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Pluto transit conjunction Venus

The Pluto transit conjunction Venus is a once in a lifetime process of transformation in relationships! It heralds intense and sometimes obsessive love affairs, many of which are one-sided. It can bring controlling, obsessive people into your life or it can transform you through a passionate encounter that may become a lifelong partnership. It all depends on which other planets that are brought into the mix, by natal aspect, house or sign rulership. Pluto is a very slow moving planet taking roughly 240 years to complete a cycle. Therefore you will have only one Pluto conjunct Venus transit in your lifetime and some people will not have one at all. However, because of the retrograde motion of Pluto the transit may become exact several time over a two to three year period so that its intense energy ebbs and flows a little. This give you some breathing space from all the sometimes arduous but always transformative personal work that is likely to be occurring through your relationships and in the area of your life ruled by the house that Venus occupies. These little waves form part of the structure of the transformation itself, and many astrologers have noticed that the transits of the outer planets do their work in this three stage process. At the time of the first exact pass of the transit a major change is initiated and is usually resisted by the native, on the second pass there is a level of acceptance and surrender, and on the third pass the native is able to integrate the change into their life and great transformation occurs. This is very likely to be the pattern with the Pluto conjunct Venus transit.

Pluto transit conjunction Venus


When transit Pluto is conjunct your natal Venus, it has a great effect on sentimental and sexual life. It may bring an intense relationship, which does not necessarily indicate that it is smooth. It is possible that it provokes the obsession for a person, allowing you to be carried away by its power. This transit does not know the concept of the middle: either one is involved at all or not at all. Love makes us transcend reality and transform our life, although, sometimes, through impulsive and irrational reactions. Our unconscious sentimental patterns play a very significant role, you may have to struggle with them. You have to be careful because this produces a fascination with some person that may not be very convenient for you. You are willing to have a very intense experience either with someone new or in an existing relationship, which, if it cannot satisfy your needs, will not be able to survive. Sexual vigour is very high and you must learn to sublimate it and turn it into a creative outlet, but if it is frustrated it can create serious problems. You must have perspective on the need for pleasure and money because it changes in a draconian way. All tastes and resources will be transformed.

Pluto transit conjunction Venus can induce eruptive passions

When transiting Pluto forms a conjunction with your natal Venus, you will feel potent passions and desires erupting from within as you release old relational patterns ready to be shed. You will be drawn toward greater intensity within your relationships. You will desire greater depth and more intimate merging. The volatilizing, volcanic feelings breaking through to your awareness may feel disorienting at first, and they may provoke fear if you feel compelled to make dramatic changes within elements of your life that have previously been a source of stability and security. You may become attracted to powerful people who are considerably different than previous attractions and awaken vitality within you. There is an extreme potential of compulsive desire arising during this time that could lead to jealousy and manipulative behaviour if you are not careful. Ultimately, the lessons you learn during this transit can lead you to cultivate greater personal empowerment. You will learn to use direct honesty within your relationships.


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