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Part of Fortune in Cancer

Part of Fortune in Cancer suggests a natural urge to protect the family unity and be a part of it, even if you don’t share the same blood. You need to let your feelings flow and allow yourself to feel them. Cultivate kindness and experience the joy of nurturing others (and being nurtured by them). Living in harmony with their loved ones is essential for them to maintain a good emotional balance. All that heightens a maternal, caring instinct, which embraces everyone in the family very naturally. With an absence of structure and severed family ties, there’s a potential to feel empty and an endless search for a place where they’ll feel more complete. If family relationship problems are not worked on, there could be a constant need to please others, even if that means abandoning their own desires, as the need to be loved and accepted can become one of their main goals.

 Part of Fortune in Cancer


Another matter which could trigger some situations when there’s tension involved in the chart positioning is when the individual’s current family structure doesn’t come close to their idea of what a family means. Many people dream of having a family right out of a TV commercial, but we now reality can be very different. However, these natives can aspire to this perfect family. There’s also an indication of joy in the act of giving birth to a child, business or idea. Watching over their family hub, their loved ones and those around you can bring contentment and generate interesting opportunities. Upon reaching maturity, they must review questions involving emotional stability and self-esteem, so that they start to depend even less on others’ acceptance and begin to value themselves, envisaging a life in which the goal is self-love, never forgetting altruism and their affectionate and caring side.


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