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Pluto square Midheaven

Being born with Pluto square Midheaven indicates that you will have to make a special effort to get along with people. You must make it clear that you do not try to fulfil your goals in life at their expense, and that you will not allow them to take advantage of you either. A very ambitious person in youth, you probably picture yourself as being quite important when you are older. This can be a very constructive attitude, but it will be difficult to achieve your ambition unless you are able to get along with others, to give them a constructive part in your goals. Also, it is very important that you play the game of life honourably and adhere to high ethical standards. You don't need to worry that doing so will be dull, because whatever you get involved in, you make it exciting and powerful. With Pluto square Midheaven, you have a strong desire to bring about change in your world, and you may want to be a reformer and rebuilder. However, you should not try to get power simply for its own sake. You have to use the energies of Pluto for a purpose higher than yourself. It is perfectly permissible to be personally rewarded by your work, you do not have to be totally self-denying, but personal gain should not be your principal motivation. A born psychologist, you should be able to gain great insight into human behaviour. But again, you must not use this knowledge for personal gain or to manipulate others. Eventually you may choose a profession that will use this knowledge.

Pluto square Midheaven

Pluto square Midheaven are attracted to power and status and may cut corners or bulldoze over others on your path to accumulating wealth and authority. Collaboration and compromise do not come easy to you and if you aren’t given a chance to gracefully save face, you can hold on tight to any conflict, insisting you are correct regardless of evidence. Frequent power struggles disrupt your career and may even cause you to sabotage an otherwise potentially successful path. You may unintentionally make your life harder than it has to be by insisting on doing things the way you think they should be done regardless of policies, laws or precedent. Pluto square Midheaven can indicate some hardship early in life. You may have moved around because of your parents’ work and had to change schools. Or perhaps you suffered a childhood illness or were separated from a parent for some time. One parent’s relationship may have been destructive, but the other may have been quite close and supportive. Unwanted change, poverty, abuse, pain, and humiliation are all possible in childhood. This makes you intensely ambitious to get ahead in life and feel important. It also gives a strong desire to understand why, investigate, and find deeper meaning in your life. You don’t like existence’s dull routine and need problems to analyse and solve.

Under Pluto square Midheaven, you may reject your traditional religious upbringing and become agnostic. Or you may become fascinated by spirituality, astrology, or other paranormal or esoteric phenomena. Belief in reincarnation, or that the soul continues to exist after death is common with Pluto square Midheaven. You do wield a lot of power to do good or bad. Early hardship and change can lead to much concealed hostility beneath the surface. Repressed anger or hatred can manifest as extreme methods to succeed and prove yourself through your career. This could include using people to get ahead, cheating, intimidation, and bullying. You may use more subversive tactics if you are shy and submissive. There is also the potential for you to be the victim of such behavior. Immoral and unethical behaviour may bring you wealth and glory, but it also leads to tumultuous relationships, revenge, criticism, controversy, and public falling outs. You do have a tremendous amount of power to achieve your goals. And you also have a talent for transcending the desire to interfere and manipulate to achieve results.

Pluto square Midheaven give you a strong desire to bring about change in your world

Having Pluto square Midheaven in your astral chart, you have important lessons to learn regarding your ambition and desire for power. You could be power-hungry, someone who must deal with issues of feeling powerless, or be someone who veers back and forth between these extremes. You need to come to terms with what true power is and that it is something to be expressed rather than possessed. There is likely to be something about your vocation that relates to the significations of Pluto, such as working within taboo areas of culture or around issues of trauma, unconscious forces, or other hidden, underworld material. At different times in your life, you will likely have to face aspects of your career being torn down, destroyed, or released, forcing you to recover and rebuild your vocational path. You have the resiliency required to persist through regenerative periods of transition within your work. You also have the ability to restructure your career aligned with newly emerging desires.


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