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Neptune transit square Venus

During a Neptune transit square Venus you are more sensitive than ever to emotional stimulus, as your love and pleasure nature is heightened, open, and perhaps vulnerable to influence. You are opening up your heart, which can also mean you are more vulnerable to romantic illusions, to being swayed, and perhaps misled. You are easily charmed, and you must watch for a tendency to see what you want to see in romantic partners, rather than for who or what they are. You may gloss over important details and practical concerns in favour of idealistic visions and perceptions. Your desires are tender and compassionate. You are responsive to all things pleasurable, possibly to the point of carelessness or laziness when it comes to tending to practical affairs. Finances can suffer under this transit if you have a tendency to live on credit. Try not to borrow from your future, not just with regards to finances, but also when it comes to emotional matters. For example, you might throw yourself into a new romance that others warn you is not realistic. Force yourself to consider practical matters, even though you may resist it, while opening your heart to new possibilities. And, while opening your heart to new possibilities, be sure to use some common sense. Sometimes this transit makes us so vulnerable that we can too easily be taken advantage of or deceived, and this can happen with regards to money and in love, and sometimes both. There can be a lot of sadness as this transit can stimulate a deep yearning for something more than “just ordinary” life. We might attract challenging situations or relationships into our lives because of a deep longing for more drama or glamour in our lives, or for a soulmate connection. This transit can also do a number to your value system. The values you have cherished to date may change quite dramatically now, or you might be tempted to throw them away, or bend your morals, in pursuit of some pleasure or fantasy. As you chase something different, unusual, and otherworldly, you may lack discrimination in your choices of purchases, people, and pleasures.

Neptune transit square Venus

Neptune transit square Venus means that your romance could prove upsettingly full of illusions. Sometimes this transit stimulates your desire to help the less fortunate. The problem is that often the people who you are coming into contact with now are parasites who are only interested in taking advantage of your generosity. Relationship co-dependencies are common, and lack of proper boundaries or invasion of personal space is more likely. In financial dealings you are not likely to get what you pay for now unless you are extremely vigilant about scrutinizing the value of your purchases. Swindlers may be more commonplace. Your budget is likely to be either non-existent or chaotic. Artists and musicians usually find this period to be creatively fruitful. This period of time will be very difficult in your relationships, personal as well as professional, and the effects can be quite confusing. In your existing relationships, you become highly idealistic about the way the partnership should work. You place unrealistic expectations on your partner and are disappointed when they don’t come through. So much of this may go on in your own head that they don’t even realize they’re being tested, leaving them very confused. Or they may be the ones wanting to change the relationship and asking you to trust in their intentions. You may even re-evaluate the meaning of partnership in general. It’s very difficult to distinguish between fact and fantasy now, and you should be cautious when making commitments. Confusion is normal, even though it’s uncomfortable and when you emerge from this cycle, you’ll have a better idea about how you feel. If you’re not involved in a personal or professional partnership this year could bring one, but again, you may be very confused about what you want from partnerships and constantly question their motives. You may be swept off your feet by the romantic nature of new partnerships, ignoring the advice of your conscious mind or your very verbal friends. Other people will likely think your decisions are crazy, but won’t shake you from your course. In business, you may be swept off your feet by promises of financial success and glorified business projects, but you’re much more susceptible and willing to be deceived. Your fantasies of wealth will blind you to practical concerns and you may not even question the other person’s motives. It’s extremely important that you avoid ventures that you know are suspect and be very careful about intentionally misleading other people. Be practical with your money, as your financial base is unstable and vulnerable during this time.

Neptune transit square Venus may bring unrealistic attitude towards relationships

When Neptune transit square Venus, you want to experience the glamour of love. If you're in an existing relationship, then you'll likely have a better experience, adding more imagination and fantasy into your love life. But it's equally possible that you or your partner tap into an alternative and secret romantic life with someone else. Of course, it's probably not wise to accuse your partner of having an affair, even if you have every "logical" reason to suspect that's possible. The key issue isn't whether or not you can trust your partner. It's tracing how you've lost that trust, and whether you want to get it back. If you're single, then you're inclined to bring magic back into your life by seeking a relationship. It's important to remember that you are half of any magic in a relationship. Otherwise, you'll end up expecting and projecting more onto someone else. This leaves you open to disappointment or deception.

When Neptune transit square Venus natal, conflicts in relationships arise due to unrealistic attitudes. You may be disappointed as you try to avoid seeing the truth about something or someone in your life. You may lose confidence in your dealings with people for not accepting others, or yourself, as they really are. A new love may sweep you off your feet, although you may not realize it’s not the person that excites you, but something in yourself that you’re projecting on the other person. Be careful and observe the people you meet now so as not to deceive yourself with illusions and fantasies. On the other hand, you might attract an unattainable person or an unworkable relationship, which ultimately hurts you because of a sense of defeat. It’s likely during this transit that you’re seeking the unattainable on purpose because you’re trying to avoid confrontation. Becoming the martyr is quite common under this transit. Be careful if someone says that you are the only person who can save them, because instead of dealing with the person, you will idealize the situation and your role in it. Issues can arise from feeling inadequate or from taking your suffering too seriously, or from trying to avoid confrontations with others and with yourself. Also beware of the danger of deception in social and business dealings. Try to be realistic in love and business. Seek an artistic, musical or charitable outlet to make the best of this day-dreamy influence.


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