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Neptune trine Ascendant

Neptune trine Ascendant makes you a sensitive, spiritual and contemplative person. You perceive the world through feelings and intuition which can be hard for you to express in words. However, through your creative talents and imagination, you share your inner soul with the world in a way that is innovative and inspirational to others. You are romantic, passionate, adoring, and sympathetic. But being such an idealist and dreamer, you may need a partner who can help you stay grounded and deal with the boring but important mundane areas of life such as finances. You are extremely sensitive to all forms of vibrational energy. This makes you intuitive and probably psychic but makes you vulnerable to negative energy. This means you can be deeply affected by tragedies or injustices that don’t seem to directly affect you. It also means you function best with like-minded people, and you work well in collaboration with a partner. The performing arts would suit your creative talents and you probably have a skill for learning music by ear. You may be drawn to science fiction, mythology, fantasy, mysteries, the supernatural, and the exotic. The truth in any matter and honesty in relationships are very important to you. A willingness to serve others and stand up for the underdog could lead to charity work, philanthropy, and social or political activism.

Neptune trine Ascendant

Neptune trine Ascendant creates a personality that is extra sensitive to conditions in your environment. You are able to pick up on subtle energy in the psychic atmosphere, making you aware of the moods of those around you even if you are not fully conscious of doing this. As a consequence, you are able to put on the face that suits the circumstances, enabling you to mix easily in different social circles, through all levels of society. You may have some troubles expressing yourself or your own ideas to others, especially if you have some other challenging aspects to Neptune. It is good to work on solidifying your identity and put your overactive imagination to good use in areas such as art, music or writing. You have quite strong creative abilities, so use them practically. There are also many other ways to use your talents besides in artistic pursuits. It might be a source of great joy for you to work with young people and children and see them develop under your influence. You should bring your creative gifts before the public and give your interpretation of what is needed to improve the quality of life for everyone. Also, work on improving your own self-worth and self-confidence, don’t let failures or mistakes make you wallow in self-pity, you are better than that. Most people find you quite friendly and charming, so you can make friends quite easy. You are never threatening so people can find this attitude quite comforting. Because you are more sensitive and vulnerable than other people, be careful of people that may want to take advantage of your more passive nature, especially strong-willed and controlling individuals. You are idealistic about the kind of society you would like to see and are intent on making a personal contribution in some way. Acting as an agent for a higher order, you are able to help others to gain a deeper and more spiritual perspective on their lives.

With a Neptune trine Ascendant aspect, life appears to you as the grandest of adventures. There's always more to learn and enjoy, and you likely can't help but feel that the best parts of it are somehow veiled to you. So, you're perhaps in constant pursuit to unmask life's secrets. You might long for lofty-minded teachers who can unlock the mysteries of the cosmos for you. Possibly, you love the idea of uncovering hidden knowledge—or activities, like role-playing or video games, where you can recreate and experience yourself in imaginative, epic ways. Yet, when you can't seem to hook into the glamour of life, you might feel duly oppressed and put-upon by the tedium of ordinary existence and maintenance. Then, you must be careful of wrapping yourself up in your own mystique and love of intrigue to escape your real-world responsibilities. Or worse, confusing your otherworldly experiences and abilities without a solid basis in consensual reality.

Neptune trine Ascendant have strong intuition

With Neptune trine Ascendant, you are sensitive and a bit psychic. You have a lot of empathy for other people and you’re a bit dreamy. You tend to see the world through emotions and intuition, so it can be hard for you to put your perceptions into words. These qualities come naturally to you since birth. Neptune trine Ascendant puts the best qualities of Neptune into your outer personality. However, you can also be vulnerable to negative energy with Neptune trine Ascendant. You are intuitive and empathetic, but this can be hard to handle when you are faced with a tragedy or violent act. Things that don’t directly affect you do influence your mental state and energy. It can be helpful, with Neptune trine Ascendant, to learn how to ward yourself. Your energy is very “open,” so you often take on the energy of other people and spiritual entities. You’re susceptible, which makes it harder to guard yourself against things that will hurt you. Learning to create energetic wards is the first step to regaining your self-control. With Neptune trine Ascendant, your imagination is very active. It’s easy for others to see your intuition and dreamy vibe in your outer personality. You may have trouble making clear declarations or following through on your intentions. It’s hard for others to tell where you truly stand; your outer personality is watery and may not be well-defined. Neptune trine Ascendant also makes you a bit childlike. You express true wonder when you discover new things, regardless of your physical age. As a person, you’re typically happy and are friendly to be around. Although people can’t quite pin you down, this doesn’t trigger others with the Neptune trine Ascendant aspect like it may with the opposition or the square. Others feel pleasant feelings around you. You do tend to show what you’re feeling, but these emotions can change very quickly. You’re not threatening to others, but you’re not super consistent, either. Performing arts can be a good outlet for people with Neptune trine Ascendant. You may have natural creative skills, or you may be interested in the spiritual realm or mythology/fantasy. It isn’t easy for you to express what you feel through words and facts, so a creative outlet is often helpful. This is one way that people can come to know who you are and see the true you. Although the Neptune trine Ascendant aspect is easy, be careful that you act on your dreams. It’s easy for you to get lost in the fantasy realm, but your life won’t change unless you take action. The energy of the trine won’t push you to take action, so this is something you have to push yourself to do. Ultimately, no one can change your life except you. Don’t get stuck in victimhood or self-pity (which is easy to do with Neptune trine Ascendant), but instead focus on making your own life happen. Look to the rest of your chart to see what action-oriented placements you have. These are qualities that you can draw on to make your dreams a reality. Lastly, it can be helpful with Neptune trine Ascendant if you learn how to ground yourself. You may feel too floaty much of the time which leads to inaction. Grounding is a way to stay in the real world while maintaining your connection to spirit.


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