North Node in Virgo

When you are born with North Node in Virgo, life will teach you that God helps those who help themselves. Your greatest desire in life is to feel vital, alive, and useful in some practical way, and you need to manifest your dreams in the form of planning and conviction. Just dreaming, imagining, or praying without action helps no one and can be very frustrating for an individual with the North Node in Virgo. The first steps are to work through your fears and sense of helplessness, roll up your sleeves, focus, go to work, and don't let yourself be drawn toward the rosy tint of other less practical things you could be doing. Throughout your live, you will experience swings and sway between their Pisces south node, ruled by Neptune, and Virgo north node, ruled by Mercury. However, the journey from an imaginative dreamer to a competent doer is not all roses. So, given the fact your North Node is in Virgo, prepare yourself for ups and downs, and be ready to occasionally fail - but keep going. You were born to be an imaginative dreamer who has what it takes to make what you imagine real.

 North Node in Virgo


For you it is very important to commit to a daily routine practice, with regular grounding meditation and often deep clean of your home and workspace. One of your life lessons is about setting and maintaining clear boundaries with others. You are here to be of service to others, but without letting others walk all over you. You win when you participate in life and share with the world the solutions to our problems (that you can so clearly see). As a Pisces south node, you are used to letting everyone in and close to you, and in this life, you are learning to set and maintain clear boundaries. If you give your time too freely to others, they may become overly dependent on you (or you on them), which does not serve your highest good (or theirs). You are learning and refining how to implement routines and bring order to the chaos. You aim for reliability, and your people know that they can count on you. You are likely that friend that gets calls when your loved ones need help or advice. This might annoy you, but recognize that it means that they trust you and that it is a blessing, even if you feel unable to help. You show the rest of us how maintaining daily routines and leaning into the structure can benefit us all.


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