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Part of Fortune in House 9

The Part of Fortune in astrology represents the regions of life where you can find happiness. You attain happiness and prosperity by uncovering and sharing the truth with the Part of Fortune in House 9. This placement indicates that your intuition and higher self can help you find your luck. When people with the Part of Fortune in House 9 keep widening their horizons and discovering life, they experience the most joy and abundance. It is no surprise that the Part of Fortune is the most popular Arabic part in astrology. Joy, abundance, prosperity, worldly success, happiness, and well-being are all aspects of this point. The Part of Fortune is your particular gold mine, and as such, it is well worth investigating. Adventures, widening your horizons, and furthering your education will bring you the most joy. You want to see and do as much as possible in life, and you might have a lot of luck doing so by discovering things for yourself. Natives of Part of Fortune in House 9 recognize that everyone is both a teacher and a learner, and you enjoy teaching and sharing anything you learn on your adventures, whether physical or mental.  You might strike it rich by traveling far from home or working in fields such as philosophy, higher education, publishing, or spirituality. Others at a distance may also be beneficial to you.

Part of Fortune in House 9

Part of Fortune in House 9 often finds success in a different country from their birth one. Higher education, travel, philosophy publishing, mass media, the law or working with large animals are all paths that can lead to success for you. Part of Fortune in House 9 indicates a lifetime of travel and learning and then applying this. The Part of Fortune in here can often indicate psychic and clairvoyant abilities which manifest at an extremely early age. Exploring the world, either via travel of the mind or actually travel, is what will open doors here. This position suggest that your fortune lies in another land and that you have to travel to gain your fortune. This can be closer to home as long as you are involved with international things and people. Part of Fortune in House 9 indicates fortune and happiness when you are in contact with the abroad, whichever the way it can manifest on your life. Good education, philosophy, publishing of books and involvement in church, religion or some sort of establishment of ideas will give you joy.

Born with Part of Fortune in House 9, you look for a more cosmic reality than a mundane one. You experience your greatest fulfilment discovering truth, expanding your consciousness and your understanding of the Universe. You know many cultures and different forms of human thought. You transcend the inner understanding of mundane reality. You know that everything is relative. Since your Part of Fortune is in House 9 of your natal chart, the third house is the opposite house. Through the third house, you realize the amount of energy spent among people who do not seem to understand each other, since the meanings of the words distort the truth. You must remain impartial in these situations and learn the idea of duality as part of human nature. You must know that the truth is only known through the non-truth, and therefore you need to resolve the duality to a higher truth. Once you understand this, then real communication will be possible. Often you will see and hear yourself expressing and saying things that are not totally true. The more duality you experience and express, the greater will be the need to resolve this duality into a unity and understand the need for polarity in Nature and in human life. You have a great need for identification with a deity, study, contemplation, meditation and spiritual search, universal truth and being attuned to the forces and laws of Nature. But this world sometimes does not allow it, since daily life immerses us in a mundane reality. Remember that every little thing gives a unique sense to the totality and universal understanding of justice. You are very skilled in recognizing the subtleties of thought. Without looking down on others, you must keep your standards higher and thus raise your level of being, and at the same time learn to function in the everyday world of less important ideas and thoughts, understanding them as necessary. Thus, you will understand the nature of everything that is relative and dual. Wisdom loses much of its beauty by trying to transfer it to the concrete and inferior mind. So, you must learn to experience a cosmic reality while you learn to function in the world of less important ideas and thoughts. Tolerate and balance the relationship between both in your life. You must always maintain your independence. Your satisfaction will come from all the truth you discover for yourself, without trying to make others fit in your world and without trying to correct their ideas and attitudes. You simply have to teach them, maintaining a detachment and even an indifference to how they accept what you are teaching them. Then, you will experience the height of your knowledge, your true function in the world, and your fulfilment.

People who have their Part of Fortune in House 9, the house that represent education and traveling, can unlock success when they choose to become lifelong scholars. This can literally mean a career as a teacher, professor or researcher. But it also encompasses vocations that require constant learning throughout one's life, like in medicine, psychology, etc. Of course, if the native chooses not to pursue higher education, success comes to them when they lead an unconventional life. They can end up writing books about their travels or even become a spiritual leader or expert in a more spiritual field like yoga and energy healing. Sometimes these natives find success as a mountain guide who knows how to take people through treacherous trails. Part of Fortune in House 9 brings themes that have to do with your experience in life as a conscious thinking being, as this is the area that rules philosophy, morals, beliefs, higher knowledge and education, religion, foreign countries and long term travel. Thus, this placement indicates that you may have good luck in this area of your life and that you will meet success when you live by your truth, beliefs and your moral values. Nourishing your intellectual mind by studying deeply, having experiences in a foreign country and having a channel where to express your philosophical thoughts will unlock its potential. This placement can give you a need for freedom of the mind and for adventure, as you may feel successful in life when you’re crossing the physical and mental borders. Having a broad horizon that you’re free to explore is what will fulfil you. This may be applied literally, since you may enjoy traveling to foreign countries and experience their culture in its entirety. Metaphorically, it may have to do with a field of study that you may immerse yourself deeply in and reach the doctorate level and/or become a professor. Hence, you may be successful in college and in becoming an expert in your field of interest. You may also meet prosperity and abundance when you follow a spiritual path or a religion. This is because you may be very spiritual and intellectual, and so you may become known for your wisdom and your knowledge and this will open many doors for you. The challenge is in breaking through your limiting beliefs and society's expectations in order to live by your truth, follow and teach what you believe in and have the freedom to express your mind.

Part of Fortune in House 9 greatest joy come through having adventures, broadening their horizons and expanding their education

With Part of Fortune in House 9, your greatest joy will come through having adventures, broadening your horizons and expanding your education. You want to experience as much of life as you can and may have a lot of luck by discovering things for yourself. You understand that everyone is both a teacher and a student, and you like to teach and share whatever you discover on your travels, whether physical or mental. You may find your fortune travelling far from home or in the areas of philosophy, higher education, publishing, and spirituality. You may also benefit from others at a distance. You experience joy through the discovery of your own personal truth, but your studies bring insights that you can use to help others too. You’re seeking the truth of cosmic reality and may have a strong identification with the idea of a Deity or universal truth. You feel in tune with the forces of nature, but also know you must live and function on the level of everyday reality. Joy comes from understanding how you relate to the universe as a whole. The point opposite the Part of Fortune may block the free flow of energy and make it harder to find joy, but only if you take it personally. If you approach this area impersonally it will help you achieve happiness. The opposite point here is the 3rd house so you see how people often communicate without really understanding one another. The multitude of confused voices and dualistic thinking will block your experience of joy if you take them personally. Detaching from them will allow you to see how real communication may be possible. Part of Fortune in House 9 can see how various perspectives are all relative and that to understand the truth you need to expand your awareness to a higher perspective that unifies them all. If you don’t take the mundane levels of consciousness personally you can use them to communicate clearly about the higher levels. Ultimately, all perspectives are necessary and everything is interdependent.

Part of Fortune in House 9 often indicates an interest in the divine. Your relationship with the divine brings you a lot of joy. You are an eternal student of wisdom. As you learn more about the universe, people, and yourself, you find more and more joy in life. You can make the most out of this placement if you align your life with the divine principles. With Part of Fortune in House 9, you can benefit from studying philosophy and spirituality. By understanding the world better, you find a sense of purpose what leads you to a more fulfilled life. This placement suggests that you have to ask yourself questions that help you get closer to your higher self. When you are aligned with your higher self, you can grow into an inspiring personality who helps others look on the bright side and find purpose in life. Connecting with others is always important with the 3rd house/9th house axis. The opposite point of the Part of Fortune, the Part of Spirit is here in the third house of immediate surroundings and concrete mind. The Part of Fortune in House 9 suggests that you can learn the most if you have a benevolent, open-minded attitude. You need to be tolerant and interested in what others have to say. It is important to accept the mundane reality and fin balance between your everyday life and adventures. Part of Fortune in House 9 indicates that the most important thing for you is understanding. Understanding other people’s point of view can help you discover opportunities you never thought existed. This placement suggests a strong desire for continuous education. This includes both formal education and learning on your own. The Part of Fortune in 9th house can suggest that you become lucky because of the things you know. Knowledge is key to make the most out of the Part of Fortune here. Part of Fortune in House 9 can suggest good luck coming to you through contact with foreign cultures, foreign languages, foreigners, travel abroad. This placement can also be wonderful for teachers and people of religion.


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