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Neptune transit trine Sun

Neptune transit trine Sun is known to increase interest in spirituality and to make one more compassionate, imaginative and idealistic. Unlike the more challenging Neptune transits, the urge to follow a more spiritual path that does not have to result from some health crisis or from losing your way. It is not generally associated with having to give up on material things in life which bring comfort and security. So there is simply more passion to get involved in religion, spiritual groups, or an occult field like astrology in order to gain more fulfilment in life and feel more in touch with the wider community and the other dimensions. Greater sensitivity to vibrations from other people and the environment allows this heightened sense of being connected which may see you become more involved in charities to help those less fortunate than yourself. Or there may be some worthy cause like human rights or environmentalism which allows you to express yourself and leads to a sense of satisfaction or worthiness.

Neptune transit trine Sun

The increased imagination given by Neptune transit trine Sun is perfect for following creative or artistic pursuits because you can transform abstract or intangible images and ideas into something others can see or understand. You can more easily express your spiritual and caring side under this transit, as well as being able to pick up accurate psychic impressions from others. So this is a great transit for relationships and should deepen the spiritual connection between partners. There is also a good chance of meeting an ideal partner, a soul mate you can really connect with. You can easily bask and delight in what's good and inspirational about the world with Neptune transit trine Sun. You'd rather enjoy the shine from others and avoid shadowy and dark issues. Yet, at your best, you can give as much shine to uplift those whom you recognize as beneficiaries from your compassion and inspiration. You don't do this out of some need for glory, but more because your heart is moved. Yet, there are other times when you might have trouble balancing a need for noble goals with a strong need for immediate gratification and appreciation. Then you believe you belong to some exclusive group of people (whether you formally join one or not) that's destined for a special purpose. You're more entranced by visions of glory than embracing the true spirit of genuine dedication. When you do embrace that spirit, then you know that the cosmic ideals and love that live within you are greater than any recognition or resistance you experience from the external world.

You may enjoy yourself immeasurably during the Neptune transit trine Sun period, despite the cares of the world. You generally function well outside as well inside the limits that define your life, and you can demonstrate a lightness that does not get weighed down by burdens. Even if you have significant responsibilities, you tend to accept them more readily, so that they seem less restrictive. You often find ways to disengage from the demands that drive you, and this is an excellent time to relax. While you may fear being too vulnerable, people and circumstances are unlikely to take advantage of you if you open your heart now. Trust is easier to access within yourself. Faith in your abilities to accomplish certain objectives, especially ones that you love to pursue, can enhance your confidence, as you may release talents that were unavailable before. Inspiration can spark creativity. This is an excellent time to reshape your self-image, if necessary, since you typically find it easier to dissolve false perceptions of who you are. You can use this time to play a lot of different roles in order to see what ones you like; what ones seem to bring out the best in you. The boundaries that have defined you often appear less rigid, which can allow you to find what character(s) give you the greatest happiness.

Neptune transit trine Sun is a very idealistic period, but you must also do the work that must be done to carry out these ideals.

Under Neptune transit trine Sun, your life generally is more fluid now, and you can easily accommodate a wide range of experiences. Greater adaptability allows you to fit in almost wherever you go, and you likely show greater empathy than before. One of the gifts of this period is what you receive when you give. Differences that before separated you from people or places may dissipate, and sharing what resources you can likely fulfils you, as well as benefits others. Even in a leadership position you generally permit greater latitude to those under you, and you can demonstrate compassion that supersedes the letter of the law. No matter what your status in life, pliancy is a strong characteristic of this cycle. Wherever you are inflexible or hard, this is an opportunity to loosen and soften certain edges. If you let go of outcomes, you can flow through this cycle and enjoy the ride while still winding towards your goal. Sometimes the line of least resistance is to do nothing, and it is possible that you lack motivation during this interval. Whether you are floating with the current or on the side-lines, both require little effort. However, one is dynamic and the other is static. It is your choice, and neither one is wrong. Challenges you might face when Neptune transit trine Sun: Missing an opportunity to soften yourself, false confidence, obscured light, deceptive children and uncertain performance.

When Neptune transit trine Sun, your mental outlook towards the world changes immensely. You become more spiritual and compassionate. Even if you are naturally more materialistic or practical, you begin to be interested in spiritual matters. Above all, you begin to understand that the material world does not give ultimate meaning to your life. This transit stimulates sensitivity and compassion for other people, as well as encourages wanting to help others. You’re able to work selflessly and not feel resentful. You’re not ignoring your own needs, rather you identify with the goals of those you’re helping. You can perceive subtleties, ideas and thoughts that at other times would be difficult to understand. For this reason, it is very favourable for spiritual practices or meditation. Involvement in spiritual groups will be easy, without conflicts and with sufficient objectivity. Your intuition is heightened and you can sense what others need. You can have a strong instinct to start projects or perceive where to invest or take risks. This transit stimulates creativity and romantic and artistic inspiration, especially in music and poetry.

In general, Neptune transit trine Sun is a very idealistic period, but you must also do the work that must be done to carry out these ideals. The negative part of this transit is that you could sit and daydream all day, without doing what you envision. That would be a waste of this energy because this is a moment where your ideals and dreams can be actually carried out, since you see them more objectively. You can go beyond the limitations that you’ve accepted in the past. You see that you are more than just your ego, that there is another dimension to life. People may appear as spiritual messengers or agents that help dissolve old karma or blocks in creativity.


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