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Part of Fortune in House 3

Part of Fortune in House 3 shows that your fortune will come through your siblings or brothers and sister, from anyone in your family in the same generation as you, like for example your cousins. You also will find joy through school, teachers, learning and with activities related to books, something like either writing or reading. Your fortune will also come to you by means of your community, neighbour and any local environment activities that you do. People who have their Part of Fortune in the third house of communication and intelligence are often the smartest people you will meet. But they succeed better when they have partners or a community backing them. These natives often have a great relationship with their siblings and can even start a family business with them. If you have your Part of Fortune in house 3, the easiest way to succeed for you is to tap into your network and expand it so opportunities flow easily your way. Good people skills make such an endeavour even more fruitful. This position can indicate an interest in foreign languages or philosophy. The Part of Fortune in house 3 can suggest literary talent. These people often have a way with words.

Part of Fortune in House 3

With the Part of Fortune in House 3, your good fortune comes from your communication and your interest in how other people think, as well as with your curiosity and spark when learning new things. Connecting with others and creating bridges between ideas and concepts will help you move in life. Stay away from stagnation and embrace the beginner’s mindset as you keep on learning and digesting as much novelty and information as you can. Your glow comes from the realm of ideas and thoughts, so make sure to inhabit it well. You’ll find joy by connecting with others and sharing your ideas. Communication is the key to your happiness. You need to stay open-minded and curious to feel truly connected with the universe and receive the blessings of Part of Fortune in House 3. The Part of Fortune in 3rd house brings joy through connecting with other people. You can be abundant by being open-minded and curious. Being understood makes you happy and the company of others brings you joy. You can make the most out of the Part of Fortune in house 3 if you develop an intuitive understanding of the principles of the universe (the 9th house is the opposite of the third, important for the Part of Fortune to function well). The Part of Fortune here suggests that it is important to be open to the views of others. Understanding others and their point of view brings you good fortune. Connecting with the people around you help you expand your mind and bring new opportunities. Sharing ideas usually bring joy to people with the Part of Fortune in house 3. Communication is one of the most vital skills you can master with the Part of Fortune in 3rd house. The third house is all about connecting with others. Words often contribute to your good fortune. To you, a good conversation is an opportunity for happiness. The Part of Fortune in 3rd house is usually accompanied by a strong need for self-expression.

Part of Fortune in House 3 can bring themes of communication, as this is the area of life that rules intellect, education, how you express your thoughts and how you learn. It’s also the area of short term travel, thus taking frequent trips to explore different places of the world is of great satisfaction. Your curious mind is not only fed through books, it may need real experiences that might be very beneficial to you. Part of Fortune in House 3 placement indicates that you’re fortunate when it comes to standing out for your intelligence or your communicative abilities. Hence, using your mental capabilities, stimulating your mind and being open to learn, will unlock its potential. This can indicate that you may be gifted with intellectual talents and excellent communication skills. You may feel fulfilled when you’re learning something new and when your voice is being heard. Part of Fortune in House 3 can also highlight that you’re a good persuader, storyteller, speaker or writer, and so on. Using these skills is what will help you succeed in life, especially if it’s what you do for a career. Your experience in school may have been really positive because of your efficient learning capabilities and your ease in absorbing new knowledge. The challenge is when you don’t take your knowledge to the next level or when you lose interest fast. So, it’s important to be practical and focus on mastering a craft before going to the next interest.

Part of Fortune in House 3 are creative thinkers, and this is often a source of good fortune in their lives.

The Part of Fortune in the houses shows the areas of life experience where you can find joy. With the Part of Fortune in house 3 you achieve happiness and success through communicating and connecting with others. You want to be understood by others so your greatest joy comes from processing information and communicating what you learn. Language and words are important to you, and with a clear mind you can turn communication into an art form. You need to communicate and connect with your environment and community, and happiness comes from expressing yourself freely with others, including siblings, extended family and school friends. You may like to study different languages, or subjects such as religion, philosophy and spirituality, and then share what you learn with others. You may be a gifted teacher, writer, speaker, or journalist, and could do well in any area where you need to express yourself in words. You love to share ideas so learning to think and communicate clearly will bring you greater success. You like to figure out how others think because it gives you a larger perspective. Making connections between people and things helps you to develop your own thinking. This means learning to listen too. You want to refine your perceptions and like to teach others to do the same. The point opposite the Part of Fortune may block the free flow of energy and make it harder to find joy, but only if you take it personally. If you approach this area impersonally it will help you achieve happiness. The opposite point here is the 9th house so you have access to the impersonal higher mind of ideals and wisdom, but it’s important that you put this wisdom into practice in your life. Practice what you preach and don’t force your ideas on people who aren’t ready to hear them. Higher ideals often need to be expressed in a more impersonal way because they can’t be put into words. They must be lived rather than spoken. Learn to recognise that there’s a time to speak and a time to remain silent.

People with Part of Fortune in House 3 are creative thinkers, and this is often a source of good fortune in their lives. It is important to establish a balance between your concrete mind and your higher self. The Part of Fortune in 3rd house can function the best when it is supported by your intuition.  With Part of Fortune in House 3, you are often attracted to writing, reading, sharing your thoughts and consuming the thoughts of others. Your intellect can help you achieve your goals and create abundance in your life. People with this placement often work in a position where they use their brain power. Part of Fortune in house 3 indicates that mental well-being helps you achieve well-being on every other plane. Learning usually brings you plenty of joy with the Part of Fortune in 3rd house. People with this placement are usually in love with learning, they enjoy reading about various topics and they never stop educating themselves. The Part of Fortune in house 3 is sometimes accompanied by great hand dexterity. These people can gain great skills. The Part of Fortune in 3rd house can also indicate good fortune coming into your life through relatives. Your relationship with your siblings (if you have any) can also be a blessing. They can be a source of luck and happiness in your life. The Part of Fortune in house 3 often indicates that your immediate surroundings contribute to your success. Some people find joy on exciting short trips, or they like talking to their neighbours or local friends. Socializing usually helps you feel content with the Part of Fortune in 3rd house.


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