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Pluto transit House 4

This extremely long-term Pluto transit House 4 brings gradual but deep changes in your home or family life and your psyche. Your needs for nurture transform and evolve. This influence gradually brings changes to the basic domestic structure. Your connections to family members can evolve on a fundamental level, especially in terms of responsibilities, support, or roles. There can be a retreat into yourself during this cycle as you explore, on a very deep level, your roots, childhood conditioning, and feelings of personal security. If you have been feeling somewhat of a victim in your family relationships, for example, then this will be a time when you feel it more acutely and feel the need to do something about it. Buried resentments come to the fore and demand to be handled. Avoid focusing on regrets or dead-end situations, as the tendency to obsess over things that can’t or shouldn’t be changed runs very high. By the time this transit ends, however, you are more equipped than ever to go after exactly what it is that you want in life. Superficial areas of your life will be removed or transformed, and you are freer to express your authentic self. Watch for holding onto something with tight fists, such as the way you want to run your household. Whatever it is, Pluto is telling you that it’s time to let go of some of your power. Jealousy or possessiveness stems from your own feeling of vulnerability and an overpowering need to make your life as stable and secure as you can. Unfortunately, the stronger you hold on, the weaker it becomes. If others find you a little too self-absorbed, they’re probably right, but if they are patient with you, they’ll one day see you emerge a brand new, largely more confident person.

Pluto transit House 4

The 4th house rules the home, family, emotions, and foundation, so having transit Pluto in the 4th house can bring about power struggles and control issues at home or with family, emotional issues, difficulty controlling your emotions (especially rage), or feel that your internal foundation is shaky, which can lead to lots of other problems. How to survive: This transit is a good time for you to transform your view of home (what it means to you) or to transform your physical space (excellent for buying a fixer-upper and renovating). This can help you feel more connected to your living space, more comfortable and “at home”. You may also need to assess your issues with your family, and determine if you can salvage the relationships you have with them and transform them. If you can’t, you may need to let go. This can also be a good transit to dig deep within yourself, getting to your core, and understanding your emotional issues, what gets to you, what makes you tick, and how you can become stronger internally. There is a chance for you to become much, much stronger emotionally, and this can set you up for the rest of your life. This transit can be more prominent in your life when you have another transit planet in the 4th house, hard aspects to the 4th house cusp or ruler, a hard Saturn or Uranus aspect, or a Pluto aspect.

When Pluto transits House 4, it is important at this time to stay true to your own truth because you will be put to the test. One of the key words for this time is self-sufficiency, since it is about ensuring a new foundation for life, while going with the flow and being open to changes that occur. Personal areas of your life, such as your inner psyche, home, family, will be affected. Many problems from your childhood will surface now to help you understand the consequences they have had in your adult life. A change is required. You can change the irrational impulses and inappropriate childish behaviour that will come to light now. Pluto works below the surface to reach the fundamental roots and bring tremendous changes in the nature of family relationships, changes of residence, changes within the house, divorce, death or other types of separations. Power struggles with parents; you may have been too dependent on them and now you want to separate, but they still insist on treating you like a child. Although this is not the strongest transit, it will be a very significant time.

Pluto transit House 4 has the potential to deeply transform your home

As Pluto transit House 4, it exposes emotional patterns formed during the nurturing process. It is likely to be a time when a person has cause to re-assess his childhood experiences and admit to consciousness much, which hitherto, has been repressed. If the Fourth House is tenanted, this process of recollection and self-understan­ding is likely to be more intense, and depending upon the planets, even traumatic. Whatever or whoever provides the catalyst, the natal placement of Pluto will indicate this. The issues will almost invariably require a person to examine the emotional legacy of his childhood. Perhaps more than any other transit that of Pluto to the Fourth House has the capacity to estrange a person from his parents as he struggles to come to terms with the memories and insights. The pattern of the chart as a whole will indicate the ease, or lack of, with which a person is able to assimilate and deal with what transiting Pluto reveals about his own emotional nature.  Changes of residence are common during this transit, especially as Pluto approaches the final degrees of H4. A person seeks to create a domestic environment, which reflects more accurately what he now understands himself to be.


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