exchange for what is most compelling. Material abundance is possible during Pluto transit sextile Jupiter, if that is your motivation since you have the potential for achieving whatever you want. If external rewards do not come easily for you, this period can present you with opportunities to expand your assets. While improving physical well-being is very beneficial, situations may assist in uncovering what is most rewarding and gives lasting satisfaction. Very enjoyable circumstances often happen during this time that may provide an unambiguous indicator of what is most fulfilling. If you discover that it is at odds with what you have acquired in the past, it is easier now to make necessary changes to position you appropriately for attaining the kind of success that will endure.

Whatever you undertake during this cycle generally develops favourably. Growth is likely very robust, and you can move beyond limiting conditions without looking back. Reinforcing or rebuilding confidence can occur since you are more able to recognize what you can do. Your understanding of yourself and the world around can deepen considerably by taking advantage of all the possibilities for knowledge that arise. Not only should travel offer great pleasure, but it also can stretch the range of your beliefs. Study of any kind, but especially investigating below the surface, can have the same effect. Challenges you might face when Pluto transit sextile Jupiter are missing an opportunity to make significant gains, being obsessed with success, extreme beliefs, pushing your luck and being too enthusiastic.

Pluto transit sextile Jupiter is an opportunity to grow significantly. You are acutely aware of your ideals now. Telling others about them is likely to elicit an enthusiastic response. This is a great time for all business dealings. You are generous toward others and they are generous toward you. You may have an opportunity to take on a leadership role that allows you to implement your ideals. You can persuade others easily now. You may have some success at getting ahead in life now. You may be given authority or influence and have the power to make changes now for the benefit of others. In general, this is an excellent time for dealing with authority figures. Legal issues and settlements will tend to be in your favour. Business and entrepreneurial activities are blessed.

Pluto transit sextile Jupiter is an opportunity to grow significantly

Pluto transit sextile Jupiter will allow you to make great positive changes in your world and the world around you. You will be more concerned with making the world a better place for yourself and your loved ones and your ideals will be extremely high. You may be more interested in topics such as philosophy, culture, yoga, astrology and metaphysical subjects. The study of these topics may help to benefit yourself and those around you, and not just affect you on an intellectual level. It is a great time for business opportunities, career advancement and obtaining more power in your world. Ensure that you are not being too egotistical and use the benefit and luck of this transit for the greater good and not just for your personal advancement.  When Pluto transit sextile Jupiter, it provides strength to make many positive reforms and to improve all environmental conditions according to your own ideals. It is a very favourable influence to improve the conditions of society, your community or work associations. It is very favourable for any dealings with the law and the government, or to deal with people in positions of authority. Generosity, sharing what you have, and worrying about the welfare of others, are characteristics of this time. It is extraordinary for teaching, to understand all visions in greater depth and to study, especially. It is about healing issues. Social injustices can be corrected, whether they are personal or those of the community or society. It gives immense power to reinforce a creative idealism.

When Pluto transit sextile Jupiter, you will be initiated into an expansive period of growth and new aspirations that simultaneously involve a cathartic release of old beliefs that are no longer aligned with your vision for life. During this time, you may become drawn toward travelling to a foreign country in order to be exposed to new cultural beliefs and perspectives, or instead journeying on a pilgrimage that can expand your spiritual or philosophical awareness. If you instead do not leave the confines of your current culture, you will seek out new sources of spiritual or philosophical understanding. This will deepen your capacity for progress. You will be best served during this time by remaining open to new perspectives and influences. Allow yourself to intuitively reshape and regenerate your world-view. There is an enlargement of vision and breadth of experience that wants to flow through your life during this time, and so you will also need to make space for it by purging whatever old viewpoints you have outgrown.


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