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Pluto transit conjunction Sun

Pluto transit conjunction Sun heralds major life-changing experiences with deep and lasting change in the direction of your life. Pluto has a reputation for stripping away things to the bare bone in order to facilitate soul evolution. However, this does not have to be the case with this conjunction. There may be events that result in loss or separation, but only if those things are standing in the way of being true to yourself. You will notice you are more driven, ambitious, and determined to achieve success and may even become quite ruthless if anyone stands in your way. You may become obsessive and compulsive about changing certain things about yourself and others. If you can safely harness this intense increase in energy, you can gain a tremendous amount of power and influence over your own life and over people around you. You can be a positive force for change, and regeneration. But it is critically important that you take a spiritually enlightened approach this year. If you try to control others for your own selfish benefits, or if you try to eliminate things in your life that still have value, powerful forces will rise against you. Only those people, attitudes, and beliefs that are outdated will be easy to eliminate and replace. You will soon know if you are on the wrong path for your soul’s evolution if you face resistance, especially if it were to become very intense or violent. So don’t worry about what others are doing, especially the competition. Focus on your own needs and wants with an eye to self-improvement. Think about what changes you can make that will make you a better person and make the world a better place. A good measure of success is to see if you are expressing your identity in its purest form, not if you are making the most money or accumulating the most expensive possessions.

During this time, you will have to face up to the real, inner you, the person you were meant to be and not the person you were taught to be. For years you may have avoided “gut” personal issues, ignored what you wanted and concentrated on what you thought others expected of you. But no more! Your strongest desire at this time might be to make a totally new start, change homes or even towns, divorce your marriage partner and in extreme cases refuse custody of your children. Conditions you have tolerated in the past, even though they may have caused you pain or unhappiness, are now swept aside. Realizing your potential will become your primary goal. Depending on how frustrating your life has been, the changes coming your way can undermine the very foundations of your security. Pluto brings about drastic, revolutionary changes, but ones that are necessary to halt the process of stagnation and instigate continued growth. These changes cannot be resisted entirely, although your tendency might be to desperately cling to the status quo. One of the lessons you will learn is that change is necessary, all things which have lapsed into a cult routine or become meaningless will be cleared away to make room for more progressive attitudes and creative activities. This transit of the Sun brings about the need to understand yourself on a deep, inner level, much deeper than the image you normally show to the world. There is also a need to get to root causes. Exactly why do I act in this way? Why am I afraid? Who am I really? These questions and more must now be answered. During this time, you can put together the pieces of the puzzle of your life. Psycho-analysis, consciousness-raising groups, meditation, and introspection can help you to achieve deeper self-understanding, which will lead to greater self-control and greater utilization of your potentials.

When transiting Pluto forms a conjunction to your natal sun you will enter a cathartic period in which aspects of your life breakdown as part of a regenerative process. You may feel strong resistance to some of the life changes that come with this transit. In some cases, it will only make the experience more difficult by attempting to resist the change at all costs. Once you find acceptance for the transformation underway, you will be able to give birth to something vitally connected to your deepest emerging desires. You need to be careful of power dynamics, as you may become overly consumed with gaining power over others. You may also find yourself in manipulative relationships that disempower you. In case you feel you are losing connection with your inner light, the ego shedding you experience during this transit can reignite an empowered sense of self. On the other side of this transit, you will have gained invaluable self-realization, as well as an enhanced capacity to create the life you want to live.


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