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Pluto transit House 1

Pluto transit House 1 acts to reshape your self-image. The changes inside of you are magnificent, and they spill out of you through different mannerisms, a new look, and a brand new way of presenting yourself to others. This is a time when you are reclaiming your personal power. “Life is what you make it”, you live and breathe this concept now. The things or even people that have held you back from being who you really are may be left behind during this transit. Superficial attitudes or manners of self-expression no longer do it for you! You will need to resist the urge to control the events of your life, how you come across, and your manner during this important cycle. You are learning about your inner motivations, and sometimes this can be an uncomfortable process because you are getting in touch with the darker elements of your psyche at the same time. However, during this very long-term transit, you are ultimately learning that you cannot control the events of your life and you cannot control others and how they feel about you, but you can learn self-control. You are tapping into your inner power, and how you handle it will make all the difference in the quality of your experiences now.

Pluto transit House 1

This is a period of self-transformation and self-empowerment, and, because Pluto is very slow-moving, the process is a lengthy one. There’s a “new you” emerging, and it’s an empowering change as you greet the world differently. This transit is most acute near the beginning or when Pluto aligns with the Ascendant. You’re radiating intensity, and others’ first impressions of you tend to be strong. You can be very protective of your privacy, yet you generate much intrigue and interest with your strong presence. You might struggle with fears of being overpowered, rejected, or minimized, yet few are able to guess that you could be anything less than confident. Your first instinct in new situations is gutsy and determined, defensive and intense. Strive to avoid getting your back up or viewing life as a battleground.

When Pluto transit House 1 you should make a fearless effort to liberate yourself from all traditional thought patterns and become an example for others. Relate this to the sign that is on your first house at birth, and your Pluto sign at birth. It will help a lot to get in touch with the forces that have shaped and made you who you are. This will help you to have more control over your unconscious motives that in the past came to the surface through compulsions and unconscious and irrational obsessions. When transiting Pluto is in your first house, it is like you feel a force within that wants to control everything and everyone, which makes relationships very difficult. What you must learn to control is yourself. Make an effort to see yourself positively, as you have a unique opportunity to discover new and very powerful resources and values. The difficulty here is that you have too much power and can force things and people away from you. There is a huge change in your image and in the way you express yourself.

Pluto transit House 1 has the potential to deeply transform your personality

The 1st house is the house of the self, so transit Pluto in the 1st house can bring about power struggles and control issues with virtually any area of life, you can be more relentless and intense, and rage can be a bit of an issue. You may come across very intense and serious, brooding and dark, and can focus on the darker issues. This transit gives you a great opportunity to get more control over your life and find your own power. You just need to get through the start of it when you’re feeling a little rage-y and out of control. This is a great time for transforming yourself for the better in a deep and profound way, a way that will last long after Pluto leaves your 1st house. Focus on what you need to change about yourself or your life, and work on making changes that will stick. They can take a long time, and you may work at them one at a time, but by the time the transit is over, you can see you’ve completely transformed in every way. You may need to work harder at trying to be more optimistic during this time, but if you’re doing things right and you’re really working on changing, that can make it easier to do. This transit can be more prominent in your life when you have another transit planet in the 1st house, hard aspects to the 1st house cusp or ruler, a hard Saturn or Uranus aspect, or a Pluto aspect.


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