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North Node in House 2

Traditionally, the North Node in House 2, also known as the Dragon’s Head in the 2nd House, brings personal fortune, luck in business, and an accumulation of wealth. It might also portend a strong marriage, rich in love and intellectually stimulating. Dragon’s Tail in the 8th House is associated with abuse of the lower passions and perhaps the strange death of a partner or relative. For those with North Node in 2nd House, this is a lifetime about personal possessions and resources. The universe will no longer support you in relying on other people’s money. Your destiny is to become self-sufficient with all that this entails: living within your means, taking care of your body, and developing endurance. As a general rule, shy away from credit and offers to use a partner’s resources. The finances of others may prove troublesome for you in this lifetime.

As you learn to live within your means, North Node in House 2 natives may swing to extremes, alternating between frugality and extravagance. Perhaps you work hard to obtain a possession that is meaningful to you, but then give or gamble it away. You may resort to a sort of laziness, relying on luck to provide for you. Interestingly, the great communist theorist, Karl Marx, who proposed that all citizens of the nation should share equally in its wealth, had North Node in House 2, as did Ho Chi Minh. Without commenting on the validity of communism as a legitimate economic model, suffice it to say that such thinking is not for you. Take your inspiration from Helen Keller, Benjamin Franklin, and Mohammed Ali, who all share the North Node in House 2 nodal placement and strove diligently to become self-sufficient. Past life experience has given you knowledge of the occult, for which you have a natural talent. You also have a sort of hangover preoccupation with sex. Be vigilant of your motivations, as well, for you are prone to acting on base motives which you may hide from even yourself. In fact, says astrologer Martin Schulman of someone with this placement, “While many may know him closely, none will know him well,” such is the depth of secrecy associated with the Eighth House, home to your South Node. You come into this life with a strong connection to the dark side. Perhaps you feel you lived on the outskirts of society as a child. Maybe there were past lives of criminal behaviour or misuse of occult knowledge. In this lifetime, your soul’s desire is to live a respectable life. You are here to develop a sense of those things that are truly important to you and to obtain them honourably.

North Node in House 2

Death is an important part of life for North Node in House 2, much more so than for most people. You may find in it, as you do in sex, a rejuvenating energy. In fact, this placement can bring posthumous fame. However, it is difficult for you to be completely conscious of your connection to this energy. In probing the values of others (which you do with an eye on establishing your own value system), you unconsciously lead them astray. You do not know it, but you undermine almost everything you touch. At worst, these natives are claim jumpers, with so little invested in themselves and with so little respect for others, that they claim what belongs to a friend, spouse, or other partner for themselves without even realizing it. They may also be subject to extreme moodiness, which is a way of undermining oneself. Develop self-respect and you will simultaneously learn to respect others. This will bring you emotional stability. People with North Node in House 2 placement may not have experienced privacy in their childhood. Circumstances in their early life left them feeling that they had nothing to call their own. The adult is preoccupied with financial security which he/she associates with harmony and peace. It is appropriate for you to be focused on material comforts in this lifetime, and you will find yourself fully engaged and passionate about life when you acknowledge your personal needs and go about meeting them with a patient, consistent, determination. Build a beautiful physical environment for yourself first, then share your security according to your values. The bottom line is that with the North Node in 2nd House placement you must learn to manage your personal resources. Do not use all your energy on others. Earn what you need and spend less than you make. Build your physical strength. Eventually, you will establish the stability and security you so desperately desire.

North Node in House 2 may indicate sudden lost in past lifes

With the North Node in House 2 and south node in eighth, it can happen that you have some secrets in the past. These secrets can be quite dark, and they are often an important influence in your life, even though most people don’t notice it-sometimes it stays hidden even from you. Resolving these issues can be helpful, because as they say, you are only as sick as your secrets. The north node in second house suggests that it is time to move away from these secrets, and create a new reality. The second house is the House of Values in the first place. When the north node is in the second house, you need to create your own value system. You are often uncertain about this topic, looking to others to find out what they find valuable. The north node in second house usually needs to time to find out what is important to you. With North Node in House 2, you can be too vulnerable to the opinion of other people. You define your self-worth based on them. Learning to base your opinion about yourself on your own worth is one of the most important life lessons of this placement in the natal chart. 

The North Node in second house suggests that in the past, you might have used the life strategy of relying on others. You could easily get help, and you attracted things to you naturally. This placement suggests that you have to learn to provide for yourself in this lifetime. The north node in the second house can also indicate traumatic experiences in the past. Perhaps you lost your partner, or there were some other sudden loss in your life. These events force you to leave your comfort zone. This placement suggests that you have to find strength in yourself in the first place. Trust issues and power struggles could also be a part of your past, but they don’t serve you anymore. Sex and intimacy are often important when the nodal axis is placed in the second house and the eighth house. The north node in second house suggests that in the past, you used sexuality as a means to get what you want. With this placement, you often possess a lot of sexual power. You are very charismatic, and other people are drawn to you. You can easily get benefits in exchange for sex. If there are other indicators in the chart, this placement can even indicate prostitution.


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