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Pluto square Ascendant

With Pluto square Ascendant, you may seem cold, angsty, or aggressive. You appear a bit combative, yet you’re also withdrawn and hard to reach. It’s difficult for other people to know what you’re feeling. Your body language and energy is hard to read. This is because you don’t let down your walls until you absolutely know someone is trustworthy. You can be outwardly competitive with Pluto square Ascendant. Sometimes this can negatively impact your relationships. You subconsciously fear that others are controlling you, so you fight back, but much of this fear is in your head. With Pluto square Ascendant, you almost always have the fear that someone is trying to take away your freedom. You create power struggles with many of the people you met. Feeling as though you’re on the precipice of losing control can create a lot of anxiety. After enough of this, your control issues because apparent in your outer personality with Pluto square Ascendant. Unfortunately, this may make others think that you are trying to control them. You tend to create power struggles when you try to stick up for yourself. You may have trouble finding the natural “flow” of conversation, especially in youth. You don’t even realize anything is wrong until you notice that others are judging you. With Pluto square Ascendant, you can be very intense right away. If you don’t work through your issues that create the square, you can end up escalating in your intensity and control to become violent or vengeful. This aspect makes something about your outer personality difficult. Look to the sign that Pluto square Ascendant is in to see how this manifests. You may be too sarcastic, egotistical, bitter, closed-up, controlling, etc. At its best, Pluto square Ascendant means that you are intense in an interesting way. It will take some work to get to this place. You may try to hide your Pluto, but this is actually what’s causing your problems. You can’t disguise your need for intensity or your Pluto will come out sideways. Ultimately, Pluto square Ascendant will push you to transform your image. You try to appear as someone other than yourself. This square will force you to face who you are and show yourself to the world. Learn to channel your intensity into your most authentic self. Drop the mask and align with who you are. You can do this in a way that is softer yet still true, so you don’t scare people away. After you’re able to be you, then you can trust others without a fear of them controlling you because you will have stronger gut feelings. Remember that even if others judge you, all you need to know is that you portrayed your truest, most authentic self.

Pluto square Ascendant

Pluto square Ascendant makes you extremely competitive and this can have a particularly negative impact on your close relationships. A subconscious fear that others are trying to control you can lead to intense dramas in life. A belief that your personal rights are at threat can also cause intense power struggles in your relationships. Finding a healthy balance is so important but very challenging because your subconscious fear of being taken advantage of seems to complicate and spoil your relationships. Your deeply probing, inquisitive, and secretive nature can make people suspicious of you. And your persistent, stubborn, uncompromising, and jealous nature can also make others believe it is you that is trying to control them. Conscious awareness of your powerful influence on others can help you know when to ease off. Otherwise, your intensity can spiral out of control, ending in psychological abuse, separation, stalking, intimidation, threats, ultimatums, revenge, conflict, and violence. Learning to compromise and trust is a big life lesson for you. It is also very important that you be as open and honest as possible. Sometimes you will need to make sacrifices to make an important relationship last. Beware that your fascination for the dark and mysterious does not lead to an infatuation with very intense or dangerous people like criminals and drug addicts. A deep curiosity about sexuality can lead to the exploration of bondage, dominance and submission, and other taboo areas. Natal Pluto square Ascendant can cause a fear of losing your father, obsessive-compulsive disorder, extramarital affairs, domestic violence, lying, blackmail, a superiority complex or racism, persecution, and victimization. It can make you very forthright, sarcastic, incisive, penetrating, bitter, and hurtful. But it also gives the potential for a high degree of spiritual evolution to transcend the need for power and control in intimate relationships.

Pluto square Ascendant are powerful individuals

Being born with Pluto in a square aspect with your ascendant, you are drawn toward powerful people and cultivating greater personal power for yourself. As a result, there can be great tension in your life in terms of your career versus your home, family, and inner life. It will be important for you to develop greater emotional security for yourself so that you do not feel compelled to find security through your external achievements or emotional attachments. You may otherwise feel like you need to try to control outcomes through manipulative behaviour. It will be important to become involved in some sort of therapeutic practice that enables you to mediate on unconscious impulses. These can overwhelm you at times. Your determination and perseverance will enable you to be a pioneer in new areas of exploration, as well as persist through regenerative periods in which significant elements of your life must be released. Simultaneously vital new desires emerge for you to pursue and develop.

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