Pluto in House 11

With Pluto in House 11 you have a powerful drive to build solid and trustworthy relationships. You tend to unconsciously test your friends all the time to ensure that they are worthy of your love, and you seem to be living in a power struggle or some kind of permanent drama in relation to your friends. You respect and value people who are authentic and are attracted by those that, just like you, emit an aura of strength, mystery or depth into the unknown. You are very selective and cautious about whom you give your trust and allow into your inner circle, and becoming a friend of yours can be a difficult proposition.


Pluto in House 11


You may have a deep aversion to associate with groups, clubs, or organizations of any kind. Any group that you become involved in is likely to be either for intense personal growth, change, and healing, or focused around social change or in revising society in some manner. Being born with Pluto in House 11 you may meet many of your power issues within the social sphere, particularly around special interest groups or when dealing with political processes. You’re not the sort of person who enjoys sitting on the side if you’re part of a group, especially if something could be done more effectively. If you have not developed a strong sense of your own ideals and beliefs you can fall under the influence of others who would usurp your power in order to boost their own. But once you’ve awakened to your own ideals, drives and directives, you can be a highly influential leader and instigator of social change. The extent of your efforts depends upon you and the choices you make for yourself.



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