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Part of Fortune in House 8

The Part of Fortune in the houses shows the areas of life experience where you can find joy. With Part of Fortune in House 8 you achieve happiness and success through transformation guided by the values of others. Your relationships and what other people value will have a profound impact on your life. Those relationships will work best when they’re built on a foundation of trust and integrity. You will gain through partnerships, but not necessarily money; the gain may be emotional and involve access to deep hidden resources that help you to transform yourself. You’re constantly re-evaluating your own values in the light of what you learn from others about what they find meaningful and useful. In this way, you grow through sharing and intimacy, and allow yourself to be changed by others. With Part of Fortune in House 8, you may be interested in the occult or have a talent for investigative work, keeping secrets, or looking after other people’s money and talents. You have a profound understanding of the mysteries of life, death and rebirth, and can rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Through transformation you’re seeking a personal legacy, whether this comes in the form of money, ideas, values, enriched sexuality, power, or personal integrity. But you can’t do this in isolation. You need others to show you what works, so you must allow your ego to be transformed through surrender to higher values that are shared with others. Happiness will come when you let go of anything you no longer need. The point opposite the Part of Fortune may block the free flow of energy and make it harder to find joy, but only if you take it personally. If you approach this area impersonally it will help you achieve happiness. The opposite point here is the 2nd house so you need to recognise that your own values are not really personal but are an impersonal expression of universal desires. If you hold on to things you don’t need, whether material, emotional or spiritual, others will reveal to you how much these things weigh you down. By taking a more detached view of your own values you can let go of anything that doesn’t contain lasting value or has outlived its usefulness or meaning. Be open to others’ values and ideas, and allow them to regenerate your soul from within.

Part of Fortune in House 8

With you Part of Fortune in House 8, you will achieve your greatest satisfaction and fulfilment through what is granted to you by other people. Others always teach you another way, another path, or another value system. And, every time you try them, you make new personal discoveries, making your experiences richer. You will see and experience new things, very different from those you already know. It represents a revolution of consciousness and getting a new perspective. You must re-examine all those personal values that no longer serve, by observing what stimulates them. Thus, by learning the art of flexibility, you will be able to give those values a new meaning. The more you can discover these values and apply them to your personal life, the more your experiences and your understanding of life will be enriched. Since your Part of Fortune is in the eighth house of your birth chart, the second house is the opposite house. The second house teaches you to recognize your own values. You should perceive these values impartially, as if they were not yours completely or you did not possess them, so that they do not stop you from fulfilment or from sensing the stimulus that you receive from your environment and from others. This way, you can easily leave everything that no longer serves and does not cause growth in your life.

Under Part of Fortune in House 8, your most beloved possessions and values should be those that survive, because they are totally real and true. This deep connection of what is personally valid to you, gives you an unshakable security in yourself. This leaves you with total freedom to explore and recognize the validity of the experience of others. Other people in your life will teach you what weighs you down and what transcends temporary desires. You will learn to express the values of a divine nature. Therefore, you must surrender much of your personal wants and desires, as well as your ego, in order to leave a legacy, be it money, ideas, new values, sexual enrichment, or a conscious realization of your essence. Understand that in this world, you are not alone, and that the most fortunate thing for a human being is to be able to share his life and his possessions with others. So, you get to be an intimate part of a common project that benefits all who are involved in it, even enriches the soul of humanity. Learn humility. Do not be possessive of your own values. Learn to go with the flow of other systems of values and ideas that seem different from yours. These will be your greatest source of satisfaction. Your fulfilment and happiness will come through all the people you deal with, through discovering the harmony in everything that seems alien to you, and through your soul’s great regenerating force. A transformation of all the accumulated negativity is possible by being present in the Here and Now.

Part of Fortune in House 8 means that you'll have good luck when others suffer. It can also mean that you are lucky in business. Of course, this is not an ideal placement for any financial dealings because the 8th House is also associated with money. Integrating these two factors means your financial success also comes about through a crisis. And you may have a talent for positively dealing with adverse situations. Mobility is another important theme. Since the 8th house rules travel and change, this placement often means travelling for work or personal reasons. The Part of Fortune is associated with adventure, good luck, and the search for truth. As a special note, with Part of Fortune in House 8, outside influences will be associated with financial prosperity. Part of Fortune in House 8 could indicate that Fortune comes from strangers for you. Or your partner's social circle, not from your own immediate family. It could also mean that you have less control over your financial situation than you'd like. Part of Fortune in House 8 reveals that your luck stems from others' misfortunes. Often through crisis and transformation. You are good at managing your own money and can even increase it when others suffer an accident.

 Part of Fortune in House 8 achieve their greatest satisfaction and fulfilment through what is granted to you by other people

Part of Fortune in House 8 brings themes of a material and psychological nature. This is the area that rules other people’s money, hence inheritance, credit, debts and investments. It also rules the intimacy, sexual and emotional connection you share with a partner, but also what you both materially merge like shared resources. It’s the house of transformation and psychological crisis, the dark night of the soul, death and rebirth. Thus, having this placement brings auspicious experiences to this area of your life. However, you may see its benefits after undergoing a dark phase that transformed you and gave birth to a new you. This can give you immense inner and emotional strength. Even if you go through hard times that feel like they will never get better, this placement may give you the resilience to recover and to transmute your situation into a positive experience. No matter how many times you may go through the dark night, like the phoenix, you rise from the ashes each time. In a material manner, this can indicate that you have good luck when it comes to receiving other people’s money, like through inheritance, scholarships or a marriage partner. Hence, highlighting that marrying someone that’s wealthy is a possibility or that sharing your resources with your partner may have more benefits than disadvantages. You may also be successful with your investments and/or receive the help of investors to start a business. However, the challenge is in not looking for the opportunities to actually receive the help you need.

People who have Part of Fortune in House 8, the house of inheritance and power (and also marriage) become successful because of other people they are related to, whether through blood or marriage. They can find tremendous success when they lean into their sexuality and sensual side, especially if they are in careers that tap into this, whether it's acting, dancing, or something else. Sometimes Part of Fortune in House 8 simply reveals that one was born into a wealthy household with no shortage of funds and opportunities in life. House 8 of your chart represents the unknown or hidden side. This is where you keep secrets from others, as well as from yourself. You are drawn to places that give you an escape from mundane reality. And encourage you to let go of your anxieties and fears. It's a very private place, but it also contains the seeds for personal transformation in the guise of your deepest fears and desires. The eighth House is a place of regeneration and seclusion, where we face and overcome our greatest fears. It is the House of resurrection and mourning, where we can heal after going through a painful loss or trying to escape an intolerable situation. It also speaks of solitude and sexual intimacy. Part of Fortune in House 8 represents a place where we can reflect on the events that have marked us or happened in our lives and made us who we are today. It also means those things we must learn and let go of to grow and evolve. The eighth House is about family, inheritance, sex, and death. This House is all about how you enjoy the material wealth of your parents, how you handle your investments, and ultimately your death. The prominent planet in this House is the Moon, representing our emotions. The Eighth House is the last of the twelve houses of astrology. It represents our instinctive reactions and unconscious behaviour and our fluctuations between forcefulness and submission. This House is linked to the notion of death, loss, and inheritance.

The Part of Fortune is one of the most fascinating components of a birth chart. This Arabic part is perhaps the most popular, and this is no surprise if you know what it represents in astrology. The Part of Fortune is all about abundance, prosperity, joy, well-being, health, luck. With the Part of Fortune in House 8, you often gain when others lose. This placement suggests good fortune coming into your life through crisis, secrets, transformation. It is often accompanied by a talent for money management. This placement is definitely very interesting, because the eighth house is usually associated with everything but joy and luck. Nevertheless, the Part of Fortune in 8th house can be a great position in the birth chart. With this placement, good fortune comes to you through others. Others help you in many ways: financially, emotionally, spiritually. The Part of Fortune in 8th house indicates that you have to learn to accept help. People with this placement often find that good fortune comes to them under extraordinary circumstances. When the world around you collapses, you come out as a winner. An emphasized 8th house suggests familiarity with crisis. You often have to reevaluate what you consider valuable. Values are very important when talking about the 2nd house/8th house axis. To make the most out of the Part of Fortune in 8th house, you have to know who you are and base your life on solid values. However, with this placement, it is essential to be open-minded and flexible. Transformation is likely to be a constant on your journey towards prosperity and abundance. Partnerships can work in your favour with the Part of Fortune in 8th house (unless the chart as a whole says otherwise). It is important that these partnerships are without power struggles and you can trust each other. Your partners can help you find joy and achieve a state of well-being. They often help you heal yourself. The Part of Fortune in 8th house suggests that good luck often comes to you through others. They might show you a new way of thinking or a different approach to life that transforms you on many levels. You often benefit from taking advice from the right person.


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