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Pluto in House 6

Those with Pluto in House 6 can have an obsession with routine and ritual. The 6th house rules over our day-to-day routine of life. The 6th house also describes how we get along with our co-workers and the people we are serving and who serve us. People with this placement of Pluto may possibly have power-struggles in the place of work, and sometimes the individual gives the impression of being threatening, intimidating and hostile to other people. In another case, those at work bully or threaten the individual, and betrayal, treachery, jealousy, bitchiness and intrigue is not uncommon. This position of Pluto does not react well to criticism at work and they can be ruthless with others on the job. Alternatively, they may be over-zealous in their work practices, powerful and efficient in routine and executing the job the right-way. Pluto can transform work conditions, lifestyle and routine, and the individual has tremendous organizational capability, excelling in precision work.

Pluto in House 6 people can be a dynamo at work and have laser-like focus on what needs to be done within a schedule. Pluto in House 6 desires and ensures that the job gets done right and they are passionate in the workplace, no one is more loyal, committed and dedicated to service. Furthermore, there is also a need to make sweeping changes in the office, factory or workshop. In some cases, the work is Plutonian by nature: Psychology, healing, detective, investigation, research, mortician and so forth. In addition, there is also the tendency towards obsession with work and some individuals function like workaholics. Pluto here may be over-consumed with the minor details and tend to over-analyse problems to death. The work-life may go through cycles of change and they may stay in a job for years, until fate pushes them in a completely new direction. Moreover, there can be losses at work, or conditions beyond their control. Losing a job can have a serious psychological impact. Pluto here is invested, driven and compulsive in their work. Wherever Pluto is placed is where the individual may have to face a life and death struggle, and so crisis at work, health troubles or pet matters may be areas of concern. Persons with Pluto in House 6 e can explore the functions of the mind and body in all-encompassing depth, complexity and penetration. This placement can indicate the eruption of health problems, and therefore the whole diet, the regime and lifestyle will need an over-haul. The body needs to get rid of bodily toxins and poisons. The individual has to be careful with dangerous detox diets and exercise. Pluto in House 6 weight-loss attempts could be severe, and the body survives on minute quantities of food. Sometimes there are major control issues with the body. The person tries various rebuilding techniques, and there is often a tremendous amount of effort put into self-improvement.

Pluto in House 6

Though the House 6 has many meanings, Pluto in House 6 tends to be all about your daily work. Keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily your career or image (that would be the 10th house), but is instead related to the tasks and work that you do on a daily basis to earn an income. With Pluto in House 6, you may struggle to get along with your co-workers. Either they will see you as intimidating and difficult, or you could see them as threatening. However, you are a really dedicated worker and may be quite ambitious. It’s important to you that your truly love your work with Pluto in House 6, since your passion is what drives you. You may experience a lot of emotional intensity in your daily work like as well as many ups and downs, but over time, you will be forced to transform the way that you see and approach your work. With Pluto in House 6, you may have trouble finding a work-life balance. You quickly get obsessed with your job and can become a workaholic. Some of these tendencies appear because you use your job to get power or authority in some way.  However, you also feel truly passionate about your job, which is another reason you can’t tear yourself away. Your biggest fear is being forced to work in a job that you hate. You may obsess over finding answers to problems and will keep pushing until you accomplish your goal.

Keep in mind that Pluto in House 6 doesn’t necessarily mean you have a huge career with a lot of authority. You may be an event coordinator, farmer, CEO, part-time teacher, or just about anything else. However, it’s important to you that you have some kind of authority and power within your job. Some of this is because you have a strong fear of criticism. In fact, you will do just about anything to avoid failure and criticism. The fear that comes with Pluto in House 6 makes you always feel as though you’re living in survival mode, as though failure is just around the corner. If you continue to live in this fear and work yourself to death, you may encounter health problems over time. You develop a voice in your head that criticizes everything you do. In fact, you become your own worst enemy with Pluto in the 6th house because you feel that you never do good enough. With Pluto in House 6, you may also fear that you’ll never get recognition for your work. It can feel like you’re always killing yourself but no one ever acknowledges you.

You are a hard worker and can be quite protective or private when it comes to your work output. You are excellent at analysis, but you can also easily become obsessed with finding an answer to problems, perhaps even finding problems that others overlook. You "come alive" when presented with a problem that requires research and analysis. Work can become an obsession for you, and you are able to work almost tirelessly. You might be private or insular when it comes to your work, and you might also feel overly attached to what you do even to the point of paranoia. Fear of criticism might run high when it comes to your work output. Directing your own work or working for yourself may be the best route for you to take, as you can easily resent others controlling your schedule and the work that you do. You are likely very interested in areas of health and self-improvement, as well as explorations of the mind-body connection, and you instinctively seek alternative therapies for healing. Some of you are excellent researchers in these areas.

Pluto in House 6 can have an obsession with routine and ritual.

You have many positive attributes with Pluto in House 6. You’re a very hard worker and are probably good at analysis. In fact, you can find the answers to problems that other people overlook. This is what gives you energy and keeps you working for long periods of time. You may feel that you need to be “perfect” and you have the tendency to work on yourself until you’re exhausted. This is because you’re hypocritical of yourself and set the bar extremely high. In many ways, these are positive traits that enable you to succeed. You will stop at nothing until you reach the top. Pluto in House 6 also means that you have a strong sense of modesty, specifically when it comes to work. You’re very humble because you truly believe that you aren’t good enough to receive praise. Ultimately, your power comes from your willingness to try, over and over, until you succeed. Control: With Pluto in House 6, you want to be the best at what you do. However, your perfectionism can take over and show your issues with control. You may have a lot of control problems at work. In fact, you probably don’t want to serve others in some way, even though the 6th house often indicates service. This creates problems when you need to work with or under other people. Powers struggles with happen over and over in the workplace. Some of these issues might be due to your perfectionist tendencies, but you also attract controlling or power-hungry people to you in the workplace. You may have co-workers who belittle you, bosses who control your life, or even employees who try to exert their power over you.

With Pluto in House 6, you hate to be controlled. This is one of your biggest fears. In order to solve the problems that give you a purpose at work, you need the space to work. If someone else is controlling you, then you won’t have this breathing room. You resent when other people try to control your schedule or tell you what to do. In fact, you can have emotional outbursts, even though you truly want to be emotionless in order to do good work and excel. Learn to see that your emotions and your work are intrinsically intertwined with Pluto in House 6. Instead of trying to ignore your emotions in an attempt to control them, you must work with your emotions. You may also experience control issues with your routines. You can be very precise when it comes to your routines, and if you’re blocked from completing your day in a specific way, you may become stressed, anxious, or even aggressively. Pluto in House 6 can also mean that you get control when you don’t want it. For example, you may have to solve other people’s problems and be the saviour, but you feel like no one is there for you. People expect you to be the strong one because of your perfectionist tendencies so they never ask if you need help. This can manifest with parents, siblings, children, or in romantic relationships. You have the control to decide what to do and when to do it, but you may sometimes wish that someone would take this control away and help you for a change, that someone would care for you. This usually manifests as the feeling that your career is all you have. To lose your career would mean that you lose an integral part of yourself, the one thing you truly love. Transformation: Ultimately, Pluto forces you to transform whether or not you want to. Pluto is a difficult teacher, but you always come out better on the other side.

With Pluto in House 6, you transform through having to support other people, through health crises, or through repeated crises at work. While these constant issues feel difficult, they help you to own your personal power over time. You feel most powerful when you are working. However, you will probably go through periods of transformation in the work place. You may transform the way you work, what you work on, or the way you relate to other people. Even what you think and feel about your work may change. Pluto in House 6 indicates that you can transform your work and what it actually means to you. Because your work is integral to you, this is actually a transformation of the self. This transformation will come by learning to accept yourself and the work that you’re able to put out, even if it’s not “perfect.” Over time, you will accept yourself because you know that you did good work, not because other people give you their opinions. You will learn that “regular” things have value and that your work doesn’t have to be perfect to be meaningful. In fact, you may come to be happy with a “typical” job because you see the beauty in something that is ordinary.

The goal with Pluto in House 6 is to be happy with moderation. Not everything that is extreme is perfect. There is perfect in the most regular, mundane tasks, if you only remember to see it. You will learn to see beauty and emotional depth in things that are simple and joyful. Through constant issues at work, Pluto in the 6th house will force you to change your beliefs about perfection and about what’s important to you. Sometimes, Pluto in House 6 may also bring transformations through health. If you push yourself to the point where your body deteriorates, you will be forced to step back and re-evaluate what’s important. Remember that Pluto is regenerative so it’s almost never too late to change, as long as you’re willing to transform yourself. In all areas, moderation is key. You will find that Pluto in House 6 often indicates that you have a deep sense of self-loathing, which is why you’re always trying to be “better” or “more” in your everyday life. You must deal with your self-hatred and learn how to love yourself, or Pluto will force you to see these issues through repeated conflict. After all, Pluto transforms through pain, but the results at the end are usually worth it.

Pluto in House 6 in the natal chart has a laser-like focus, and often, this focus is directed towards the self: How can I improve myself, better myself, purify and cleanse myself? With this position of Pluto, there can be an obsessive and compulsive pull to be "perfect", constantly seeking to work on the self. There can be a tendency to be hypercritical of the self, as for every improvement made, the barre is set a tad higher - like a hamster on a wheel, there is no stopping unless you decide to get off the wheel. The upside of this position of Pluto is of course: Modesty, being humble, perfectionism, hard work, ethics, strong analytical capacities, cleansing power. With this position we often find people involved in work that requires a tremendous patience and attention to details: Researchers, accountant, people involved in organizational work / classification work. The downside of Pluto in House 6 position is that, there can be a tendency to have an internalized sense of guilt and shame. There can be a subconscious belief of being "bad", which can fuel an overall sense of self-loathing. The problem with self-loathing is this - you cannot change what you cannot see and accept, and it's nearly impossible to accept what you have hatred for. Here we find the concept of compulsion and repulsion of Pluto, compulsively attracted to bettering the self, and at times, repulsed by the self. The challenge of this position of Pluto is to learn self-compassion, self-acceptance (=Piscean values, opposite of Virgo which intent is to discriminate), which leads to being able to fully fulfil this Pluto's desires: Self-improvement. Connected with this pattern, Pluto in House 6 can also signify that you make up obligations for yourself to justify not having any time for yourself, this is a typical 6th House pattern and a form of personal avoidance. The 6th House is associated with Virgo, and Virgo can become so analytic that it loses the big picture. I will use here the image of Jeffrey Green, who talks about a centipede, trying to understand what’s wrong with one of the 1000 legs. You stop and try to fix that one broken leg, but you forget that the other 999 work perfectly fine. The key with this position of Pluto is to learn how to not sweat the small stuff - easier said than done depending on the rest of the chart, but "mental paralysis" surely is a possibility with this position of Pluto.

Pluto’s house in the natal chart rarely represents an easy area of life. In the life areas governed by this house, you can experience transformation, finding wisdom and your power, but also power struggles, deep fear, and even trauma. This is often a painful area, with no easy way out. The only way to make the most out of Pluto’s house is by acknowledging the hardships and facing your demons. Generally speaking, planets in the sixth house frequently indicate a workaholic. Pluto here can take this to the next level. In astrology, this planet is connected with intensity and obsession. Many people with a Pluto in sixth house are obsessive about their work. This placement suggests that you see your job as a way to gain power and authority. If you have Pluto in House 6 placement in your birth chart, you want to be the best at what you do. However, this can make your relationship with your colleagues full of power struggles. Pluto here can indicate perfectionism. This placement suggests that your routines are very important to you. You can be obsessively attached to them. If you are blocked from organizing your day according to your routines, you become stressed and anxious, possibly using aggression as a coping mechanism. Pluto in sixth house sticks to their rituals almost religiously. Others might consider your day-to-day activities (or your obsessive-compulsive attitude towards them) morbid. Some people with this placement have unusual pets, such as a snake or spider. Having a Scorpionic job is another way how a natal Pluto in House 6 can manifest in your life. These include anything related to other people’s money, death, crime, sex, investigation, psychology. Research or a healing profession are also common. For people with this placement, it is important to have a job they can be passionate about. It is important that the sixth house describes your job, how you make a living, not your career or profession (that is seen through the tenth house in the natal chart).

Pluto in House 6 can indicate rivalry with your co-workers or a challenging relationship with your boss. Hard aspects to Pluto here can indicate that you are dictatorial in the workplace or that you have a dictatorial co-worker. If you are an employer, it can happen that your workers see you as threatening and intimidating. Your relationship is often based on fear. Clashes and power struggles can be present in your work life with Pluto in House 6. This placement suggests that you don’t like wasteful practices. You can be fanatic about how things should be done. Pluto in House 6 does not respond well to criticism. This placement can indicate jealousy, intrigue, betrayal in your work life. You can be possessive about your results and you are very competitive. Pluto in House 6 suggests that you hate to be controlled. You need a lot of space to work the best. A well-aspected Pluto here can indicate positions where you have a lot of power. Some people with this placement change jobs frequently, often because of some conflict in the workplace. This can cause hardships in your life, but it doesn’t stop you from leaving. You are often self-destructive in this area of life. A well-aspected Pluto in House 6 suggests that you are effective and have a powerful capacity to get things done. You have a lot of energy and you put a lot of effort into your work. You are able to cut though the superficial things, and get to the heart of the matter.

Besides work, health is another important life area governed by the sixth house in astrology. Pluto in House 6 often pushes you to the point where the only way to stop is if your health forces you to take a break. This placement can indicate health issues. These are often the consequence of high pressure in your job. The good side of Pluto here is strong regenerative ability. You are able to get away with little resources for some time, but you should strive for a more balanced lifestyle, and pay attention to your diet and get enough exercise. This placement can indicate problems with your mental health, phobias, or anxiety. Hard aspects to Pluto can indicate mysterious health problems, chronic illnesses, or eating disorders. With Pluto in House 6, it is important to channelize the energy of this planet constructively.


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