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North Node in House 8

When the North Node in the House 8 that is often associated with the work that one needs to do in order to achieve spiritual growth. Clinging to proven and secure material assets should be avoided. There are deeper values for this person to pursue and grow from. There is a conflict between material property and spiritual property in the House 8, between understanding transience and wishing to own something. They need to accept death as a teacher and recognize transience. False material values should not be the basis of their lives. Instead, you should seek spiritual values, and you need to abandon an approach of comfort in order to achieve growth in life. Your material comfort is very important to you, and if you don’t take care of it, you might start abandoning your relationships with people in order to create abundance. Relationships with others aren’t everything: it is also essential to maintain a relationship with yourself during this placement. In the 8th house, the North Node indicates that you shouldn’t do everything on your own. Life lessons relating to faith in life are a central theme of the North Node in the house 8. There are times in life when you go through a deep transformation, triggered by loss or some traumatic experience that teaches you that you have intrinsic value, and no matter what happens in life, you can find strength within.

  North Node in House 8

When you are born with the North Node in House 8 you crave bonding with another human soul. You really want to feel loved and accepted for who you are, in all your vulnerability. However, letting others see your vulnerable side is very unfamiliar to you. In the past, you provided for yourself on every level, but you grew tired of it after some time. With the north node in house 8, sexuality can be a new life area to you, taking more time to develop. The north node in eighth house suggests that your best experiences will come later in life. With this placement, you are interested in the mysterious side of life. Hidden things and the unseen usually fascinate north node in 8th house people. With this placement in your birth chart, you are drawn to the occult and taboos. Learning about spirituality can be very helpful for north node in 8th house people. By discovering the hidden and mysterious side of life, you can understand yourself and the world on a much deeper level, which contributes to your spiritual growth.

North Node in House 8 have an inner insight of the human soul

The north node in house 8 is sometimes characterized by a search for meaning. It is challenging for people with this placement to find meaning that are not tangibly their own. It is also great to learn about psychology and go to therapy. Understanding yourself on a deep level will help you improve your life in many ways, and align it with your north node―that’s when the real magic happens! Besides the position of the lunar nodes by houses, their sign is also important. They reveal qualities your soul wants to learn in this lifetime, while the house refers to the life areas where the growth process happens. Aspects to the nodes are just as significant. (You can learn more about this here) Planets that are conjunct the north node suggests something new and unfamiliar. Integrating them into your personality is a process, not always easy, but it is the only road worth taking.


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